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  1. did Marsteller really tech the guy in the first period?
  2. Chisko/Galasso is going to be an incredible match up.
  3. Valley turns the tables from last yr's semis and hasn't given up a pt thus far. 2 Northampton finalists from a bad dual meet team is impressive
  4. based on semis results alone, Parker the prohibitive favorite. Pletcher squeeking by Klump 2-1 is the reason.
  5. Dan Moran of Northampton making a statement w a 10-4 win over Sheehan. Not many picked Moran to make the finals after a 3rd place finish in Districts. Vs Undefeated Devin Brown in finals.
  6. how would Moisey do AAA at 126? i'd say top 4. had he stayed at Northampton, they would've had 5 placers this season after a bad dual season. and since he and Valley would be the same weight, one of them would be bumped up or forced to drop.
  7. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/hig ... again.html Boyertown's unbeaten Soph Jordan Wood, would have to be the favorite at 220 after losing in the finals as a true Frosh last year.
  8. they should've brought this event to the East Coast, Philly or NYC...pretty sure they would sell it out. Prove me wrong L.A. Iran and Russia are sure coming to win....
  9. it's great these types of stories on here. i'm just curious, that's a real interesting twist hearing Dave wanted to wrestle freestyle in practice so often. Why don't we do it more often? perhaps in all of our college rooms we should start to do this, improve our standing in the world.... we used to throw some in our HS practices to change it up a little. sounds like a good idea to me.
  10. any update on Varner's injury?
  11. any update on Varner's injury?
  12. ease them in? these Jr matches they obviously may not have even broken a sweat.... should've sent them to Turkey
  13. to further compound this transfer issue, Lee Todora transferred mid season and is now wrestling for Parkland! how is this possible? rumor has it because he could no longer make the Becahi team...crazy, and you wonder why these parents get so angry ...
  14. where does Batyrov rank on the Russian ladder? i predict that's the last time Marable beats JB...
  15. wins over Burroughs 4-4, what other sport can you say that? jeesh...
  16. Dake dominted, what are Perez' credentials?
  17. how has Welch fared in Free, his college style did not look like a very good fit for this level?
  18. i wonder if Chisko/Galasso have ever wrestled before. i underestimated Galasso's skills last yr and he impressed. so if Nolf wins AA and Chisko wins AAA at 145, who do you take, the AAA guy?
  19. in re Galasso not having the resume, he's on the verge of becoming a 2x PA state champion who has already commited to Cornell. He is a STUD. here's an example...In an exciting bout of two top talents Galasso gave Retherford what would end up being the closest match of his undefeated senior season. Galasso fell to the Benton Area Tiger in overtime (5-3 OT).
  20. JB said in his training camp interview he'd be competing in Turkey the 2nd wk of Feb, putting it on the line
  21. i think Shultz knew too...making you pay for refusing to work out w him in the past! even though you were getting twisted up, that's hilarious to hear it like that...sorry. great story.
  22. exactly, would likely AA at 25
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