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  1. sounds to me like Nickal is making his transition to MMA reading some reports this summer. Perhaps he makes 1 serious attempt at the Olympics and that's the last we see from him.
  2. the name calling and belittling of fellow posters is nauseating. I hope all of you feel better about yourselves.
  3. agree, pretty impressive breakdown! I can honestly say i've never seen this technique taught. Great technique for a left hander or for any wrestler adept at shooting with both hands.
  4. Dake/Burroughs will be a war, again. But after seeing Chamizo almost beat Dake, he almost scored in the final seconds, I'm taking JB.
  5. Martin couldn't even get ready for the whistle.
  6. let's be honest Martin is not ranked #8 in the world.
  7. Martin had no answer for DT's relentless leg attacks.
  8. Caldwell really didn't have much to offer after an 8 yr hiatus.
  9. there's really no one to provide an answer.
  10. this preview **** was on all week already, I tuned in to see some wrestling not another preview.
  11. he forgot? that's crazy. Yozzo's inside trip was about as good as you'll ever see.
  12. BraunMan was perhaps the biggest dope ever on these boards. don't miss him. nor LI Marty but yes when you lose true wrestling minds on a great mat forum such as this, you feel the void. so was Big an actual decent wrestler?
  13. just read the article, it just says he was a college wrestler, nothing about Nationals or that he was a champ. The wrestling community helped him a great deal as well.... My colleagues were helping me, too: checking in, texting, telling me what to do and what to expect. When I got in a panicky mood, I would reach out to my friends and see what they thought I should do. And my wrestling community: I am 26 years out of college, but I was getting texts from old coaches and teammates and current wrestlers. These guys are tough, tough as nails, and it helped me. When I was wrestling and I was tired and my opponent was strong, and I would say to myself, “Am I going to roll over and take this or am I going to get up and do something about it?” I channeled that. After the wrestlers texted me, I would get up and go walk in the yard. I walked as fast as I could, which was pretty slow, and I tried to take a breath and hold it 10 seconds and maybe expand my lungs. No matter how bad I felt the whole time, I made sure I got out of bed, I put on a mask, and I went out into my yard. I walked around the yard five times. I did not let my lungs get stagnant. By that point I had figured out other strategies too. For example, if you are going to lie down, you have to lie in a prone position, on your chest. It makes it easier to breathe.
  14. he coached a team that won AAU''s 4 years in a row.
  15. He was a bodyguard for the Shah . .and I'm sure a darn good one Sent from my SM-T230NU using Tapatalk
  16. it was definitely worth the watch Jason. And it touches on how he went to the USA after the death of Iran's greatest of all time committed suicide. NYC then Minny. He is a cult figure!
  17. thanks for the heads up Tobus! while he was training in the Lehigh Valley in the 90's I ran into the Sheik standing in line for a drink and i couldn't believe it.
  18. unfortunately many PA greats fizzle out too soon, a lot are burned out before they reach college. the list is long. Kolat just got flat out robbed. I think Spencer can be one of the guys on this list one day.
  19. has there ever been a more scintillating finals comeback than Rob Rohn? if so, i'd like to see it, down 14-2.
  20. the only one not mentioned in this thread is Pico, he is clearly our best shot. lol. all kidding aside, i still believe it will be Yianni who is our rep and who will qualify the weight. Zain was a great college wrestler because of his ability to ride on top, that's no longer working.
  21. wow, what an article. There is absolutely nothing political about this. Ignorance maybe. Castro, who brought 19 athletes to the event, said he believes part of the overreaction is related to ire directed at President Donald Trump. Castro said he concurred with his school president, Jerry Falwell Jr., who argued on Fox News earlier in the day that the coronavirus was being used by Democrats to impeach the president. “Call me a conspiratorist or whatever,” Castro said. “Is that to minimize what’s going on? Absolutely not. But you cannot view this from a prism without being political to some degree. It’s too obvious.”
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