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  1. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... Penn-State We were at the William Penn Open today when I saw this hit by some kid. I don't remember the schools that were competing when it happened, but I do remember thinking, "I can't remember ever seeing this happen outside of the room at this level." Banana split all day long.
  2. My favorite part about this, other than revisiting old results, is finding out all the BS guys whom I know used to spew about this tournament, but couldn't find the results to prove it.
  3. http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/pdf/ ... 201998.pdf - 142 98 was the season the 3 wrestlers died. you were locked into your weight class and 7 pounds was added to each weight. even though the weight class was 142 everyone was weighing in at 149 on the back half of that year. big weight cutters were rewarded that year with the 7lb allowance if they were making the wieght prior to the change. eric jetton was rumored to weigh in the 150's for his 126lb final which was actually 133. Memory FAIL; thanks for the correction.
  4. Didn't Big, when he posted here, say that he began college as a 142/149, but finished as a heavyweight? Maybe it wasn't him.
  5. The year Marquette dropped their program, they had a guy who qualified for NCAAs and had won more than 130 matches in college. He ended up going 0-2, but only qualified once.
  6. http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/pdf/ ... 201998.pdf - 142
  7. I'll be there with our one entry.
  8. In no particular order: Welch Ruth Dake Taylor Wright JO Z
  9. I've been trying to get our head coach to break into the foreign wrestler bank of sorts for a few years now, especially those Mongolian kids. I know some of them have come over for high school, but what about the kids who come straight to college, Mongolian and other nationalities? Where do these coaches find out about these kids? To the topic, this kid is really fun to watch. I'm rooting for him from here on out.
  10. I sucked at basketball, though I have always had that physique. I wanted to prove that I was tough and went out for wrestling as a teen. Wrestling has always been my worst sport, but the one I've loved the most.
  11. This is exactly what I thought when I saw names such as Heffernan, Fried, Chandler, Bertin, Jayne, Lang, Palmer, Honeycutt, etc. From St. Ed's alone, Clevo State could have been perpetually good for decades, going by the parameters of this thread.
  12. "Free move" is just letting your wrestler, who is on the bottom, know that the top guy has been signalled as clasping by the ref. The bottom wrestler can now do any move they want use to get away, without worrying about getting pinned or put on their back since the match will soon be stopped to penalize the top wrestler. Fallacy. The match should be stopped immediately for locked hands unless the defensive wrestler is in the midst of attempting to score an escape or reversal. Too many officials hold that locked hands signal for 20 seconds while the situation hasn't changed. In fact, if I see locked hands and the defensive wrestler isn't attempting an escape of reversal, I don't even signal it. I immediately stop the match and then show the locked hands and technical violation signal. Man, I wish you were the referee of the match one of my heavyweights had this past weekend. Our kid was on top, the bottom guy stands up and our guy locks in the waist to return him. The other kid puts both hands up then drops to one knee just long enough to receive the locked hands call against our guy. The ref's hands go up, our kid lets go, as he should, but a moment too late and the other guy escapes. I'm saying--contrary to what I said in a previous post--"blow the whistle, it's locked hands," but he lets them wrestle for another 10 to fifteen to where our guy scores a takedown to tie the score and THEN he blows the whistle, waving off the other guy's escape and our guy's takedown. I take it to the table and ask him why he waited. He said he was waiting for "advantage" by our wrestlers. I said, "This isn't rugby. We don't play advantage here. The rule states..." I received a warning and sat down in my chair with a buttoned lip.
  13. One I cannot stand is "the WReal March Madness." I tell my guys to "wrestle smart" all the time, especially if they have a lead or I can see that they are so angry about a perceived bad call or an overly aggressive tie and they're about to run off the rails mentally and make some really poor decisions. Using famous wrestlers as code words for "short time." For example, yelling out "Gable" when there is 30 seconds left and the things that go with it. I prefer "know where you are" to "fresh start" any day. Though they mean the same thing, to me yelling "fresh start" and then your guy obliging your command is begging for a stalling call in that situation. This one isn't slang, but I absolutely cannot stand the over-animated, whiny coaches who feel that it's their obligation to tell the ref the rules from their corner or open their arms wide as if to say, "don't you know what's going on, ref? Clearly I can see that my guy deserves that point or position", etc. One other non-slang thing I despise is a coach from the opposite team staring down, pointing at and then yelling at the coach in the other corner for something that happened on the mat between the wrestlers. Ahhhhhhhh... my therapy session is now over.:D
  14. I'm tired of the debate, but I think it shows massive balls on the part of Dake to (potentially) bump up to a fourth weight class against the nation's darling in David Taylor (of whom I am a big, big fan) in order to win his fourth title. With that alone, I hope he does it.
