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  1. The Big 10 has made it quite clear that they're after the largest television markets and are seeking schools that are among those markets. Here they are, according to Nielsen: http://www.nielsen.com/content/dam/corp ... ration.pdf. Does the UNiversity of Virginia give them the DC market? Isn't it almost 80 miles from DC? While Atlanta makes sense, Raleigh-Durham was the #24 market last year. However, I guess if you're starting to create a network among teams in those markets, it's not a bad place to start before working your way into the Florida markets. In terms of wrestling, how does the water down competition within the conference? Also, at what point in adding these teams does MSU's AD see the light?
  2. Gbenga Akinnagbe played street enforcer Chris Partlow on "The Wire" and wrestled at Bucknell. George Stults played Kevin Kinkirk on "7th Heaven" and it's been reported that he wrestled at some university in Colorado in the mid-1990s. Mark Ruffalo, the actor who is playing Dave Schultz in the upcoming film "Foxcatcher", wrestled in high school in Virginia. Some guys on here have said that they remember having a Mark Ruffalo in their brackets back in the early to mid-1980s. Alex Shaffer, one of the stars of the movie "Win Win", won a New Jersey state title as a sophomore in 2010. I remember hearing an interview where he said he was finished wrestling due to major back problems.
  3. In the lower left hand corner of the video at 54 seconds, it was interesting to see throw Smith's arm off of him. I enjoy no other wrestling team more than Okie State, but that was a bit odd.
  4. Link to brackets: http://www.trackwrestling.com/predefine ... tId=303071 Event site: http://www.iccac.org/f/Wrestling_Tourna ... nships.php Video of finals: http://www.ihigh.com/njcaatv/broadcast_ ... verlight=1
  5. Man, USAW and FILA would be right at home in most of the Wards right here in Chicago. "Joe Berrios on line 1 offering a training session on nepotism!"
  6. A lot of the comments on here go back to what I said in previous post somewhere about wrestlers being filled with too much bravado. Calling MMA a "less competitive sport" and then lambasting White for his disinterest in the future of international wrestling strikes right to the heart of that idea. I find it sad that Dana White won't reach out to his fan base and say ask them to lend wrestling a hand right now. However, and I've been saying this for a few years now, I believe that he sees the Olympic Games as a great marketing tool and a serious recruiting ground for his brand if he and his sport's growth could influence the IOC board to drop all martial arts in support of one MMA blend that appeals to the 18-35 year old market the in which the IOC is so very interested. One other thing I find interesting is the amount of people who only a week ago couldn't stand the international styles and would just as soon say something to the affect of, "We'd kill the Russians and Iranians in folk style, a superior form of the sport, but FILA HATES the US and wants us to lose", are now up in arms about this, but with the same puffy chested aggressiveness they used to attack Free and Greco with. If you didn't need the Olympics a week ago, why do you need it now, even in the face of the news? It's a bad position to be in for the entire sport and not just the international flavors. However, wrestling and its supporters have created this, not Dana White, not Modern Pentathalon, not anyone else. It's time to focus on what "we" as a sport can do to maintain that the long-term sustainability of the sport is ensured. Unfortunately, given that the IOC has heavily guided most of the previous rule changes so few seem to embrace, I don't believe that folks are going to like that changes that are about to happen in order to appease the Olympic honchos.
  7. My question would be which major Olympic sponsors are begging for the opportunity to book end the one or two matches that air on tape delay and last no longer than 10 minutes in total running time? Those folks are tripping over one another to have their commercials running during basketball, swimming, gymnastics and women's beach volleyball events. They've done their market research and they know that if wrestling weren't in the Olympic Games that almost no one would notice because you rarely see it there anymore.
  8. I don't know that it's loyalty, per se, as much as it is bravado. Wrestlers are always going on about how hard the sport is and how few people can do it. Wrestlers are always using that same bravado to pit themselves against everyone else because no one else understand the work wrestlers put in, as if participating in other sports requires no work. I've never played water polo and I don't swim very well, but I have to imagine that that's as hard as any other sport out there. I'm no fan of basketball, but I can't imagine that Michael Jordan was naturally good at his craft because of his height alone or Ichiro Suzuki became the greatest hitter in the world by sheer luck since Tony Gwynn retired. I love wrestling far more than any other sport on earth, but the "nobody else but wrestlers understand toughness and hard work" and "we don't need anyone else" crap is clearly not helping the sport.
  9. I'm not terribly surprised by his reaction. A watered down version of the UFC in the Olympics only helps grow their brand and the Olympic brand at the same time. White may be a grade a @$$hole in some cases, but he's also intelligent enough to know an opportunity when he sees it. With that, what wrestling programs has he funded? I was surprised by his assertion of "A lot."
