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  1. DuckFor2

    Wrestling promotion

    if FLO already holds the rights, it doesn't matter whose hands they are in....this should be on ESPN prime time, no question.
  2. DuckFor2

    Did anyone think.....

    who's to say JB can't take him down at will in the octagon and beat him? but i think it was definitely more for show and had the mat area been bigger, multiple guys wouldn't have flown off the stage.
  3. DuckFor2


    i'll give Flo a B on this one. was certainly better than any of the multiple mat streams that seem to go haywire periodically.
  4. DuckFor2

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    overall, a rather decent performance from Flo. I'd grade Flo a B on the telecast.
  5. DuckFor2

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    one rule which should be addressed is when both wrestlers get a shot clock point and the score is 1-1. Which was the Suriano situation and completely changed the match. Neither wrestler should be given an advantage in this situation to win 1-1. Hope this is somehow addressed.
  6. DuckFor2

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    i think the Suriano match ended with :07 still showing on my screen. Jeez.
  7. DuckFor2

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    all i see is coverage will resume shortly
  8. Cox! Cox! Cox! i think he takes it.
  9. Great tactics by Green in the final seconds.
  10. DuckFor2

    Is flo going to be ready for BTS

    USA wrestling does nothing to market the sport. FLO is good for subscribers, but no one else.
  11. DuckFor2

    Burroughs vs Askren!

    i'll be surprised if Burroughs wins as easily as some are predicting
  12. DuckFor2

    Burroughs vs Askren!

    it's official. The two will wrestle at 79kg in the headlining bout of the event. I'm thinking the size difference will keep this one close, as well as Askren's ability to defend. Thinking a 2 point match Burroughs.
  13. DuckFor2

    Rankings Released

    is Richard Perry back? being ranked at 3 at 86 after his tragic injury is impressive if he's actually back to that level. Can't imagine he is. agree, McKenna#2 ahead of JO and Retherford is interesting but is it warranted. and as already stated seeing Varner still ranked at 125 is also intriguing.
  14. DuckFor2

    Headgear: Cliff Keen vs Halo

    these do not provide the same protection, in fact, if you already have cauliflower ear, you can't even wear this.
  15. DuckFor2

    Headgear: Cliff Keen vs Halo

    the straps are indeed difficult to adjust because of how difficult it is to move the hard leather through the small slats. x5, including the chin guard. It literally makes your fingers hurt and is very time consuming. I recall going to tournaments as a coach and a few wrestlers buying them and coming to me to adjust the straps. Painful! But as already stated, once it fits, it doesn't move or come apart, it fits.