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  1. well, even though the wound is fresh, it's a pretty accurate post
  2. and a first round draw vs a very tough Cuban. Sarcasm? Reverse psychology perhaps?
  3. has Zain ever wrestled the Cuban? the Cuban did wrestle Stieber, was up 7-0, then gassed and was down 10-9 before i believe defaulting. So no slouch first round.
  4. who are Track's announcers? not knowing basic criteria is a shame for a WC event. where's FLO when you need them?!
  5. even in FS or Folk we rarely go upper body looking for that big throw. 80,000 leg attacks drilled over and over typically doesn't equate to Greco success.
  6. how many good Greco coaches do you know? been involved with the sport a LONG time and know maybe 1 guy who could teach Greco par terre. It starts and ends with coaching.
  7. Fix imo would be a dark horse choice at a deep weight. a bit surprised Cox doesn't garner a little more support and on the flip side i'm surprised so many picked Snyder. LET'S GO!
  8. well i hope Track at least has real ex wrestlers announcing instead of these stiffs on FLO...lmao. because as we all just found out, the guys who used to wrestle know the rules better.
  9. i meant insert your favorite team here! Appalachian St seems to have the worst fans.
  10. ha. nice interpretation. but those who put OSU's or any other college team's best interests before the American interests. Something like that.
  11. Flo bashing does get old homerism on the Int'l board also gets old, the non stop biased views when it comes to USA wrestlers. hating individual wrestlers for something they've done in the past ...see Int board PDIII e.g. trolls (Braunman in particular comes to mind from past years), they add nothing people who post just to add to their number of posts
  12. it probably depends on location. Obviously PA is a great location. Freestyle events could probably sell out a lot of arenas, depending on geographic location like said. I recall as a youth attending quite a few USA v Japan/Bulgaria/USSR dual meets at Stabler Arena. If they brought that back to Eastern PA they would draw a lot fans. Wilkes Univ gymnasium seats 3500 people x $10/person = a nice day at the office, especially if Zane wins the 1st bout.
  13. how do find the actual event to buy tickets on this USA wrestling site?
  14. the scoreboard did say 8-6 Yianni after time expired FWIW.
  15. who dug it up and why and anyone else sensing the DF/Lewboo connection?
  16. the PSU guys speak often of God in their interviews...going back to the Wright years, Molinaro, as well as the current crop.
  17. to a wrestling fan who is not biased towards either PSU or Cornell, there's no way Zain's hand should've been raised in that match after watching it live. I sat there aghast for quite a few seconds wondering how that result was possible. This is the best thing that could happen here. If Zain wins match 2, it's his, if not let's go to a 3rd match and get Michael Buffer in there for the intros!!
  18. i think we can all agree on the length of this decision. It is taking way too long for all parties involved, fans included.
  19. what they say is that it takes 1 day for each time zone you cross to fully acclimate. e.g. eastern US to Europe takes 6 days. granted these younger guys can more than likely adjust quicker, but still tough to acclimate.
  20. i hear ya. I'm thinking the decision will come down to have them wrestle that 3rd match, it's only fair to both of these guys. I also hope Zain's knee is good to go.
  21. wow, yes, that is bush league and i'm glad to see his coach coming to his immediate defense. keep your hands to yourself.
  22. exactly my thoughts, Yianni is not a reserve. This match should've been the final wrestle off IMO.
  23. what is the minute mark in which this occurs?
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