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  1. Why do most wrestling fans in the United States cling so tightly to our singular scholastic/collegiate style of wrestling? This style isn't wrestled anywhere else on earth, is strictly tied to educational institutions (if you want to compete in it, you have to be registered in school at any level), and has zero competitive option beyond college. Given that many of the board members here can see the obvious danger of what a shaky economic market due to a pandemic is foreshadowing for non-revenue collegiate sports, why are we as a sports community not looking for more suitable options for the longevity of wrestling in this country?
  2. You are correct and thank you for catching my mistake. I was thinking of Rivera vs. Lee at the same time. Again, thanks for catching that.
  3. No mention of TJ Williams? Isn't his record for the Hawkeyes a whopping 99-1 or something very close to that? Duane Goldman was pretty okay. Chris Campbell was alright.
  4. I was certain this was going to be a PSA against marriage. Rats!
  5. Nice to see you here, seanlove22. I hope the family is well and that the Mustangs are thriving. Darrion Caldwell vs. Ryan Lang (2007 NCAA Quarters) Darrion Caldwell vs. Brent Metcalf (2009 NCAA Finals) Steve Marianetti vs. Lincoln McIlravy (1995 NCAA Finals) Joe Gilbert vs. Tom Brands (1991 B10 Finals) Jim Gibbons vs. Randy Lewis (dual meet) Cael Sanderson vs. Paul Jenn (dual meet) - completely lopsided, but Sanderson show what it is like when someone works 100% of the match. Michael Kemerer vs. Mark Lee (dual meet)
  6. Thank you, sir. I am aware of this. I was coaching on a team that went from being a D III team for its first 50 years, to being a D I program starting with the 2014-15 season. That said, NJCAA Division I programs are eligible to give up to 20 scholarships each season.
  7. Tofurky


    https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/mark-perry-leaving.311781/ - the news has been swirling over there for the last two days.
  8. Bronze in 2004 at 66, Gold in 2005 at 66, Gold in 2007 at 74, but didn't make it in 2008 when Buvaisar Saitiev won his third Olympics. By then, Makhach was no longer Russian's man at 74. He won gold at Yarygin in 2009 and Aliev in 2011, but that's it. It's insane to think about how deep that weight class has been for Russia since... ever.
  9. Definitely Big10s (2011!!! I had to look it up) and I sold it to you. If you were an Ebay buyer, I'd give you five stars and A+++++++++++++ in the comments section.
  10. Absolutely true and why I am wondering if wrestling, among nearly a dozen other non-revenue collegiate sports, becomes a club sport and is supported by alumni. I see a lot of pros and cons to it. That said, I wonder if it's time for USSW starting to lobby the NCAA wrestling rules committee to start making necessary rule changes to embrace the Olympic styles? If the United States (read as money) had Free and Greco from kids through college, I wonder if the IOC would change their tunes about the reduced number of weight classes, as more fans would understand the sport and watch/support it?
  11. Speaking of memory loss, I am quite certain it was Big 10s, sir. ;) Was that 2012?
  12. Of which all of those are, as being outgrowths of the college teams they support. Without the college teams, which are 100% parts of the universities, the clubs I mentioned probably do not exist, regardless if they are financially independent of IHLs.
  13. 1. Lee Kemp 2. Besik Kudukhov 3. Reza Yazdani I also loved Murtazaliev and Sazhidov from Russia for this list.
  14. Not what I meant, sir. I was thinking of people choosing to financially support the NLWC or Wildcat, Hawkeye or Illini, as examples.
  15. I have been on here for close to 15 years and I have no idea who anyone is, outside of the obvious. If Dan Gable posts here, it went right over my head. I picture Gable handwriting his responses or dictating them, then handing them off to one of his grandchildren to type up for the forum.
  16. Does this open the door for wrestling clubs tied to institutions of higher learning to begin growing financially? Personally, I'd much rather see the U.S. move away from American Folk and embrace the Olympic styles. Maybe this is when that begins to happen.
  17. Unless that changed in the last two years, NAIA absolutely does offer wrestling scholarships, but is capped at eight. NJCAA Division III schools do NOT offer scholarships, as that is how the individual school's athletics departments chooses to be classified.
  18. Let's ask Willie. He probably broke the news on twitter and will be by shortly to let us know he did.
  19. I wouldn't say that was very brave of Zeke. He took a guy who was a previous champion and third place finisher, knowing that getting him on the stand one last time was job security for Zeke. It was pretty telling that @JasonBryant stated at 8:30 of the Rudis podcast #138, "Yeah, if you've worked for Zeke Jones, you can work for anybody." I had one great and a handful of less-than-great interactions with Zeke. I strongly suspect he may be the president and CEO of the Zeke Jones fan club. As for Willie, who cares? His arrogance and hunger for attention spoil any sort of insights that come out of his mouth.
  20. I don't understand the argument of the OP. For any number of reasons, that region-- the North Caucasus, between the Black and Caspian Seas, specifically Dagestan--is the cradle of wrestling in the world. Is that being disputed? Don't start putting World Champions up there, because that is where the former USSR and Russia pull away from the pack in that discussion.
  21. What preview? As far as gold medalist, may I presume you mean the Olympics?
  22. I'm confused why anyone would reach out to Dr. Sander at this point. The man did the job he was hired to do as a consultant, is not a university employee, and has moved on. As was pointed out previously, he provided a recommendation, nothing more. The administrators at ODU made the final decision. It seems to me, as it does to others on this thread, that the ODU administration had their minds made up about dropping wrestling before Sanders gave his opinion. It's with them that you have your "fight". Also, why are people disparaging Dr. Sander's level of education in regard to his choice of profession? Would you have preferred a medical doctor been consulted for this report just to have PhD after his name? What sense would that make? The bogus moral high ground here is pretty pathetic.
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