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  1. I appreciate your opinion but a lot of people felt as though Yaz should have been put on the clock last match. Believe me, i'd much rather see a DT 12-10 type match, light it up!!
  2. no one out trains Taylor. One difference in the videos is all the leg attacks in DT's video, I expect a shot clock next time for Yaz if the match plays out similarly.
  3. he also gave a lot of credit to Mark Hall as his workout partner leading up to Trials, similar stance and style had him prepared and he looked dominant. His double was back.
  4. What time do semis start? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. insults won't improve our results. Let's be honest not many guys want to wrestle Greco, and most young American wrestlers avoid upper body positions like the plague.
  6. clearly we have room for improvement in Greco. Doesn't mean we have to resort to online nonsense when he have a bad tournament.
  7. Gallegos was close to securing a fall but got flipped and stuck, was an exciting match
  8. :17 SECONDS FALL FOR BLADES. 4th GOLD for the young ladies. Impressive.
  9. 4 minutes is clearly too short, hell elementary schools have longer matches
  10. unfortunately we may never even see Gable wrestle another FS match. sad but true.
  11. Ringaci MDA up 6-0 over Boyd, barrel roll for 4 followed by a gut. 8-0 after a snap and spin behind. End of 1 Boyd in on a shot, leg in the air and can't convert. Boyd with a TD followed by a reversal 9-2 ends 9-2
  12. Stroud lost 10-0 in repechage to Mongolia.
  13. the ref never even got down on the mat to look.
  14. nice win regardless, but yes FLAT for at least 3 seconds.
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