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  1. is Richard Perry back? being ranked at 3 at 86 after his tragic injury is impressive if he's actually back to that level. Can't imagine he is.

    agree,  McKenna#2 ahead of JO and Retherford is interesting but is it warranted.

    and as already stated seeing Varner still ranked at 125 is also intriguing.

  2. the straps are indeed difficult to adjust because of how difficult it is to move the hard leather through the small slats. x5, including the chin guard. It literally makes your fingers hurt and is very time consuming. I recall going to tournaments as a coach and a few wrestlers buying them and coming to me to adjust the straps. Painful!

    But as already stated, once it fits, it doesn't move or come apart, it fits.

  3. unfortunately i'm sure most fans would love to see this out of bounds rule extend to all levels.

    But these are all reasons why it's probably not possible. Most elementary school mats are TINY, no way they have that much room outside the circle. Makes it real difficult for this rule to be enacted at all levels.

    my $.02


  4. it's real hard for me to take Nolf without really seeing him wrestle any top level int'l competition on top of seeing him almost lose (close call on the TD in NCAA's) to Hidlay. Is Hidlay a better FS wrestler than Nolf?

    and i'm also not completely sold on JO, he has never reached his post college potential and not sure he ever will. Didn't he just get tech'd in his last tournament final?

    my  $.02.


  5. singlets define wrestling to be honest and there's nothing like pulling up the straps of a singlet preparing for battle. only those that have done it can speak of it.

    however, right with that, wrestlers need to invest in a proper athletic supporter to wear under the singlet. some of these guys look plain silly.

    as for the 2 piece, too may of the young kids look like they're wearing basketball shorts. even at the HS level.

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