  15. I'm baffled by the fact that this is a topic, let alone one that has drawn three pages of replies.
  16. +1 We're constantly teaching our guys that hand fighting is a total body discipline. It has as much to do with positioning your feet, moving your opponent and staying in position all at the same time as it does getting to your own tie. It's not a stagnant "wax on, wax off" drill taught by Mr. Miyagi in his back yard. I still see a lot of our guys who utilized that method in high school trying to use it at the college level. You might imagine their results.
  17. Not to change the subject, but I cannot begin to tell you how many times we hear this from parents when recruiting kids.
  18. Fletch, I believe you're correct to a degree. A kid like Blanton, who lived closer to Rockford than he did Chicago, could have had some allegiances to Wisconsin, being as close to the border as they are. The Williams brothers I thought of, but both Steve and TJ were JuCo kids. Not knowing anything about Joe's grades, I suspect that he might have been the only one they could have realistically gone after. The same goes with Benion. Bormet did well enough at Providence to make it into Michigan, so I assume he was a good student back then. With that, you could even stretch "Chicagoland" into northwest Indiana and southeast Wisconsin, if you try hard enough.
  19. I think Minkel had a nice contract extension not all that long ago, no? When you have elite level guys openly lauding the influence of Perry on their abilities to make the AA stand, as well as top recruits following him across the country, I'd venture to say that says an awful lot about his current and future abilities as a coach.
  20. Mike Poeta lived less than 15 miles (25 minutes) from Northwestern. His third place finish at 157 in 2007 would have helped the 'Cats possibly finish higher than Missouri for third that year. Max Schneider lived less than nine miles (30 minutes) from NU. Max at 149/157 and Tsirtsis at 141 for the next four years could have been a very, very good thing for NU. Shannyn Gillespie was a state champ for Evanston Township HS at 119 in 1989. Evanston is the same town that is home to NU. In 1991, Gillespie goes 2-2 at nationals for Lock Haven at 134. 1992, Gillespie is round of 12 at 142. In 1993, he places third at 142. I believe that the mother of current Iowa Hawkeye Sammy Brooks is an NU employee. It's about an hour, give or take, in traffic from Oak Park. Chris and Nick Dardanes are from the west side of Chicago/Oak Park.
  21. I'd love to see someone do this on their campus's quad. Throw in some live wrestling at an outdoor venue with the spectacular fall/winter weather we've been having in recent years and you'd draw an immense amount of interest from the student body, not unlike this.
  22. Gotta go with Tsirtsis on this one, since his health isn't as suspect as Howe's at the moment. Watched T-shirts last weekend own last year's 125 lbs. DIII runner-up Fitzenrider 9-3 in the finals, as well as all three guys preceding him. He was head and shoulders the best guy at a JuCo/DIII/DII tournament, but he never stops moving... never.
  23. If I had that kind of money (taking the annuity bagged an extra $120 million-plus), I'd first use it to redevelop the college program where I coach now. After that, I'd try to convince St. Xavier University (NAIA) on Chicago's south side and Lewis University (DII - dropped in 19??) in Chicago's wrestling-rich southwest suburbs to kick start programs. Instead of endowing current DI programs, I'd approach the University of Georgia (dropped in 1980) or Georgia Tech University (dropped in 1989), Auburn University (dropped in 1981) or the University of Alabama (dropped in 1979) and Clemson University (dropped in 1995) about renewing their programs. The hope is that this would not only bolster, but drastically grow wrestling in that region of the country and the schools are good fits and relatively close to other schools such as UTC, UNC, NCSt., etc. Finally, if investments magically went off at Bernie Madoff rates, I'd go to Texas Christian University (dropped in 19??), the University of Kansas (dropped in 1966) or Kansas State University (dropped in 1975), Washington State University (dropped in 1986) and the University of Montana or Montana State University (both dropped in 1987) to shore up the middle and northwest portions of the country. If I had to go with one (two or three...) DI university(ies) that is (are) current... Sacred Heart, Franklin & Marshall, Cleveland State, VMI, Boston U., Davidson, George Mason...
  24. I poked around minimally and didn't find much, but does anyone know what happened here? http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=134728
  25. Boooooooooooooooooo! My Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer = Duane Goldman look-alike was removed.
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