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  1. There are scholarships in D3.  They are just often disguised as being "academic."  And it is not "pay to play."  It's pay to attend a college that is worth paying for while also competing in athletics.  NAIA will give you a partial scholarship and make you still pay an overpriced (albeit reduced) tuition.  


    If you know of colleges and universities within Division III who take part in this, then by all means, please name them.


    I can speak directly to this and say that where I work students receive the same merit-based scholarships regardless if you are a student-athlete, play the flugelhorn, want to become and accountant or have plans for med school. I cannot speak for other institutions, but at this small D3, we do it by the book.

  2. Bob, all elite kids look for a good room with good practice partners,this was the reason kids wouldnt give Indiana a look. They knew they couldn't develop the kids.


    If I remember correctly, Taylor Walsh was not so complimentary of Duane and his crew the year he was runner-up. Wasn't he saying that the training was all done by himself and his dad?

  3. I like Pegboy, But I'm more partial to Naked Raygun and Effigies( Their previous bands). I saw Pegboy a lot. My favorite live band from Touch and Go was The Jesus Lizard. But I remember seeing Big Black, The Digits and Urge Overkill a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGG time ago.


    Pegboy is playing again with Bollweevils (never a fan, but really nice guys) this coming Tuesday... $20 is pricey for a punk rock show. We've been spoiled.


    Raygun I love and Effigies were great... even some of their mid-'80s dancier tunes from "Fly On a Wire" and "Ink." John Kezdie came to DeKalb and let me interview him for a story I did on Effigies for my 'zine. Nice guy, SUPER conservative and unapologetic about being a state's attorney and locking up a lot of old punkers. I have always wondered how he and Steve Albini are so close.


    I'm too young to have seen Big Black in their day, but did see Dijits a good number of times. I never saw Rick with Supersuckers, though. That would have been fun. Big Black at T&G25 was awesome and Dijits never fail to impress.


    My only experience with UO was meeting Nash Kato backstage at a Green Party rally in Chicago I was covering leading up to the 2000 presidential election. He and Eddie Vedder were way shorter than I expected, but very nice people. I had never been that close to Jello Biafra until then and will never stand that close to him again. Not only does he not like capitalism, but he mustn't like deodorant or showering regularly either.

  4. @Gantry et al, I knew there was a reason why I liked you.  Chicago wrestling punx!


    I used to see David Yow from JL at like Pigface and Ministry shows way back when. Also have lots of fond memories of seeing Screeching Weasel, Los Crudos, the Bollweevils, 8Bark, Slapstick, the Broadways, Lynards Innards etc. at like Reggie's, Empty Bottle, Beat Kitchen and Fireside Bowl (before they had the stage). Oh man, I haven't thought of some of these bands and venues in ages. I wonder if they still exist. That was a really fun time in my life.



    EDIT: Omg I can't believe I forgot to mention Cap'n Jazz!! Joan of Arc! Alk3! Lawrence Arms! 


    Hahaha! If Martin and Ebro from Crudos and Ben from Screeching Weasel knew they were being discussed on a wrestling website, they'd $#!* themselves. Like Gantry, I went to college at Northern Illinois U with Ebro.


    I've been to Reggie's, Beat Kitchen and Empty Bottle, all within the last eight weeks. That said, Fireside was fun, but my favorite place was probably Lounge Ax in Lincoln Park. 1995, at a Rocket From the Crypt show, was the first time I experienced Wesley Willis and his headbutts. My friend Jason and I also briefly hung out with Bill Berry and Mike Mills at that same show. That place was so small and intimate, seeing Man or Astroman? Superchunk, Shellac and I don't remember who else, was a real big deal for me between 1993 and 1996. I think it was co-owned by Jeff Tweedy's (Wilco) wife.


