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  1. that's the problem though with BOTH Altons....they're not in great enough condition lung wise...Add Brown to the mix too from PSU. 149 lb Alton would've won probably by TF if he maintained his 1st period pace last night. GASSED BAD 157 lb Alton escapes in 2 secs when he's not tired in the 2nd, then can't even get to his feet at the end of the bout. Not sure if he can close THAT gap. Wrestling wise, technique wise, IMHO, he's a better wrestler than St. John. But he doesn't compete for 7 mins and that's a problem.
  2. there's no way Burak has a shot tonight. after watching him STRUGGLE MIGHTILY to finish off the the deepest outside head shots i've seen from a 197 in a long while. If he does that against Q, he's going to his back. BANK IT. he literally had no clue how to finish. until he can do that, he won't AA.
  3. nice weekend for Shane Welsh defeating 2 ranked wrestlers. Add Napoli to the mix, looks like a draw as i see him decisioning Pena. Oregon State 20, Lehigh 14 157 – RJ Pena (OSU) dec. Albert Woody (Lehigh) 7-3 165 – Seth Thomas (OSU) major dec. Ben Haas (Lehigh) 14-5 174 – Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh) major dec. Austin Morehead (OSU) 21-10 184 – Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) major dec. Brian Engdahl (OSU) 14-5 197 – Taylor Meeks (OSU) dec. John Bolich (Lehigh) 6-1 285 – Chad Hanke (OSU) dec. Jack Delia (Lehigh) 6-4 125 – Joey Palmer (OSU) major dec. Alex Abreu (Lehigh) 13-1 133 – Randy Cruz (Lehigh) dec. Drew Van Anrooy (OSU) 5-3, t.b. 141 – Mike Mangrum (OSU) dec. Anthony Salupo (Lehigh) 12-5 149 – Shane Welsh (Lehigh) dec. Scott Sakaguchi (OSU) 7-5, t.b.
  4. Wessell made his Lehigh debut last night. Interesting note on him, he took an Olympic redshirt last year. IN JUDO.
  5. Nice win for the Mountain Hawks. Turning point being Welsh's 3-2 win over Lester who beat him handily at Midlands.... 125-Alex Abreu (Leh) dec Kyle Garcia (OU) 5-3 133-Cody Brewer (OU) dec Randy Cruz (Leh) 10-5 141-Kendric Maple (OU) maj Anthony Salupo (Leh) 15-5 149-Shane Welsh (Leh) dec Nick Lester (OU) 3-2 157-Matt Lester (OU) dec Albert Woody (Leh) 5-0 165-Bubby Graham (OU) maj Ben Haas (Leh) 11-3 174-Nathaniel Brown (Leh) maj Matt Reed (OU) 13-1 184-Robert Hamlin (Leh) tech Nolam McBryde (OU) 23-7 197-John Bolich (Leh) dec Brad Johnson (OU) 2-0 285-Max Wessell (Leh) dec Keldrick Hall (OU) 3-2
  6. what is Turnbull's status? will he be back?
  7. what impetus would Zeke have to coach at WVU? no way i see that happening. does Turnbull provide any data to back up his claim "there's no difference between OSU and WVU"? Shane Young, to me, has been a little disappointing...he was one of the best in PA history, 3 time champ.
  8. i feel as though i pretty much mastered the duck under art in HS and could make it work against anyone, was my go to move through college too... what makes it such a great takedown is that it alleviates the need to fight for a take down on a leg attack. You're behind your opponent so quickly, there's no fight. 2!
  9. which makes this feat so impressive...historical performance
  10. hijacked by a dope. the more he types, the dumber he sounds.... enjoy the free wrestling!
  11. what was all the huddling about around the scorer's table by those 2 last night? it's not like they were going to actually change the call....all they needed was a black sheet and a little booth.
  12. she can even speak Spanish and we'll listen to her...LOL
  13. on neutral grounds, there's no way Evans gets 2 stalling calls at the end of the 3rd like that. Even when Heflin was in on a shot. shouldn't have went to OT. Heflin won that IMO. No dog in this fight, but CLEARLY 2 and 2 for Demas on the cradle and reversal. Camp and Courts disappointing efforts from 2 blue chip recruits. Telford, does he not have any leg attacks for his tremendous length?
  14. how many posters would have completely differerent opinions of this chain of events if they would have in fact KNOWN THE RULES?? too funny.
  15. great analysis from someone who has yet to see the match, only the biased reports. pretty sound evidence right there.
  16. i think Hamlin has a shot, for sure. Needs to keep it close the first half of the match. He has great conditioning.
  17. born and raised in wrestling country in Eastern Pa, the son of a midget wrestling coach who moved from 1 great wrestling school to another and started his own elementary school team (one of 3 in the district)..... born and raised on the mat, not sure i had a choice, but it's been in my veins since day 1...first match was varsity 52lbs, i won by med default, i hurt the kid in my first ever match. I'm sure my dad was proud.
  18. have to somewhat agree with Buck here...i wrestled for 17 yrs, never really left it. this terminology has not been used all that much over the years. what exactly is the definition of "hand fighting", seems there are lot of know it alls in this area. I assume, your just fighting to get the particular tie you need to free your hand/hands in order to get a shot through? Most of my life in the room, instead of doing hand fighting drills, we were doing things along the lines of pummeling drills.
  19. it's well known why Frank left Lehigh. he's always been a terrific wrestler and would be great if he still wore the brown and white. However, some kids will just never be good students. He may be one.
  20. Mason Beckman continues to make the most of his redshirt....beats 4 time PA champ Guilibon the 3rd time this year already if i'm not mistaken. that's impressive!
  21. you need to look at the roster as a whole, this is not a bad team come next yr. looks like the tough freshman 133 Laike Gardner didn't wrestle either, i think he'll be a future AA. Santoro is doing a great job recruiting and this team is NOT a mess.
  22. giving Conaway a full season wrestling varsity in the big 10 is gonna be huge for him as well. Guilibon v Conaway IMO will be extremely close. Conaway is tough. have they wrestled in HS?
  23. 18-12 Lehigh, they won all the close ones tonight. No Hamlin.
  24. Cruz/Guilibon should be a good one.
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