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  1. UWW REALLY loves having Chamizo in Europe! https://twitter.com/wrestling/media - his highlights are pretty fantastic.
  2. Micic looks SKINNY down at 57. Who was cornering him for the tournament? I wish he would have stayed at NU, but happy for everything he's accomplishing at UM. As to other recent Americans who wrestled for other countries, don't forget that Alex Dolly (UNI) wrestled for Ireland and Larry Langowski (Northwestern) wrestled for Mexico. Didn't one of the Cornell guys wrestle at PanAms for another nation?
  3. https://twitter.com/wrestling/media - scroll through some of the videos here. Greco Roman is a beautiful form of sport when performed at the highest level.
  4. Does he make a run in 2019 and then for 2020?
  5. Did ADS make effort to injure opponents at any point prior to college? I'm not a fan of the idea or discussion that he is mentally impaired until he has been diagnosed as such.
  6. I'm a huge fan of Fried's, so I'm all for that idea... if he wants it. Not unlike Askren in Wisconsin, Al Fried could be a great guy to hire for CSU if they wanted to create more buzz and boost the profile of https://www.neortc.org/. Not that we shouldn't all have been supporting them in the past, but this is a nice reminder to give the NEORTC a boost as Coach Moore moves the team forward.
  7. I am reading this info about Jordan Oliver and his suspension and the relation to putting the best US Team on the mat for the coming World Championships. That had me thinking about Aaron Pico. Quite obviously that ship has sailed for him and his ambitions, but as he was transitioning from Freestyle to MMA, was he peaking in terms of his wrestling abilities or was his jump premature? He is clearly crucial in creating depth at 65 kilos, but would he have become the best option for the US at this weight had he decided to stick around for another four years or were other guys at that weight surpassing him?
  8. https://therudis.com/shoes/ Looks like a Dave Schultz shoes and a Kyle Snyder shoe are coming this Fall. That's pretty sweet!
  9. Fingers crossed for rapidly increased success for Cleveland State U!
  10. I think it's great what Azevedo chose to do for the benefit of his own program. As much as I wish they would, I just don't know enough kids, parents, high school and club coaches care about integrity on that level that you will see a lot of young men say, "I want to wrestle for THAT guy." I hope I am wrong. As to DeSanto, does anyone have the video of him yelling at his corner during the blood round? I again watched the highlights that Flo have from that match before posting this, and I remain baffled by that third period meltdown/lack of action by Austin that opened the door for a DelVecchio win. Does anyone know what Austin was screaming at his corner? Finally, if DeSanto keeps it together, gets off bottom and All-Americans this past March, is the discussion the same or different with the Drexel coaches after the tournament?
  11. I wonder if and when the Brands Bros have the conversation with DeSanto about wrestling hard to dominate vs. purposefully making effort to not hurt, but injure your opponent. The young man set the precedent for the conversation through multiple actions of the sort in this year alone. Does anyone remember the comments made by those involved following Gilman’s intentional slam on Waters from some years ago? I’m not in a place to be looking that up right now. Beyond that, good luck to all involved. I hope this is a positive change for each and every person in this situation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Don't know Ben at all and I have never met the guy. Having anything personal against him would be impossible for me. I'm a fan of the dude, but that doesn't mean I think he's the best hire. Ben quit competing to focus on another skill completely. Lee has been involved with the sport at almost every level since he stopped. While Matt believes that Lee being a World/Olympic team coach is more an honorary title than reality, there's a reason Lee Kemp is given that "honorary" title, even at his age, goes to team camps, potentially travels with teams, and not a young Ben Askren. When you're talking about donor money, Ben didn't attend Wiscy. Lee Kemp attended Wiscy and can personally tap into that "old money" that many of those older dudes who continue to follow the team might have. I suspect that Lee can even "shake the tree" a little more than Ben can with the UWisconsin crowd. Ben, however, will probably have more grassroots success outside of the Badger contingent. I wish Team Ben-o nothing but the best in this new venture.
