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  1. definitely knows his stuff. nice
  2. who's the kid announcing mat 3?
  3. Iowa coaches made no difference in the match. Great match by Gross. Locked up that cradle early got the 2 and that was the difference in the bout.
  4. the feed has been pretty good today for semis and finals. go flo
  5. Rivera clearly outwrestled him minus the toss on the end line. Poor reffing at the end, if that wasn't a reversal, should've been a stalmate.
  6. although he wasn't allowed to compete his Sr. year in HS due to disciplinary reasons, Garrett Scott was a shoe in for his 4th AA state title as well. I've said this many times, many PA all timers peak in HS. Youth wrestling in PA is BRUTAL.
  7. i don't think IUP was ever really competitive at wrestling, especially at the DI level. I remember them basically being the worst team in the PSAC. But it is located in a hot bed of wrestling so a good candidate to bring it back.
  8. off the top of my head i'd bring back Moravian College DIII Slippery Rock back to D1 and i'll throw IUP out there for DII but let's be honest, PA has enough wrestling schools to choose from
  9. absolutely! good luck to the Trojans. Seems this one has flown way under the radar.
  10. Little Rock? never heard of them.
  11. Little Rock? never heard of them.
  12. oh yes, i looked through the finalists but my mind didn't remember Darkus from Erie. Cool. Assume Erie Cathedral Prep teammates?
  13. Carr and who is the other Erie guy? Bruce coached in Erie but came from Jersey. also nice to see Bloomsburg represented in the finals. Is this their last finalist?
  14. HS...Rolled to a 172-10 record for Erie Cathedral Prep...Won state title as a senior with a 46-0 mark...Won state title as a junior with a 50-0 mark...Took second at states as a sophomore and placed as a freshman as well. Extremely impressive credentials for all 4 years, not coming on late but a state placer as a freshman.
  15. as far as this scenario never getting called, that's just not true, it happens all the time just maybe not on the big stage.
  16. college falls are 1 seconds, and according to those rules, could've been called a pin. Clearly met the criteria for a pin IMO
  17. so the question needs to be asked, what has happened to HS wrestling in IA? i'm thinking it's in the water here in PA, and that encompasses the entire state since most of IA's PA guys are from western PA and it's debatable whether eastern PA is truly the best.
  18. being a guy who wrestled in PA, I too loved the IA style even purchased myself a Hawks jacket in the day. So no one can fault these guys for going to IA, just trying to give credit where credit is due. And that is not with IA HS wrestling.
  19. all credit here goes to the state of PA, kudos to the Keystone State for producing 5 state champions and sending them to IA. UNPRECEDENTED. Lee, Desanto, Murin, Young, and Kemmerer all some of PA's finest.
  20. Should jimmy Cinnabon be banned for sensationalizing an injury? I vote yes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. i would expect all college Olympic redshirts to be there or what is the point of the redshirt.
  22. depending on match circumstances, leverage > strength does that mean Bo would win vs Snyder I don't think so. But, IMO strength would not be the determining factor. And now that Russia has some live tape of Nickal, they will guarantee make some adjustments vs a savvy opponent such as Nickal. Just as Sad did vs Snyder.
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