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  1. pretty sure Rey is done. and that was an impressive barrel roll and he finished him.
  2. who saw the Zare/Parris match? was it domination to a fall or could the result be completely different next time? More than likely if they met again if could be different.
  3. anyone think Zahid will challenge Taylor? He is definitely in form right now.
  4. i think once JB loses that spot he'll hang em up. But i don't think his time is up just yet. even though Dake looks as muscular as I've ever seen him. JB.
  5. Germany is unlike the US with sports. They don't even have HS sports, it's only club sports. So yea, no athletic scholarships. No schools or universities that have sports teams.
  6. i'd like to see it only if Americans are highly represented here.
  7. don't forget there are 2 mats for those asking questions and love him or hate him, you have to love Downey's style. He goes after it! High risk moves and he doesn't hesitate.
  8. Gilman with a late 4 on the out of bounds line for the 4-3 win
  9. that was an incredible performance...and oh btw this was an Olympic ranking tournament.
  10. easy tech for the bronze. good offense, double and a nice pick in the 2nd.
  11. this Italian is no match for Snyder, basic snap and spins for a 6-1 lead after 1
  12. exactly, in the room. Not on the world stage. No better time to wrestle someone of this caliber than after a loss. Getting pinned!
  13. Abdullah, it's hard for us not to think that way after the guy has already been banned 2 years for cheating.
  14. sounds like you're stereotyping all US fans here Lurker. Kudos to the former juicer from Iran at this stage. Let's see what happens.
  15. so was Nickal injured? doesn't make sense to FF esp after that scintillating win. Sooner or later he would need to see where he stands vs Snyder. And what better time to do it than after a devastating Snyder loss.
  16. sounds like the coach is good at making excuses.
  17. no disrespect to Harvey, but a tougher finals opponent would've been nice. That double was a thing of beauty
  18. should've been 1-1 OT which could've been more awfulness
  19. Flo has been good all week minus a little audio issue this evening, working well.
  20. audio is choppy and the kid should be the finals announcer. they couldn't figure out that Hidlay took top in the 3rd.
  21. thank goodness for the step out rule was exactly what i was thinking. Obviously he never would've backed out of the circle had the rules been different...But Kemp probably backed out or got pushed out ~ 5 times, i didn't count. Kemp is certainly one of the greats.
  22. another developing Pitt wrestler is what you guys are saying?
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