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  1. 3 hours ago, Bronco said:

    I can't recall any J.C. wrestler who has ever competed for Arizona State.  So I looked at all of the wrestling team rosters on the ASU website - going back to 2011-2012.  And I saw only one J.C. guy. He was listed on the 2011-2012 ASU roster.  That being P.J. Starnes of Harper College in Illinois.  He was listed as a Junior on the 2011-2012 ASU roster but he was not listed on their 2012-2013 roster. So he apparently didn't last at ASU.

    I would think they would be looking at guys on the transfer portal rather than J.C. guys but you could be right.

    I know Oregon State goes the J.C. route regularly but I just couldn't recall any J.C. guys who did well at Arizona State in the past.  Maybe they have had them - I just don't recall any J.C. guys for ASU who did well at the D-1 level.

    P.S. The J.C. national champs at 149 and 165 lbs were both Freshmen. Namely Jake Beeson of Pratt College at 149 lbs and Isaiah Crosby of Iowa Western.  So it would seem unlikely they would be leaving their J.C. after one year.



    Not exactly accurate:

    Josh D'Silviera - NJCAA champ at 197 for Ellsworth CC by way of Miami, FL in 2013.

    I feel as though there is one more guy there from the Zeke era from the NJCAA.

    Before that:

    Ricardo Serment via Triton College (River Grove, IL) in about 2004

    Cain Velasquez via Iowa Central CC in 2002

    Dana Holland via Iowa Central CC in 2000

    NJCAA guys can move on after one year, provided they passed the NCAA clearing house coming out of high school. If not, I know the rule used to read that they were to stay through earning their associate's degrees.

    Zeke should be calling Josh at Clackamas CC about his guys and Joe at North East Oklahoma about his guys. You just never know who will hit.

  2. 7 hours ago, tec87 said:

    Slight correction, Joe’s two world medals were bronze not silver. He also won Midlands like 10 times I believe. Back when more post grads still wrestled in it and it was still a premier tournament.

    Correct! I'm sorry for the mistakes, and thank you for correcting them.

    Yes to Midlands! Wasn't hosts last title the one surrounded by controversy against one of his own student-athletes?

  3. 42 minutes ago, Crotalus said:

    I've heard Kyle Snyder say in interviews that he used to train at Kolat's club in Maryland when he was a kid. So he definitely has at least some connection to the area.

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    When a young Pat McCaffrey was leaving Iowa (after his freshman year in Illinois) to chase his third high school title in PA, wasn't he going to attend a private school in PA while living with Cary in Maryland?

  4. If I am not mistaken, Cary remains close with Bruce Burnett, former HC at Navy from 2000-2013. Kolat may have had a leg (or two) up on that job opportunity in more ways than one.

    I wonder if he will be able to get some of these top end academic studs who consider the Ivies, Northwestern, Standford, Michigan, as options to shift their mindsets to a service academy. As a veteran, I hope he can.

    Psyched for Cary and Navy; bummed for Campbell.

  5. 7 hours ago, VND said:

    Yeah I found that list odd having not included the Williams brothers. TC Dantzler and the Williams's are cousins? Wow, i did not know that.

    Adding to the list

    Jack Griffin-1990 NCAA Champ

    Jon Llewelyn- 3,3,1X NCAA Champ at HWT. Fun fact, wrestled 155 as a senior in high school.

    Tony Davis 2x Finalist, 1x Champ

    Ed Giese

    Kirk Mammen 4xAll American.

    Daniel Dennis

    The list probably go's on but that's it for the moment.

    I may have that wrong, but I remember hearing a number of times that TC and the Williams boys are cousins. I could very well be mixing up relationships between Harvey Twisters, but that is what I am remembering.

    Great additions!

  6. Low single

    Cheap tilt and Guillotine

    I sucked on bottom, so... sit out? I've watched Megaludis and Suriano do it to perfection and think, "so that's what that is supposed to resemble. Huh..."

    As a dude in his mid-40s, 100 percent different game plan.

  7. 12 hours ago, Scrap Iron said:

    Illinois  Sorry, I am not up on results.  This was off top of my head 

    Larry Kristoff  Olympics

    Tim Wright  4x DII NC  Rock Island

    Earnest Benion  NC

    Mike Poeta

    Ron Clinton

    Kevin Puebla  Moline

    Mark Johnson  Rock Island

    Booker Benford  NC

    Al Sears  NC  All time pin record

    Allan Grammer  DII NC and DI placer

    Matt Lackey  Moline  NC

    Mark Kristoff

    Kip Kristoff

    sure I am missing a few

    This is a weird list indeed.

    Joe Williams - 4x HS champ, 7, 1, 1, 1 in college, then a 2004 Olympian, a two-time world silver medalist, and five-time World Team member at two different weights.

    TJ Williams (Joe's younger brother) - 4x HS champ, NJCAA runner-up, then 1, 3, 1 at Iowa, finishing with a 99-1 record for the Hawkeyes.