  10. Thanks for the answer, zeeb. In other threads here and on other wrestling sites, people keep bringing up a "professional option" for wrestlers, akin to the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL. Even if wrestling had such an option, it would still desperately need the Olympic Games to market it, especially right here in the United States. Look at how miserably Real Pro Wrestling failed. Yeah, us wrestling geeks were all about it, but outside of our very, very small circle, no one else cared. One season in and then one season out. The NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL don't need the Olympics to keep growing. Outside of the NFL, which is very singular to this country/continent, the leaders of these organizations are smart enough to see the Olympics as little more than a marketing tool that generates revenue for their sport. In turn, the Olympics gladly share that media and apparel revenue generated by professionals being in the Games. What does wrestling offer these guys who are courting global businesses such as Discover, Nike or Coca Cola as investors in the Games? Let's be honest, guys, paid or not, professional or not, as a singular martial art form, wrestling cannot ever compete these days. Wrestling doesn't draw enough interest to make it on television beyond a specialized contract with a specific collegiate conference or the contract that ties the championships of every sport to a certain cable channel. Also, our sport doesn't draw enough blood to quench the thirst of the average American male consumer who left wrestling and boxing behind years ago to focus on a martial arts blend that offers a "career" and a pay day, not to mention a whole lot more television time than all the other forms combined. I wish it were different, but it's not and it never will be.
  11. Multiple media outlets have reported that the meeting that Rogge and Martinetti are said to be having is in regards to more changes to our beloved sport that would help to keep wrestling an Olympic sport for the tome being. On the international boards, the US's very own Stan Dziedzic, a former world champion and FILA Board Member, mentioned that FILA suggested that it would go back to 10 weight classes in non-Olympic years. In response to this news the IOC told FILA that if they did that, wrestling would have a far less stable foothold within the evolving Olympic program. In another thread, Voice_of_the_Quakers mentioned that another Olympic martial art has suffered as a result of the IOC's demands that they cut weight classes and are now down to four (with heavyweight STARTING at 176 pounds). Does anyone know if the the "recent" changes to Judo rules (no leg attacks, among others) as a result of IOC "recommendations" or something the governing body of the sport wanted to do on their own? The IOC are businessmen who are concerned with revenue. My guess is that come 2024 there is a strong push for some form of MMA with pads in the games, especially if the UFC gains a greater more viewers with FOX or CBS.
  12. Had the same experience. It is good that, deep down, even those asses who dont get us, have realized this is borderline criminal. I had the same reaction from a friend of mine who grew up never playing sports, but has been involved in band and theatre his entire life. He wrote me a very nice email talking about how appalled he is at the IOC's efforts to drop wrestling from its program.
  13. You're referring to another interview Cael did yesterday with comedian/actor Jay Mohr. Cael also corrected Jay Mohr on who the best American wrestler ever was. Jay then went on to say something to the effect of, "Well, John Smith didn't have to learn a whole new style of wrestling to be the best like you you did." Cael corrected him on that too. I understand that Mohr is a former wrestler, so that was disheartening to hear.
  14. Let's start with the obvious; should this news be true and wrestling is severely impacted by an IOC decision (and we all know it wouldn't be to the benefit of the sport), how does that sort of decision impact teams at the NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA and NCWA levels?
  15. Same thing here; I cross paths with folks who have nothing to do with the sport, but know something positive about wrestling, primarily the Iowa Hawkeyes. In as far as guys who used to be in the sport who watch other things now, why does that matter to you? Lets face it, most wrestling is boring and it takes super wrestling nerds like us, the folks who frequent these boards, to really push through the boring stuff and love every minute of it. The casual fan, including former practitioners of the sport, wants more excitement than the sport as a whole provides. I watch the sport because I love it. What other people watch or don't watch is on no consequence to me. Fans come and go in every sport, wrestling included.
  16. That shot of Ramos after the fall could be used as a major marketing tool in poster form for youth and high school wrestling. The composition is wonderful and it is such a positive photo for the sport.
  17. As with most everyone else in this thread, I had zero issue with Dake's wrestling in the video. I didn't read the entire thread and someone may have already said this, so I apologize if I am being redundant. To me it looked like Dake was wrestling at his level, which is head and shoulders above 99% of everyone else in the country right now. This kid from Columbia was clearly outmatched, which made the @$$ whipping he took look a whole lot worse than it probably really was. Dake, though cocky to a degree, doesn't come off to me as someone who is in it for more than to put your shoulders on the mat and get the job done.
  18. This is one of those topics that is beat to death by this point... but why not jump on the proverbial pile? A few things I'd like to see happen: [*:3u56t0ms]Wrestling become a one semester sport, with January through the end of April for competitions, so as to avoid "March Madness." Official practices begin the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. [*:3u56t0ms]College wrestling (NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA) to add one more weight class in the 235-240 range, a la the NCWA. That really makes the high school 220 class a bit more useful and most easily solves the first criteria of a tie score at the end of a dual meet. This could also bring back the multi-sport athlete (aka football players)... maybe? [*:3u56t0ms]Modified rules to allow for more scoring (i.e., feet to danger from the neutral position would be scored three before near fall; the ability to lock hands from the top, similar to the international styles, to score points; step out to encourage more continuous action at the center of the mat, etc.) Sorry for hijacking the thread, but it all came to mind as I was typing.
