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  1. While certainly a fantastic wrestler, Khabib's best takedowns are when he utilizes the cage for leverage.
  2. Does he make extra dough if he finds TJ Hill's non-golds in there, too?
  3. One thing that might bring more attention to this is Kurt Angle. Wasn't he planning a comeback for the '16 Olympics before an injury derailed those plans? Why not see if he wants a match and have him help promote it to his fanbase? How about (almost) any of the WWE guys who are still capable? I came across it on tv not long ago and there was a tag team guy who used to wrestle for Ivan at the Northern Michigan OTS. It could help get eyes on that thing and increase the pay numbers.
  4. Is this an arm of Chael's submission promotion?
  5. I was thinking Geduev in 2016. He looked ALL natural.
  6. Who is "he" in that sentence? I saw the movie, but I don't remember all of it. Also, how do you switch paperwork when the positive test is right there with officials watching? Did they hire David Copperfield or David Blaine to handle that?
  7. I do not know the answer to that question, Mr. Chapman, but I am happy you brought it up.
  8. Hmmm... short of his injuries, I figured Evan Wick would have been part of that list, too.
  9. I've always had the feeling that Ben is not a team player, but a guy who believes the hype he creates for himself; more of a consultant UW reluctantly hired because of his name and the fact that Barry Davis didn't pay him much mind coming out of high school.
  10. Went to Swananoa/Asheville three years ago this weekend for a pal's wedding, and that area changed my life for the better. I visited Chimney Rock and Lake Lure while in town, and immediately knew that was the spot for me. (I understand the waterfall scene in "Last of The Mohicans" was filmed at Chimney Rock, and I understand why) As others have said, it's a great place, and sitting at the feet of those mountains... maaaaaannnnnnn... absolutely stunning. For me, I've lived almost my entire life in and within an hour of Chicago. We have nothing like that around here. If it weren't 10-plus hours from me one way, I'd be back there more often.
  11. Mike Benefiel - overestimated Alex Tsirtsis - overestimated Kenny Jordan - overestimated Quentin Wright - I got him right on after his redshirt year and the change in coaching staff. Darian Cruz - underestimated, but not by a ton. Darrion Caldwell - underestimated
  12. Is he doing this because he feels wrestling has turned against him?
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