  13. With PD3? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. That’s what I said out loud to myself when I read that. So much for peaking as a high school sophomore. [emoji849] Also, the only thing that would have helped Mark Grey was to turn him into the $6 Million Dollar man. His inability to make the stand has nothing to do with lack of skill. I don’t know if I saw anyone else with his bad luck regarding injuries. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. "... compete at their best" in what style? His made up $#!* with Marty Flo where only Ben understood the rules and invited in guys he could thump and make money? That was until he didn't. Askren has made no bones about his disdain for Freestyle, so he quit training in it all together back in 2008. He's been out of that for a decade. Askren is not the first guy you hire for that job. Now let's be honest, they hired Ben because of his stature within the state and Bono wants to keep the in-state crowd at home. In that case, where technique is not the premium, why would you NOT hire Lee Kemp as the head to dig into that alumni money that's out there and help grow the program, not unlike what has been done in Iowa City and State College? Honorary title of coach for a guy who won World gold thrice and then is there with recent World and Olympic teams... I stand by my statements.
  16. I always loved Ed Ruth's "style." In competition, it appeared to me that he seemed to be drilling with an eye on, "Huh... I wonder what will happen if I try this." In those last few months of him being on the mat, it was pretty clear that Ed was indifferent to the outcomes and wasn't putting his full effort into winning.
  17. No offense to Ben, but I think that Lee Kemp would have made more sense as head coach at an RTC, with Ben as an assistant. Lee, a three-time World Champion, four-time medal winner, former World team and Olympic coach, vs. Ben, a one-time Olympian who quit the sport because he didn't like the rules.
  18. I’m not a fan of the open tournaments taking place before the first semester/trimester ends. I’d like to see the NCAA say something to the effect, “institutions/individuals enrolled in a full-time program at an NCAA partner school may not begin competition until Fall semester finals have completed.” That will vary from institution to institution, but the emphasis needs to be on the STUDENT-athlete. Don’t wanna be a student? Be part of a RTC somewhere and make a World/Olympic team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Imagine Moisey, Mason Smith and Justin Oliver all heading to SDSU... HOOOO-ahhhh!
  20. I coach D3 and work in admissions for the same school where I coach. I'm quite familiar with it from the "business" end of things. You are correct that you are providing your opinion here. However, you may want to be more exact and use the term conjecture.
  21. Maybe he knows what he's doing and did his research: https://www.theundefiledmarriagebed.com/sex-and-religion/is-sex-for-procreation-only/
  22. Being recruited to a D3 is absolutely no guarantee of admission. Like any other student, if you do not meet the minimum criteria for admission, then you find another college or university to attend. Most every and any college you find isn't going to admit a kid who can barely keep up in high school or community college, as they probably won't be around long enough to make a difference. Then you have to chase down that tuition money? Thanks, but nah. For most students, at best it's a combination of having a wrestling program and the fact that it's a solid fit academically. At worst, it's because they have wrestling and they want to continue to compete. There certainly are exceptions to the rule, but they are just that. You're talking about teenage boys here. They're not thinking about financials and many times the high school and club coaches they had talked their parents into thinking they're going to waltz to a D3 title. They're thinking about the t-shirt they'll get that says they were a college wrestler somewhere; they'll develop a touch of to full-blown cauliflower ear because they couldn't be bothered to wear headgear; and the chance to say that they had X record on the college level. Where's your data on this? It all depends on the program, the cost of the education and what their options might be at that time. Most of those guys went to X school because of wrestling. The institution's academic reputation was the cherry on top. So far, this is the only point you've made that is 100% accurate on not merely conjecture. More conjecture; have you spoken with every kid in D3? As to what would happen with the NESCAC schools, I don't believe that any of us could say with 100% assurance. How many D3 programs and NAIA programs can you cite that have stated that their goal is to boost enrollment numbers by adding wrestling? Institutions of higher education offer sports because their students want them or they see a trend in a certain sport. They're not stupid people; they do their research. If they can realistically/responsibly offer that opportunity, then it's a win-win for the student-athlete and the institution. And, like any other program, if they manage a few All-Americans out of it in the process, that will help their school's image spread. You're usually a really solid poster, billyhoyle. For some reason, you appear to be going out of your way to be a real @$$#0!* here, and I cannot figure out why.
  23. Someone isn’t receiving the attention he craves. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Both of you are waiting for me to post again about Yianni D's mom and then waiting for someone else to post her photo.
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