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  1. unfortunate to see 2 Northampton guys on this thread. But some of the all time best wrestlers at Northampton had careers which didn't pan out past HS. Jeff Ecklof already mentioned, add his bro Joe who was a 3x time champ and Pitt recruit to the list. Luciano was mentioned, who was a man amongst boys in HS. Josh Haines had his career cut short by injury at Maryland. Jon Oplinger was also a 2 or 3x AAA champ who probably should have continued at the next level. Troy Letters is also a guy who comes to mind who had his career cut short who was a stud at Lehigh.
  2. just when you thought USA wrestling was being more sensical with weight cutting. Talking about it like it's some great feat. We need to eliminate it for good from our sport.
  3. Not many wrestlers can claim this if any. Well done Nick Lee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Carr absolutely can give him a match, may even beat Nolf.
  5. the fact that USA wrestling has allowed Peacock to stream trials after having multiple wrestling platforms already in place is just a joke.
  6. Gable gets a TD and rides hard to tire his opponent out as well. Strictly a hard ride.
  7. he played right into Wentzel's strengths with that loss, i agree he probably wouldn't lose to Wentzel again. Wentzel was waiting for him to shoot to capitalize and it worked.
  8. What was the illegal application? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. packed house for the event! nice to see.
  10. nothing like a little Russian Natl's on Flo with my coffee this morning! Too bad you can't really read the names on the screen.
  11. he looked fine to me. Anyone who blows a knee out doesn't jog off the mat. He's ready.
  12. I think most were surprised of that beating he put on Parris. Gable is clearly hungry and looks to be ready to rep us in Japan, he's taken it to the next level during Covid with his training, that is very self-evident. if it comes down to Gable/Gwiz, i'm going Gable.
  13. he had the brick in his hand. throw it.
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