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  1. and the same shoes, and i didn't see a referee either
  2. he needs to be somewhat rewarded for his creativity. and let's be honest, no one is curb stomping Sad COX COX COX!!
  3. this is clearly a fantasy match, I'm actually more surprised JB is taking the challenge. Although we all know JB will never back down from a challenge. DT's size will be the difference but i doubt he techs him. Good for wrestling and a bonus when you sign up for Flo for the year.
  4. what i found from Arizona. Arizona State (2015-16): Placed seventh at University Freestyle Nationals Qualified for the NCAA Championships at Madison Square Garden Finished with a 22-13 record, including 11 bonus-point victories, 10 coming from major decisions High School Freshman year places 3rd in state Sophomore year placed 1st in state Junior year placed 1st in state Senior year placed 1st in state High School Coach’s name: Matthews Gonzo Placed 6th place at Fargo Placed 3rd at Fargo University Nationals placed 7th U.S. open placed 8th
  5. live too! the announcers were incredible, Shel Siegel and Larry Sheridan. Larry Sheridan has been around EIWA wrestling for 86 years -- his entire lifetime. The son of Billy Sheridan, Lehigh's iconic Hall of Fame wrestling coach, was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where he still resides. As a teen he wrestled for Bethlehem High School (now Liberty High School) and for Mercersburg Academy, winning the National Prep School title at 154 pounds in 1950. He wrestled briefly for Lehigh University, but had to curtail competing in the sport as a sophomore due to repeated knee injuries. Shortly after his graduation from Lehigh, Sheridan became a wrestling official, a position that he excelled at for nearly 20 years. In 1968 he began announcing wrestling matches for Channel 39 in the Lehigh Valley along with EIWA Hall of Famer, Shel Siegel. The twosome covered all Lehigh meets, the EIWA finals, the PIAA finals, several East-West duals and several Russia vs USA matches. He retired from wrestling announcing for Channel 39 in 1994.
  6. growing up in the area, I fondly recall the days of Lehigh's home matches being on PBS 39, none better than Darryl Burley!
  7. I expect a similar performance to Caldwell's a few weeks back. Jenkins will wrestle just to keep his mat skills fresh for MMA.
  8. similar to bringing Caldwell back to FS after many years away. Bubbas hasn't wrestled a FS match in years either. I expect a similar dud as the Caldwell gimick.
  9. yes, Rulon is dangerously big! but what a true ambassador for the sport of wrestling. Love to see him touching these young athletes' lives!
  10. sounds to me like Nickal is making his transition to MMA reading some reports this summer. Perhaps he makes 1 serious attempt at the Olympics and that's the last we see from him.
  11. the name calling and belittling of fellow posters is nauseating. I hope all of you feel better about yourselves.
  12. agree, pretty impressive breakdown! I can honestly say i've never seen this technique taught. Great technique for a left hander or for any wrestler adept at shooting with both hands.
  13. Dake/Burroughs will be a war, again. But after seeing Chamizo almost beat Dake, he almost scored in the final seconds, I'm taking JB.
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