    I'm right about the same age as the Cap'n Jazz guys and they were sort of a big thing for my group of friends from 1991 through 1993, but I just couldn't get with them or JoA or the other bands you mentioned. I preferr(ed) Big Black, Life Sentence, Articles of Faith, Crudos, Beer Nuts, Raygun, et al.


    Screeching Weasel was another "big" local draw during my high school years, but I have never seen them play. I co-published a fanzine with some friends and Ben Weasel grabbed a copy, called me and offered to write a column for us. After the phone conversation, all I could think was, "Thanks, but nah." Nice dude, but far too much going on in that head of his.

  5. I see that some posters are advocating for a single five minute period, I am totally against this, I think we need to keep the match at six minutes minimum. The reason being is that we want endurance to be part of the game, which is one of the reasons for our success these past few years.


    Maybe the US team should become better technicians.

  6. I’m confused. If risk should be rewarded when it doesn’t work — then that is not risk.


    I believe I misread your post originally and may have not at all been clear in what I stated. My apologies if that is the case.


    Slip throw: there is no reward for the opponent who stops the throw or defends it. I see it mainly as a nice "stalling" (since that word doesn't exist in international wrestling) tactic. If I try something on you and it doesn't work, that's to your advantage. I don't see the point in rewarding something only if it has a positive outcome for the one taking the risk.

  7. CSU budgeted $105k for wrestling coaching salaries for next year. That is head coach and assistant coach(es).


    Their budget to operate the program (including scholarships, travel, apparel, etc) is $260k. This number is actually lower than the previous year, and is likely lowered to handle the rise in salaries.


    $105K for wrestling coaching salaries... for three coaches (not including the grad assistant)... does that include benefits? Man, that is tough.


    I do not know the answer to this, but why is it so tough for Cleveland State to pull in more top-notch student-wrestlers? They're right there in Cleveland, two hours from Pittsburgh, 2.5 hours from the Detroit area, 5.5 hours from Chicago... Are they bound by some internal requirements (a la Fresno State) to have X% of kids from Ohio and the Cleveland area?

  8. T&G 25th anniversary was one of the best big shows I ever went to, so much fun.  Thought Larry from Pegboy was going to die onstage he was so tired...


    That was a great weekend.



    PS - Pegboy are playing Cobra Lounge benefit for Liar's Club soon... $20/$25 at the door.


    EDIT - I should say that two of the kids who wrestled with my son, one went to high school with Larry and one drinks with Larry. They tried to get him to come to a kid wrestling tournament, but Larry couldn't be bothered to wake up that early.

  9. In short:


    Well, the school eliminated all University funding for wrestling at the end of the 2015 season. http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2015/03/cleveland_state_university_will_no_longer_fund_wrestling_but_will_add_lacrosse.html


    The program only survived because students voted to raise their own fees to fund wrestling. http://www.cleveland.com/sports/college/index.ssf/2015/04/cleveland_state_students_vote.html


    A little more info:


    The Athletic Director wanted to start a Lax program but the University President wouldn't raise the Athletic budget. So the Athletic Director took it to the students and there was a vote on raising student fees to fund a men's Lax program. The students voted overwhelmingly 'No' on the issue.


    Then the Athletic Director announced that they would no longer be funding the wrestling program to make room in the budget for Men's Lax. The students called for another vote and voted overwhelmingly to raise their own student fees in order to fund the wrestling program.


    Cleveland State wrestling was already a (very) low budget program. Their staff did a great job in my opinion of not only working hard with their limited resources to put out a good product but also to keep the program alive every year.


    Thank you, pinnum. I do remember all of that.


    When you say "already a (very) low budget program," do you have a dollar amount tied to that? I think that gives the rest of us an idea as to who might apply and who will stay away from consideration.

  10. Busy year in the coaching shuffle thus far and congratulations to Tim Flynn for earning this gig.


    Who might be on Big Bruce's short list for this position? Maybe I am wrong, but I have to believe that Cliff Moore wants to be more than an assistant coach... maybe?

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