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  1. what is the minute mark in which this occurs?
  2. Add John Smith to the conversation. Leverage is just as important or vs a shorter opponent possibly more important than gym strength. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yianni does need to improve overall shot Defense as guys do get in deep.....however, he is very dangerous from that position and is extremely comfortable from there.
  4. Green loses to Yavuz of Turkey 4-2, was pretty ugly to be honest. Couldn't get any offense going.
  5. i agree Crew, only Zain/PSU homers can justify the debacle. I saw the match end 8-6 as well.
  6. i didn't see any sign of an injury in this match.
  7. just watched Yianni take it to Zain, 9-5, but wasn't that close as Zain got a late TD.
  8. ok, so what has changed in Teasdale? moving halfway across the country is going to help him? and any team that can stack it's lineup with PA state champs is destined to be pretty darn good.
  9. can someone please reveal the results of the official protest? same day as the Dake wrestle off would work.
  10. i also don't think Nickal would smash Downey. Looking forward to this match up. If it happened this week, i'd take Downey.
  11. I agree, Snyder falls behind early, comes back and wins a close one late.
  12. so did they ever actually come out and say what happened to the protest? the fact they are not wrestling a tie breaker in Lincoln is a travesty.
  13. if Yianni wrestles as he did at the Open, no.
  14. i may be more impressed with his intelligence than with his wrestling. Either way, agree, completely under the radar unless you're Stutzman. Bring home some hardware.
  15. if FLO already holds the rights, it doesn't matter whose hands they are in....this should be on ESPN prime time, no question.
  16. who's to say JB can't take him down at will in the octagon and beat him? but i think it was definitely more for show and had the mat area been bigger, multiple guys wouldn't have flown off the stage.
  17. i'll give Flo a B on this one. was certainly better than any of the multiple mat streams that seem to go haywire periodically.
  18. overall, a rather decent performance from Flo. I'd grade Flo a B on the telecast.
  19. one rule which should be addressed is when both wrestlers get a shot clock point and the score is 1-1. Which was the Suriano situation and completely changed the match. Neither wrestler should be given an advantage in this situation to win 1-1. Hope this is somehow addressed.
  20. i think the Suriano match ended with :07 still showing on my screen. Jeez.
  21. all i see is coverage will resume shortly
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