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  1. 30*40K more than pays for the cost of the team and then some of these are students that would not have otherwise attended. I’m sure others are recruited and then quit the team. Out of the recent wave of D3 adds, how many are at places where admission is moderately competitive? My point is if the future of the sport is going away from low cost state universities to high cost (generally lower quality) private schools, that is a bad thing. Of the recent wave of D3 adds, most are at enrollment driven colleges.

    You do realize that private institutions don’t take tuition dollars from wrestlers and put it straight towards said teams, right? Because they are not receiving public funding via tax dollars to assist in supplementing tuition costs, the tuition dollars make up those costs that state schools take for granted.


    These same student wrestlers also don’t look at thousands of other schools because they don’t have wrestling or their majors. That point your trying to make holds little to no water.


    “Low cost state universities” are not as low cost as they used to be. Yes, they continue to be less expensive than small, private institutions that do not receive monies and securities, but that does not make the small schools “lower quality,” as you state.


    I cannot and would never speak for other academic institutions.


    So what is your solution? If Division 1 institutions aren’t falling over one another to add the sport, would you prefer no growth at all? If you have a better, feasible plan, by all means share it.



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  2. The problem with the growth in d3 is that it is almost exclusively at places that are desperate for students and are adding to get tuition. I agree it’s better than nothing, but it’s almost as if they’re leeching off of wrestlers to get tuition money. We need growth in places where somebody might actually want to attend if not for wrestling. That’s why I see the addition of Fresno State as better than 20 of these d3 adds.


    I work at one of those so called "desperate" places you're describing here. Except that we're not so desperate when you see that our undergraduate enrollment of nearly 3,000 students includes all of just less than 30 wrestlers. While their numbers are great for admission, you have to be kidding yourself to think that kids come to most of those small colleges and universities just for wrestling. Our students attend our college because of its academic reputation, its size and the networking opportunities post-graduation my colleagues have worked hard to build, just as most other students do at almost every single other institution of higher education across the country.


    Wrestling recruiting in D3 is just like it is at any other college or university across the country, with the exception of places like the B1G, Ivies and maybe University of Chicago, Northwestern and Stanford. It's all about fit. If it weren't for wrestling, does Bo Nickal consider Penn State? Does Zahid Valencia consider ASU? Does Nick Suriano attend Rutgers? I work in admissions, so I have these same conversations every single day I am at work, whether the student is an athlete, wants to play the oboe and major in music performance, desires to major in education, is in a pre-professional program studying biology or physics or is a military veteran. Wrestling isn't boosting anyone's numbers the way you make it sound here. 95-plus percent of students on campus either don't know about or don't care that there is a collegiate wrestling program at their schools. It's a fallacy to think otherwise.  

  3. It can’t be called the push out. Even in Freestyle you can’t simply “push” your opponent off the mat. There has to be technical wrestling involved. Calling it a “step out”, most times, correctly penalizes the guy with his back to the edge and rewards the aggressor in that situation.



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  4. As much as I like the idea, programs would drop like flies if most of these coaches had to fundraiser for their entire budgets. Only the strongest teams that currently exist at each level.


    One thing I think SHOULD be happening is that the club teams at each school hit up Fargo and recruit for Freestyle and Greco. It has to start somewhere, but after some success, donors will begin to support such clubs in effort to get more kids who don’t want to participate in American Folk. At that point, those teams can offer whatever scholarships they please to those kids, because there’s no connection to the NCAA. Someone has to take that first step. Maybe it happens at a JuCo...



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  5. 2,000,000 a year in tv money


    a smaller and local geographic footprint of travel for all sports teams


    9 of 12 schools are in Ohio or Michigan with Buffalo, Ball State and Northern Illinois as the outliers


    Championships in 11 mens and 12 womens sports


    Thank you, KSchlosser. I am hazy on a few of the specifics you've mentioned.


    EMU and all of the other 129 FBS colleges and universities annually receive $2,000,000 from the FBS?


    I don't understand how the FBS impacts travel and championships for all the sports teams. What did swimming and diving have to do with this?

  6. Again, why does football not have to make sacrifices as well? Reduce scholarships, reduce staff... I'm not suggesting the university eliminate the program as a whole, but assuming they offer 85 scholarships for football and they cut back to 60, the athletic department saves anywhere from $569,050 to $949,350 (in-state resident vs. out-of-state). Does the university really need 19 coaches for one sport? What does that payroll look like without incentives/bonuses?

  7. cbg,


    I love the idea of fully endowing scholarships and coaches' salaries.


    Also, I have to wonder if some forward-thinking AD would have the balls to not cut the football program, rather to say, "we're giving out 60 scholarships from now on instead of 85, so that other sports have the opportunity to be sustained and flourish." 60 scholarships is just short of 71% of an 85 man roster. Those 25 scholarships allocated somewhere else can go a long, long way towards improving an entire athletic department.

  8. I remember that sequence and after watching it again I am confident with the call on the mat being correct. Zain's constant motion and having the wherewithal to push on Perry's neck is, I believe, what saved him there.


    That said, I was psyched to see Ronnie Perry keep the match to a four point decision. Really good match!

  9. My thoughts:

    • Match structure length: one period, five minutes or two periods of three minutes each
    • Riding time: cumulative and it only counts when nearfall points have been awarded.
    • Add the step out rule; no more ambiguity in refereeing. One point per step out.
    • Season: Open tournaments can begin after the first semester/trimester ends in December and season will run through mid-April
    • Riding clock: top man has 20 seconds to turn bottom man; no nearfall, you go back on your feet. Cumulative riding time will be kept, but only administered in case of the second point.
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