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  1. Princeton was wearing them for a while, i think when they were bad. Just like Maryland so maybe it's a reflection on that? lol 

    Don't recall ever seeing Lehigh in a 2 piece.

    My opinion is  the shorts with these unis end up being basketball shorts, especially at the elementary level and they look stupid, go play basketball if that's the look you are seeking. The idea behind the "shorts" was more like MMA, tight fitting shorts and a tight top, not what we are seeing.

    long live the singlet! 

  2. so Don came to Northampton home of the Konkrete Kids after leaving Hazelton and has some famous moves known all over the country. The cement job came from Don at Northampton. also the rolling version of this move, which Don named the Konkrete special as well as flying cement. 

    so every time a Northampton guy hears someone call the rolling cement a "mixer" you know he's not from Northampton.

  3. certainly one of Abdullah's most ridiculous posts ever. the headbutt alone in that match seemed to driven from a little extra mojo. 

    and the dude clearly was sauced! as was Bolt! we don't just throw false accusations out there if a guy doesn't look "enhanced"

    there are more than enough photos out there supporting his jacked up, veins bulging physical state. JUICED!

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