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  1. Unless that changed in the last two years, NAIA absolutely does offer wrestling scholarships, but is capped at eight. NJCAA Division III schools do NOT offer scholarships, as that is how the individual school's athletics departments chooses to be classified.
  2. Let's ask Willie. He probably broke the news on twitter and will be by shortly to let us know he did.
  3. I wouldn't say that was very brave of Zeke. He took a guy who was a previous champion and third place finisher, knowing that getting him on the stand one last time was job security for Zeke. It was pretty telling that @JasonBryant stated at 8:30 of the Rudis podcast #138, "Yeah, if you've worked for Zeke Jones, you can work for anybody." I had one great and a handful of less-than-great interactions with Zeke. I strongly suspect he may be the president and CEO of the Zeke Jones fan club. As for Willie, who cares? His arrogance and hunger for attention spoil any sort of insights that come out of his mouth.
  4. I don't understand the argument of the OP. For any number of reasons, that region-- the North Caucasus, between the Black and Caspian Seas, specifically Dagestan--is the cradle of wrestling in the world. Is that being disputed? Don't start putting World Champions up there, because that is where the former USSR and Russia pull away from the pack in that discussion.
  5. What preview? As far as gold medalist, may I presume you mean the Olympics?
  6. I'm confused why anyone would reach out to Dr. Sander at this point. The man did the job he was hired to do as a consultant, is not a university employee, and has moved on. As was pointed out previously, he provided a recommendation, nothing more. The administrators at ODU made the final decision. It seems to me, as it does to others on this thread, that the ODU administration had their minds made up about dropping wrestling before Sanders gave his opinion. It's with them that you have your "fight". Also, why are people disparaging Dr. Sander's level of education in regard to his choice of profession? Would you have preferred a medical doctor been consulted for this report just to have PhD after his name? What sense would that make? The bogus moral high ground here is pretty pathetic.
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelhorn/2018/12/13/will-half-of-all-colleges-really-close-in-the-next-decade/ In light of the ODU announcement, who, what and where are next? Will it impact Division I and II programs much? NAIA? Community Colleges look to benefit most here. I suspect, given the article above, the uncertainty of this pandemic, and the volatility of the financial markets as a result, we just might see a crash in Division III programs in the coming years.
  8. I thought about mentioning Reinoso when I mentioned Wilson. I don't know why I didn't. Didn't he and Jesus leave Cuba together?
  9. I'm as confused as anyone about this decision. Was Coach Martin informed about any of this in advance of the AD's statement? Was he given the opportunity to raise funds to maintain the program for the long term? Did the administration consider any sort of request or was the decision already made? I'm having trouble understanding how the OP started this thread with a question and that the wrestling community was seemingly caught off guard by this decision. It's not without precedent, but with communication the way it is today, I'm baffled by how this all took place so silently.
  10. That said, if the U.S. adopted Freestule and Greco in colleges and universities across the country, not only would this nation's depth on the senior level increase exponentially, but you'd have more foreign wrestlers coming to school here to earn degrees, making U.S. wrestlers tougher.
  11. Yes, I see that I did state that and I was wrong. I corrected myself in the statement to which I am quoting you above when I said, "... among the best..." which is wholly accurate in the examples I provided.
  12. No, but that's not the point. With the exception of maybe Dhesi, these guys were among the best in their respective countries, but not the best at their weight classes. They came here and showed right off the bat that they were among the best at this form of the sport held so dear by so many in this country. Another poster is suggesting that, arguably, the best wrestler on the planet in this generation is going to get wrecked in American folk is, in my opinion, ignorant at best.
  13. I may have misunderstoodwhat I had heard, but didn't Nashon Garrett start wrestling as a sophomore in high school?
  14. Here are some of the higher level guys you may or may not have heard of during the last 25 years or so: Sonny Abe - Penn State/Japan Muzaffar Abdurakhmonov - American U./Uzbekistan Bekzod Abdurakhmonov - Clarion/Uzbekistan Alan Gelogaev - Oklahoma State/Russia Amar Dhesi - Oregon State/Canada To a lesser extent, given that they came to the U.S. while in high school: The Novachkov brothers (Cal Poly/Bulgaria); the Heino brothers from Campbell/Finland; Heinrich Barnes from Oregon State/South Africa; though I do not believe he ever wrestled in college (maybe I am wrong), Khetag Pliev (Russia/Ohio/Canada); Jesus Wilson (D2 Upper Iowa/Cuba) defected to the U.S. in 1994 after placing at Worlds, losing to Terry Brands in the semifinals; some Belarussian guys in the mid- to late-'90s also defected, but were too old for D1, I believe. I am certain there are a few more guys I am missing, but that's a start. Wrestling in other countries can be a profession. Depending on how good you are, it come with education, money, and possible fame. Most high-level guys stay where they are for those reasons and much more.
  15. Historically, when high-level foreign wrestlers have come to the U.S. for highed education and to wrestle, what your statement purports is not the case. Those dudes, who more recently are usually not yet the best Freestylers in their own countries when they arrive here, step right in to being the best in U.S. collegiate wrestling, even with little understanding or training in mat wrestling. Sadulaev just might be the best of this generation of wrestlers from across the globe. To suggest that he would lose "handily" to any guy, even in another style that is not so drastically different than what he currently reigns in, is pretty absurd. I think you severely underestimate the type of competitor Abdulrashid Sadulaev is.
  16. Does Cal Poly have a rule similar to Fresno State where they are required to have a certain percentage of recruits from California?
  17. I'm sorry, sir. I know it's not the favorite topic of the board, or just about anyone, but the article struck me as important to any discussion related to what is taking place. Though giving some pretty dire consequences, I think it also serves as a guide to reminding any and all of us not only what is at stake, but how responsible actions by us all can keep us from a worst case scenario future. Maybe I am being naive or overly hopeful, but I have my fingers crossed that humanity will dislodge its collective head from its collective @$$.
  18. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/03/how-will-coronavirus-end/608719/ Interesting, yet slightly disheartening article. Links to other articles within.
  19. The guy from Russia who posts here and has turned heel in 3... 2... 1...
  20. @MedicineMan, the opportunity for you to work your magic with the above statement is RIPE!
  21. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought the cocaine charges were dropped. Does anyone know of this is true or not?
  22. It will help Reza Yazdani try to make one more Olympic team.
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