  19. If you include the NLWC, my guess has to be PSU.
  20. Ken, While Harper does have a good staff, wrestlers and facilities, so do many, many other schools, JuCo and beyond. I would hope that you would "encourage prospects" to look at ALL of their collegiate options and not just one in particular who hosted one of your camps. Take for example Triton College in Chicago's near western suburb of River Grove, Illinois, only 15 minutes from O'Hare IAP. Led by Hall of Fame Head Coach Harry McGinnis, to date Triton has developed more than 225 national qualifiers, 83 All-Americans, 14 National Champions, Four Team National Championships, 13 Top Three Team finishes and more than 20 Top 10 Team finishes. Combine that with a per credit hour rate of only $98 and you can walk away from Triton with a very successful start to a college wrestling career and an associate's degree for less than $7,000. Even with college scholarships, many prospects are left holding more than that after two years.
  21. Of the 42 NJCAA programs this year, only 18 are DIII, or non-scholarship. They are as follows: Alfred State College - New York Bergen Community College - New Jersey Darton College - Georgia Gloucester County College - New Jersey Harper College - Illinois Itasca Community College - Minnesota Jamestown Community College - New York Mercyhurst North East - Pennsylvania Middlesex County College - New Jersey Minnesota West Community & Technical College - Minnesota Nassau Community College - New York Ridgewater College - Minnesota Rochester Community & Technical College - Minnesota Spartanburg Methodist College - South Carolina Springfield Technical Community College - Massachusetts Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology - Pennsylvania Triton College - Illinois Waubonsee Community College - Illinois Anyone may feel free to update this if you know of other schools which should be on this list. As previously mentioned, not all of the teams from out east will be attending due to their budgets and NJCAA Nationals taking place one month later.
  22. I watched this more than a few times and thought of it more as a pick than a cut back. Kilgore had Camp's leg on the outside and Camp required a hand on the mat for balance, as well as the whizzer hand to drop to the ankle to finish the move. Using the foot by itself wouldn't have accomplished the finish on Dustin. Against Burak, given that Burak had stepped around Camp's leg and came up with it inside, from where Camp was forced to defend, I can understand why Brands was calling it the way he did, especially when seeing Burak's knee cave a bit on the attempted finish. This is coming from a guy who tore his MCL in a similar fashion this past November.
  23. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... Penn-State We were at the William Penn Open today when I saw this hit by some kid. I don't remember the schools that were competing when it happened, but I do remember thinking, "I can't remember ever seeing this happen outside of the room at this level." Banana split all day long. Thanks for the link! Ahhh, so thats how he does it! He just waits for Jake to stand up then hit the move! Its all in patience. I have been trying to hit that move while the opponent is down. I should have known. I wish the coach of mine had known about that. Oh well, I'll be sure to teach the youngster that. The one thing I noticed Q does on his split is turn his hip in to basically collapse his opponent's ankle and then the knee, making it easier to go over with the momentum. You can see him do the same thing against the Bloomsburg kid. I love his hand placement on the knee, too. I used to (and occasionally still) do something similar, but pulling up at the ankle, which takes a lot more strength and is a lot less secure. When going for a split, a lot of kids try to muscle that leg back through their opponent's hips/butt cheek towards their own chests instead of pressuring forward over the shoulders and head, while putting the guy's knee in his ear and watching him rollover in potential agony. I think they're so concerned with getting the pin on it that they will forego the mechanics to try and make it happen.
  24. I was wrong about the number of scholarships one program can give. The max is 16 PLUS another four for international students. Simple math shows that number as being 20. I don't know of any NJCAA programs that do offer that many athletic scholarships, but I haven't looked into it either. Also, the NJCAA committee this year began looking into upping the maximum number of scholarships per DI program from 16 to 20. I don't know if that includes the number of international students or not, but 24 scholarships to DI programs is going to make things very, very difficult for the DIII schools in time. This link gives a little more insight into what's going on with the NJCAA wrestling committee within the last year: [highlight=#ffffff][table][tr][td] www.njcaa.org/minutes/2012/Wrestling_NJCAA_2012_Report.doc [/td][/tr][/table][/highlight]
  25. Pinnum, D-III Nationals is exactly what it sounds like, a "national" tournament for NJCAA D-III schools. For those who don't know, NJCAA D-I schools may offer up to 18 athletic scholarships/tuition waivers per sport (each school's board decides on this). D-III schools are not allowed to offer any athletic scholarships/tuition waivers. In as far as who is coming, I don't have a 100% final list for it, but my understanding is that some of the New York teams won't be making the trip due to the cost of going to Harper that weekend and then Iowa three weekends later. Once I have a bit more info, I'll be happy to post it. The Harper Open the following weekend will have NCAA D-I, D-III and NJCAA teams competing. That is the final open tournament in this area for NJCAA teams before the regional/national qualifying tournaments take place the following weekend.
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