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  1. you need to look at the roster as a whole, this is not a bad team come next yr. looks like the tough freshman 133 Laike Gardner didn't wrestle either, i think he'll be a future AA. Santoro is doing a great job recruiting and this team is NOT a mess.
  2. giving Conaway a full season wrestling varsity in the big 10 is gonna be huge for him as well. Guilibon v Conaway IMO will be extremely close. Conaway is tough. have they wrestled in HS?
  3. 18-12 Lehigh, they won all the close ones tonight. No Hamlin.
  4. Cruz/Guilibon should be a good one.
  5. 12-3 Lehigh heading to intermission.
  6. sounds like Napoli used the most of his redshirt last season to work on his shot...he's always been a tough mat wrestler ... impressive early on....beating Alton and Hickman back to back.
  7. Bloom doesn't have to go real far to find tremendous talent.
  8. so is scoring 9 on Ruth with basically one hand ..scoring 11 points on senior Robert Hamlin is an accomplishment in itself. ..Hamlin wrestled a great bout, Ruth still won while adjusting to 184. ..great bout for both guys.
  9. kind of funny reading this thread, Ruth coasted, big lead, next time will be worse... no credit to one of the best in the country in Hamlin...listening to the match, if Hamlin had 2 healthy hands, sounded to me like he would've had the match all square at the end. Hamlin's engine is similar to Matt Brown, he's going to keep coming.
  10. honestly, that was the first i heard about Peppelman's situation as well. The mod was up late, give him a mulligan on this one...lol.
  11. According to a number of PSU fans, Ruth will likley win every match this year by fall! :roll: I'd have to say ER will likley win this one, but by a regular decision. Hamlin is one of the toughest ER will face this season. But he'll pin plenty of others, IMO. ..if Hamlin actually wrestles Ed, he gets pinned. ..he may opt out to stalling his way through the bout, but he most likely still gets decked. apparently you may never have seen Robert Hamlin wrestle?
  12. anyone who encourages youth wrestlers to cut weight is an idiot. that's one way to help them dislike the sport.
  13. looking at Hamlin's career stats, he's never lost by a MD in his career. Not saying he will win, but i don't see a major for Ruth.
  14. no bout? i believe you're going to see it. Unless you know Ruth isn't wrestling.
  15. early season showdown Fri night. Hamlin has a great opportunity. I expect to see a relatively close bout, anyone think Hamlin wins it? as for the dual, this will be no contest. Lehigh has some great young wrestlers as well on this roster and will be poised to compete in the future.
  16. actions speak louder than words, i'd recommend finding some video on this kid. Any true Freshman who wins PA states at 215 has an incredibly bright future. I don't care who he's beaten. not to mention the kids wrestles for SOLANCO..or Southern Lancaster County. they typically are not the type of team that will go out and find the best in season competition.
  17. Nate was winning handily, got caught in a special and pinned. that's coming from Nate himself. Live and learn.
  18. Matt Ciasulli Jr.? what' s up with that....i assume you mean the other top recruit from Easton, Minotti? true frosh nice way to ease into the season for the Mountain Hawks.
  19. definitely one of Flap's worst pieces.... 1 star out of 5
  20. well, the honest repsonses to DF's posts were rather humorous as well...unless you're losing your computer for life, stick around, you're an Ace of Spades. you didn't need to know stats, teams, and current wrestlers to post your rhetoric
  21. great article, it appears Kenny Monday had a vision of something tragic that was to come. and he was right. RIP
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