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  1. As you might imagine, I fully support this message. Gantry, lend a like here, my friend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. A few of us on this board appreciate this. Well done, sir.
  3. My neighbor's son crushing it... I love this. I was a fan of pro "wrestling" before I first stepped foot on a real mat. I can still enjoy this sort of thing and recognize that WWF/E isn't poaching any of our guys, but providing them with some laughs and smiles. I have zero beef with that, "brother!" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  4. Something similar to this happened to my nephew. He is a standout football player for his age in his area and I convinced my sister that wrestling would help him improve even more, especially since he is already playing one side of the ball (defense). For as athletic as he is, he tried wrestling and in his first two tournaments went up against some real age group hammers from a nationally recognized club. By Thanksgiving he was back to playing basketball with his friends and told me that he won't ever go back to wrestling. I tried to convince him to stick it out, but he even asked me how he was going to make up that much time and technique to be competitive, at a club even he knew wasn't on the level of this other one I previously mentioned. It wasn't worth it to him, or my sister, and he said he'd rather spend more time becoming better at football or spending time playing pick up basketball with his friends. I felt bad for him and I didn't want him to hate the sport, but his experience was more than I could do to change his mind.
  5. If I remember correctly, Alex Dolly had to meet citizenship requirements set forth by the Irish government in order to compete for them. His grandmother being from Ireland was the key. Also, Ramzan Ibraikhanov had a (well placed) sponsor in country and then changed his name to Ramazan S(h)ahin to sound more Turkish, and honor said sponsor, when he made the "move" to compete for Turkey. I miss that dude competing. He was a beast What I am gathering from all of this is a few things: 1. It's not as easy as saying, "Hey, Ukraine, I want to wrestle for you and my country is down with." Ukraine then says, "Okay, we'll pay UWW the arbitrary $5,000 ransom they require for this to happen. See you soon!" 2. This is becoming a great way for more athletes to compete on the World and Olympic stage. 3. This sort of thing could be a boost to countries who don't have a strong wrestling heritage. 4. I had another relevant point, but I've now forgotten what that was.
  6. This is almost the same thing as proclaiming the Chicago Cubs the best team ever after they won the World Series in 2016. While the future looks quite bright, let's put together a sustained run of team titles before we start elevating this team to mythical status.
  7. To me, this is it. Kids are smart they know that Johnny’s dad has been pushing him year-round to be a multiple-time kids champ so various public and private high schools can recruit him. X kid just started and gets the living hell beat out of him by Johnny. The kid who took the whipping is going to find something else to do by high school. This scenario is becoming more and more common: kids specialize before high school and the name of the game is becoming “elite” as soon as possible. This will only continue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Good insight, MM, but in all seriousness I have to wonder if UWW looks the other way when more powerful nations “send” guys to non-traditional powers. Think US to Mexico or another Latin American nation that could possibly have an outside shot at a medal, which COULD then spur further interest in the sport. Going from Dagestan/Russia to Turkey, Azerbaijan or Ukraine, I believe, is what they’re making effort to stop, as those teams typically hover in and around the top 10 annually.
  9. - Chamizo and the Turk Does this mean that JB should wrestle the Turk? Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  10. Here's Chamizo vs. the Turk in the semis. UWW is on top of posting matches.
  11. I think ethnically, religiously and certainly politically, that Caucasus region of the country would prefer to not be aligned with Russia. It appears to remain very "tribal" there, where your state and bloodline are everything. I can't blame the Dagestanis for going elsewhere to compete. You can live your life almost exactly the same as you always do, but have a real shot at competing for a World/Olympic medal for another nation. I'm surprised more Americans don't follow this same model.
  12. Five-and-a-half years later and this thread shows no signs of slowing down. I love it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. UWW REALLY loves having Chamizo in Europe! https://twitter.com/wrestling/media - his highlights are pretty fantastic.
  14. Micic looks SKINNY down at 57. Who was cornering him for the tournament? I wish he would have stayed at NU, but happy for everything he's accomplishing at UM. As to other recent Americans who wrestled for other countries, don't forget that Alex Dolly (UNI) wrestled for Ireland and Larry Langowski (Northwestern) wrestled for Mexico. Didn't one of the Cornell guys wrestle at PanAms for another nation?
  15. https://twitter.com/wrestling/media - scroll through some of the videos here. Greco Roman is a beautiful form of sport when performed at the highest level.
  16. Does he make a run in 2019 and then for 2020?
  17. Did ADS make effort to injure opponents at any point prior to college? I'm not a fan of the idea or discussion that he is mentally impaired until he has been diagnosed as such.
  18. I'm a huge fan of Fried's, so I'm all for that idea... if he wants it. Not unlike Askren in Wisconsin, Al Fried could be a great guy to hire for CSU if they wanted to create more buzz and boost the profile of https://www.neortc.org/. Not that we shouldn't all have been supporting them in the past, but this is a nice reminder to give the NEORTC a boost as Coach Moore moves the team forward.
  19. I am reading this info about Jordan Oliver and his suspension and the relation to putting the best US Team on the mat for the coming World Championships. That had me thinking about Aaron Pico. Quite obviously that ship has sailed for him and his ambitions, but as he was transitioning from Freestyle to MMA, was he peaking in terms of his wrestling abilities or was his jump premature? He is clearly crucial in creating depth at 65 kilos, but would he have become the best option for the US at this weight had he decided to stick around for another four years or were other guys at that weight surpassing him?
  20. https://therudis.com/shoes/ Looks like a Dave Schultz shoes and a Kyle Snyder shoe are coming this Fall. That's pretty sweet!
  21. Fingers crossed for rapidly increased success for Cleveland State U!
  22. I think it's great what Azevedo chose to do for the benefit of his own program. As much as I wish they would, I just don't know enough kids, parents, high school and club coaches care about integrity on that level that you will see a lot of young men say, "I want to wrestle for THAT guy." I hope I am wrong. As to DeSanto, does anyone have the video of him yelling at his corner during the blood round? I again watched the highlights that Flo have from that match before posting this, and I remain baffled by that third period meltdown/lack of action by Austin that opened the door for a DelVecchio win. Does anyone know what Austin was screaming at his corner? Finally, if DeSanto keeps it together, gets off bottom and All-Americans this past March, is the discussion the same or different with the Drexel coaches after the tournament?
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