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  1. Beneath all that, PD3 did apologize to Rau for coming off as disrespectful. Pat took responsibility for not knowing the rules, then bitching about them.
  2. What makes you say that?
  3. Agreed, but as someone who has spent 41 of his 45-plus years here in Chicagoland, and went to Midlands tournaments as far back as the late 1980s, I'm a fan of N.U. It would have been great to see him stick around for one more year, but I am thrilled for him that he has another year and will be able to use it.
  4. I don't like that he left NU, but I'm a HUGE fan of Sebastian Rivera. Great luck, kid!
  5. For those who aren't aware, BTS Chicago is now run by former Illinois high school state champ, Indiana U All-American, former high school state champion coach, Mike Powell. The organization has been putting on some bigger events to raise money for the inner-city youth programs for some time now.
  6. Unless Storniolo was playing it close to the vest, judging by his graduation video on NU wrestling's Instagram page, he was as caught off guard by this as anyone.
  7. Already? Here's to hoping the team pulls through this embarrassment.
  8. Those northern European immigrants really knew the sport!
  9. 2007 Worlds - Russia earns gold in seven of eight weight classes, and a bronze in the eighth weight class. Interestingly enough, the guy who won gold at 66 kilos that year represented Turkey, but defected there from... you guessed it, Dagestan! There is video of him in the run up to the '07 Worlds and '08 Olympics (where he won gold) of him still training in Dagestan with the likes of Adam Saitiev.
  10. I'm having trouble with the Oliver vs. Nolf comparison to Chamizo vs. Dake. Two of those dudes are domestic names with not much senior level international experience, and zero world or Olympic medals. By contrast, the other two guys have two world titles a piece, one having another silver and two bronze medals, one from Worlds and one from the Olympic Games. They're not the same things.
  11. My ex- and I should have done that for our 10-year-old son. He's was diagnosed as being dyslexic, along with other developmental bench marks he was constantly missing. We knew something was off when he was a toddler, but the push was made to have him in school as quickly as possible. He is one of the youngest kids in his grade, where not enrolling him right away, making him one of the oldest boys in his grade. That decision would have helped him tremendously and I regret not doing it when we had the chance. Giving boys an extra year to develop emotionally is backed by a ton of great science. I'm all for it for them, but not as a thin veil for athletic success at age group level.
  12. Something similar happened to Pat McCaffrey when he was supposed to be in eighth grade. His dad sent him to live and train with a coach in an eastern European nation for six to eight months. There was another local kid I used to coach whose dad was so obsessed with his kid winning a state title before high school that he took his son and moved to a different club after we got the kid to place fifth in state as a seventh grader. At the other club, his son placed sixth as an eighth grader. Not satisfied enough, the dad took his son, a straight A student at the public school, and enrolled the boy in Catholic school to repeat eighth grade. Not only did the kid not win the state title in his second eighth grade year, but he then had a very public blowout with his old man at the state tournament about how much the kid hated wrestling and hated his dad. That young man never stepped foot on the mat again.
  13. Hey, Trip, great to see you here. Does anyone have visual proof of this young man's age or not?
  14. I do not have access to Echemendia's birth certificate, passport or transcripts, so I have no idea what are the issues you're claiming here. You're posting here as if you're an insider and have viewed these documents yourself. You keep defaulting to his opponents being 16-years-old. What about 17-, 18-, and 19-year-olds he faced? By your logic, they're all stronger than the 16-year-olds you keep harping on about. Were the boys older than 16 not allowed to compete, but somehow the IAI allowed some "20-year-old" Cuban refugee in for $#!+$ and giggles? You're upset because you do not know how to support your argument with any facts whatsoever, so here you are changing the topic. Stop posting in this thread, dude. You're embarrassing yourself each and every time you do.
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