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  1. Grand View is the nine-time defending team champions, but a son of the program may be the reason they don't make it to 10 straight this year.

    A set of twin brothers from Indiana are on a collision course to make the finals at 133 pounds.

    Man-child and Kentucky native Brandon Reed of Lindsey Wilson is on track for his third title at heavyweight.

    Arizona Christian's Jack Latimer (unseeded) is in the semis, after knocking off the numbers one and nine seeds in his bracket.

    Elias Vaoifi (American Samoa) and Baterden Boldmaa (Mongolia) are both semi-finalists.

    Many of the best NJCAA student-wrestlers have found a home in the NAIA.

    The NAIA semi-finals feature 20 different schools, which is equal to the D1 semis in 2019.

    Georgia has more qualifiers to this year's tournament than any other state in this year's tournament.

    You have a few good second chance stories you rarely find in the NCAA.

    @JasonBryant, care to weigh in on this topic? Didn't you recently cover a lot of this on one of your recent "Short Time" podcasts? ;)

    These young men and their skills are worthy of discussion and attention.

  2. One thing that might bring more attention to this is Kurt Angle. Wasn't he planning a comeback for the '16 Olympics before an injury derailed those plans? Why not see if he wants a match and have him help promote it to his fanbase? How about (almost) any of the WWE guys who are still capable? I came across it on tv not long ago and there was a tag team guy who used to wrestle for Ivan at the Northern Michigan OTS. It could help get eyes on that thing and increase the pay numbers.

  3. On 8/8/2020 at 4:30 PM, somedude202 said:

    I was reading an article in the Economist reviewing Grigory Rodchenkov's (Icarus) new book. Buried at the end there was a tie to wrestling...

    "In one case, when a well-known biathlete's sample tested positive as inspectors from WADA looked on, he manged to switch the paperwork, leaving an unknown wrestler take the fall."

    Anyone have any guesses who the wrestler might have been? I always assumed that the wrestlers that have popped were guilty, I didn't consider they were sacrificed to protect the reputation of a biathlete.

    Who is "he" in that sentence? I saw the movie, but I don't remember all of it.

    Also, how do you switch paperwork when the positive test is right there with officials watching? Did they hire David Copperfield or David Blaine to handle that?

  4. 1 minute ago, uncle bernard said:

    It was always kind of weird because the RTC was always more of a side gig for him and his main focus was AWA. He never really actually seemed like he was a part of that staff. 

    I've always had the feeling that Ben is not a team player, but a guy who believes the hype he creates for himself; more of a consultant UW reluctantly hired because of his name and the fact that Barry Davis didn't pay him much mind coming out of high school.

  5. Went to Swananoa/Asheville three years ago this weekend for a pal's wedding, and that area changed my life for the better. I visited Chimney Rock and Lake Lure while in town, and immediately knew that was the spot for me. (I understand the waterfall scene in "Last of The Mohicans" was filmed at Chimney Rock, and I understand why) As others have said, it's a great place, and sitting at the feet of those mountains... maaaaaannnnnnn... absolutely stunning.

    For me, I've lived almost my entire life in and within an hour of Chicago. We have nothing like that around here. If it weren't 10-plus hours from me one way, I'd be back there more often.

  6. Good for Pat and good luck to him.

    He's a less intelligent Chael Sonnen, in that he is his own hype machine, just not as savvy. If he starts off with a pretty good record, on top of having been an NJCAA Champ, a D1 All-American, and a World Team Member, he could make a name for himself somewhat quickly.

    While I was never a fan of his mouth, he was a much better wrestler than most people here give him credit for being.

  7. 1 hour ago, bnwtwg said:

    Absolutely bigger on a global scale than American football, but rugby sevens is growing exponentially in the US because of the scoring, pace of game, and short game time (two 7 minute halves) but there is still the violence factor without being bogged down like 15s. Carlin Isles and Perry Baker are huge homeruns for the national team and their highlight tapes+backgrounds were big wins and folks should check them out.

    Exponentially? Havibg played 7s for the the majority of the time I played, I am going to suggest that the size was so small to begin with that the growth seems huge.

    Youth rugby still focuses on 15s. Collegiate rugby still focuses on 15s. National team rugby is focused on 15s. Rugby weekend here in Chicago? 15s. Sevens remains a summer sport that the most dedicated backs and eight men play between fall and spring seasons. Hong Kong 7s and Vegas 7s are nice, but you couldn't fill any major stadium in the U.S. with that. 15s is still king and will be for quite a while.

    Speaking of 7s, you want to talk about "pace of game and short game time", did you see Ben Ryan's (Fiji 7s, England 7s) attempt at launching RugbyX this past fall? If not, look it up on YouTube. If he can somehow get that together without changing rules AFTER the tournament had already begun, that could be even more impactful.

    Isles and Baker are track stars with a rugby ball. There's very good reason neither one of them is on the U.S.A. 15s team, because they are one way players who thrive in open pitch play.

    That said, I do not discourage anyone from checking out any rugby. FloSports even has FloRugby. It's okay.

  8. 6 hours ago, bnwtwg said:

    Also, they have an inside edge on rugby, which is most likely going to overtake football in our lifetimes as the premier tackling sport of choice

    I'd argue that rugby is already bigger globally.

    I'm 45 now, I played rugby competitively for more than a decade, and I even play the two hand touch variety at least once a week, as well as help my oldest's team when times are "normal". That said, I don't see the U.S. embracing rugby the way it has football in my lifetime. U.S. fans love and promote the violence the game promotes. The NFL, college football, and youth football are institutionalized parts of American culture that will last for another generation beyond me, I suspect, though I wish otherwise.

  9. On 7/16/2020 at 10:29 AM, RichB said:

    Interesting that Men's Rugby is #1 and women's Rugby not mentioned.

    Side note Football family includes three Genera Gridiron Football, Rugby type Football, Soccer Football

    Species within the genera:


    12 person-- Canadian

    11 Person-  Standard USA

    9 Person

    8 Person

    6 Perspn

    Flag or Touch




    Rugby type

    15 person

    7 person

    Australian Rules

    Irish Rules



    Soccer type

    11 person full size pitch

    fewer persons and smaller pitch




    For rugby, Union is 15-a-side, while League (nowhere near as popular or common as Union) is 13-a-side. You'll also have folks playing 10s, when they can't scratch up 15 per team, but have more than 7-a-side.

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