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  1. How much of a hit do they take with the Scuffle, the newly founded Soldier Salute in Coralville, and other teams taking off the holidays?
  2. Old news, but the wrestling world is much larger and Division I only:
  3. I had a phone conversation with Rob Koll in 2004 about a high school kid I coached who was a three-time qualifier, two-time place winner/finalist in one of the top five high school wrestling states in the country, and academically prepared for Cornell U. Koll said to me, before speaking with the kid or his family, "we will have him enroll part-time at the local community college and have him workout at the FLWC, then enroll full-time and wrestle with us the next year." Again, this was before he even spoke with the kid or his family. I spoke with the kid, mom, and dad, and they said "no". The kid and his family thought more of his wrestling career than most coaches, and he never wrestled after high school, because he didn't get the offers they thought/were told he deserved. That said, Rob Koll didn't fall into his success by dumb luck. That dude is about as smart a coach as you'll find in wrestling or any other collegiate sport.
  4. Even as a senior in high school, David knew he had a lot more growing to go (see the 2:00 mark). His size isn't such a surprise for anyone who has followed his ascent to where he is today. Hell, he had to grow into those ears at some point
  5. Maybe or maybe not; having Logan Stieber,, Sammy Sasso, Nik Bouzaikis, and Jesse Mendez for workout partners wouldn't hurt his chances of regaining form which would make him competitive domestically on the senior level. That being said, he is currently not listed on the OSU roster for this coming season.
  6. Well, we are discussing Freestyle. It's not as if Echemendia is a novice to the style.
  7. All this talk about some big names already on the circuit, it has me wondering if anyone thinks/believes RBY will become a major player for Team USA in coming years. That kid is special! Also, what about Anthony Echemendia repping Team USA in the not-too-distant future?
  8. This... I grew up and started wrestling in the "John Smith-era", and he firmly informed my style and approach to the sport early on. Heck, he still informs a lot of what I do nowadays as a coach. However, it's impossible to ignore that wrestling today has advanced on a number of levels since 1992, on top of the very obvious break-up of the Soviet Union after Smith's career was over. As stated above, this means that JB routinely faces the best guys in the world year over year, which is not something Smitty had to do during his competitive days. JB is the man, and seemingly one hell of a guy to boot. I'm a huge fan of the kid, and I love that he is an incredible ambassador of the sport, too.
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