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  1. 2 minutes ago, GranbyTroll said:

    You're right. Passivity and stalling are different. Not shooting =/= passive. 


    But... how often do you see Red go on the clock in the first, shoot a whole bunch, then go on the clock again in the second? 


  2. 3 minutes ago, GranbyTroll said:

    Frankie had a tiny piece of JB's leg the whole exchange. By definition in freestyle, you haven't "passed behind" your opponent if they have your leg. This one seemed pretty tenuous, but that's what they had to have been going for. 



    that's tough because he even has the leg hooked. Nice breakdown though.



    57kg: Nurislam SANAYEV (KAZ) vs Nicholas SURIANO (USA)
    65kg: Bajrang PUNIA (IND) vs Tulga TUMUR OCHIR (MGL)
    70kg: Daulet NIYAZBEKOV (KAZ) vs Alec PANTALEO (USA)
    74kg: Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) vs Frank CHAMIZO (ITA)
    79kg: David Vincent MC FADDEN (USA) vs Galymzhan USSERBAYEV (KAZ)
    86kg: Zahid VALENCIA (USA) vs Mark HALLL (USA)

  4. those results are kind of embarrassing for a kid who should've been a 4X state champ in PA. perhaps the reasons surrounding his not claiming that 4th title are some of the same reasons why he's taking last place in the PAC 12 tournament?


  5. i watched his 2nd match yesterday and he literally had no offense. He was a stud in HS yes, but is he putting in the work to succeed D1?

    Seems to be a lot of drama surrounding his selection for B12. 


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