    TC Dantzler (cousin of Steve, Joe, and TJ Williams) - one-time HS state finalist, 4x D1 NQ for Northern Illinois U., five-time World team rep and 2008 Olympian in Greco-Roman.

    Steve Marianetti - one-time HS state finalist, in college at University of Illinois, Steve went NQ, 4, 5, 1, stopping Lincoln McIlravy from becoming the second 4x NC in D1 history, then he was the 1998 World team rep at 76 kilos. Not bad for a kid who was a preferred walk-on and didn't receive wrestling scholarship money until his RS sophomore season. He turned into an pretty darn good coach, too.

    Some other decent kids: Joe Rau, Sean Bormet, Mark Massery, Jimmy Kennedy, Tommy Erikson, Mike Mena, Scott and Mark Trizzino, Eric Tannenbaum...

  8. Hadley's Rebellion, is somewhere between Vision Quest and Beyond The Mat, preceding Vision Quest by a year or two in filming, but wasnt released until 1987. You can tell by the rules surrounding the wrestling sequences. It features some folks who later gained notoriety in Hollywood.

    I found the whole thing through a Google search, but it's on a Russian site. I have it somewhere on VHS, but I'm not looking for it or paying to digitize it.

  9. On 3/15/2020 at 4:33 PM, NJDan said:

    A recent movie that should be on the list: "Ford v. Ferrari." It's great.

    No way! That fantasy film is the the fictionalized version of the 2016 documentary, "The 24-Hour War". The latter is far superior story about those events, featuring the people who were involved in those historic events.

    Also, how about the following?:

    "Win Win"


    "Karate Kid" (original)

    "Cobra Kai" (YouTube follow-up to the original "Karate Kid")

    "Breaking Away" (cycling)

    "Wrestle" (streaming on some platform; there'sa thread here about it)

    Amazon has a documentary about Lee Kemp.

    "The Sandlot"

    "Bull Durham"

    The Netflix series "Losers" - REALLY good!

    ESPN "30 for 30" shows are usually good.

  10. I saw the film back in the fall and I echo most of what is stated here: nice film, the level of wrestling left a lot to be desired, the coach was a throwback to an era that we all thought was gone, and the film maker could have made qualifying a little less confusing to the viewer. All in all, good human interest stories with wrestling as the vehicle.

  11. 1 hour ago, Coach_J said:

    I see your point and have been to Dekalb to compete, but I don't think it's exactly fair to compare NIU with some of the schools you mention--it's doesn't have the academic prestige of a Cornell (which had been a national wrestling power in the past with a great alum base, as had Northern Iowa in the Iowa Teachers College days) or the cache of the B1G like Purdue.  I too really like what Kolat has done with a perennial doormat but he's damn Cary Kolat! He just landed one of our local kids and I'm pushing others to give Campbell a look--chance to be at an elite academic school and learn from an absolute genius.  Branch hit the jackpot with Meredith transferring and almost by himself he put Wyoming into the top 25 several years in a row.  And Princeton, very impressive.  Ludwig has brought some no-names to the round of 12 several times and numerous guys, non-blue chips, winning two or three bouts and I guess my hope is that he can punch one through to build momentum. He's run a clean program.  Just trying to see a positive in a program that gets little press and fully understand not everyone will agree with my take.

    To your point about Cornell and UNI (I said Mark Scwab, when obviously I meant Doug), that is why I said "recent". Like you, I'm aware of that past success, but it was long ago in both cases.

    About Cornell and Princeton, they certainly do have the Ivy side of the university with unquestioned academic prestige. It's only been within the last 25 years that we've seen the Ivies, Stanfords, Northwesterns, really thrive. That is why I would think a place such as NIU would be able to attract a coach who would be able to leverage to multiple top 100 recruits each year, most of whom are not admissible to those top end academic institutions of higher learning, the ability to not only be admitted to and compete for a Division I university and program, but earn great, competitive degrees in many different fields such as education, business, journalism, computer science, engineering, etc.

    I can't argue with NIU not having the prestige of being an Ivy or being in the B10/B12, but that hasn't stopped places like Edinboro, Central Michigan, NC State, and another 10 or so programs from not being those very things. Hofstra in the Tom Ryan days would be another good example to add to the list of, "Yeah, it can be done and it can be done here!"

    As to Kolat, he's a force, but coaching success hasn't been a guarantee for him at every step of his coaching career. He was named in a few program head coach opportunities before Campbell, if I remember correctly.

    One other aspect that I've talked about for many years is NIU's inability to produce homegrown talent. They haven't had an All-American from Illinois since 1975, let alone an All-American in the program since 2004, when Scott Owen (New Mexico, fifth) and Ben Heizer (Texas. Runner-up) made the stand and finals, respectively.

    Here is my last statement and question: if none of his guys make the stand this year, that will make all nine seasons with Ludwig as head coach (15 total with the program) with zero All-Americans in his time there. When is it okay to say that the same old same old is not okay anymore and it's time for change?

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