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  1. wow, beating Bonne after not wresting in 5 years? I think Bonne has owned all of our wrestlers to date.
  2. i think Sheptock is an assistant there. But the Terps definitely need to go back to PA and get some recruits.
  3. pretty sure he's never been to Yarygin, would've been a treat for the Russians to see him there for sure. Too bad.
  4. right? it can't be. i nominate Braunman biggest troll. that guy was just a dope.
  5. prob Kolodzik as well, but those matches could possibly go either way. and surprisingly i'm only seeing 1 PA guy in the top 25 in Maruca unless i'm missing someone.
  6. honestly i didn't realize it was the same kid. lol. And this has nothing to do with race, just went through the Beast photos to see what someone referenced earlier.
  7. where's the outcry from the Beast with these 2? No Hair net?
  8. i just replied. i assumed 125.
  9. good point, i assumed 125 since that's his FS weight.
  10. it's on the homepage, he is basically just a few lbs over 125 but is happy and stronger at 133. Still undecided for the postseason. “I can get lower than that. I make the weight pretty easy. After practice about every day I am within a couple of pounds. It is nice being at 133. I feel good. I can wrestle really hard, which is what I like the most about it,” said Fix. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/December/19/Popular-Daton-Fix-making-impact-in-college-wrestling
  11. no one said he got lucky, he executed a simple technique vs an Olympic Champ and it ended in a fall.
  12. had Snyder not gotten caught in that elementary move, the entire outcome of the match would've been different. Guaranteed Sad saw a weakness in Snyder's TD defense and went in with not his best shot in order to set that up. Pretty simple technique turned out to be something "new" for the Russian GOAT.
  13. i meant today! that was way too unsettling. Man.
  14. Snyder's low shots will be the difference in the match. U S A
  15. the injury was the equivalent of someone's shoe laces coming untied, lung break.
  16. Snyder's low shots will once again prevail. Unstoppable. Should be a similar match to the last one.
  17. JB! awesome comeback after the loss!
  18. thanks for clarifying, i just pulled up the app and saw live wrestling Sunday at 1 pm.
  19. the Olympic channel appears to be showing all sessions live. This is part of NBC Sports, download the NBC Sports app and the Olympic Channel is part of the app. shows Sunday 1pm starts live on the NBC Sports app, it's right on the home page. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/October/17/NBC-Olympics-to-present-live-coverage-of-2018-Senior-World-Championships-in-Budapest
  20. in PA it's all about being a state champ in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade, etc. Maniacal parents pushing their kids in every local folk tournament and having him lift weights at the age of 8. That's PA wrestling, it's where i'm from and i see it often. Winning at all costs in elementary school has led PA to lead the world in burning out wrestlers by the time they reach college. Very few even wrestle past high school or crash and burn in college. the list is long. Could Spencer change all of that? not sure, but he is special. and what has already been said, kids continue wrestling folk into the summer, attend folk camps, wrestle folk tournaments as their crazy dads don't know FS or Greco.
  21. Not too long ago the cheap seats at Lehigh were like $46 plus fees. To me that is a bit much, I will check to see if the price dropped. If so I will reconsider. It's also difficult to get excited for wrestling in June and yes a lot of the wrestling world is thoroughly confused with the format. Sent from my SM-T230NU using Tapatalk
  22. Sounds like they wrestling on Cox’s warm up mat all night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Burroughs by 2 TDs Sent from my SM-T230NU using Tapatalk
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