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  1. Most are a stretch, but... to hell with it!
  2. The worst singlets are the weird ones sold on ebay which cater to a very specific segment of the population. My favorite singlets are the Lehigh whites. Iowa's is iconic, as many have said. A cool one I saw at a tournament in Michigan a few weeks ago was this: 6954727827_362e6e1469.jpg.
  3. Tofurky


    JT1 brings up some good points about what previous coaches did and how they flourished without the excuses. If I'm Jamie Pollard, the first person I go to right now is Mark Perry. The guy, for whatever reason, is young and has proven to be golden in both of his stops to date. He can recruit some of the best guys in the nation from east to west and in the center and his enthusiasm is unreal. That would be a massive statement for the 'Clones about the direction they want that program to go. If Perry says, "thanks, but no thanks", I think you then go to guys like Damion Hahn, Jeremy Spates and Brandon Eggum for many of the same reasons as Mark Perry. Donny Pritzlaff I am not completely sold on just yet for a job like this, but could be an option. Heck, with that, how about Sean Bormet? A long shot might be Casey Cunningham. I assume he's fine right where he is with Cael, but I don't know that to be true. Along the same lines, would Lou Rosselli desire to become a head coach somewhere? His track record It's sad that this discussion is even taking place. I had high hopes for KJ coming in and "righting the ship" at ISU, so to speak.
  4. I hope the current mods let this one ride a bit.
  5. I wish Notre Dame would bring back wrestling.
  6. He destroyed my guy in the first round at Midlands lat year. Does that count?
  7. Here's a pretty outdated (2005) analysis of high school wrestling compiled by the father of the late Jake Curby - http://www.curbywrestling.com/pdf/Scori ... stling.pdf. "Anyone... anyone... anyone..."?
  8. If I'm not mistaken, and I don't believe I am, Hamlin didn't cut down to meet Ruth this past summer. Rather, Ruth bumped up in weight to take on Hamlin. If Ruth owning a two-time All-American and NCAA finalist means he'll be "adjusting" to his new weight class, jah help everyone at 184 this season.
  9. Does anyone know if someone/some team/some association keeps a track of the scoring efficacy of various techniques in wrestling? I know USAW did/does something like this following the Olympic games in 2008, but does anyone at the NCAA level measure the same sort of thing for collegiate wrestlers at any/every level from each position?
  10. Rochester Yellowjacket Open results - http://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=398076
  11. http://njcaa.org/sports_polls.cfm?category=Polls&sid=40&divid=0&slid=22 I'm not at all complaining about someone's opinion, but these should always be taken with a grain of salt when considering that the head coach from one of the teams listed is the sole guy who puts these together.
  12. I don't know this to be true, but did Goodale guarantee a lot of money to guys that first year to build some chatter around the direction of the program that he couldn't then offer to recruits in the following seasons?
  13. I never paid close enough attention to understand why he is no longer on the Hawkeye staff. Without looking to ruffle feathers, can anyone say why he is potentially a free agent at this point?
  14. Tofurky


    Mike Evans - Iowa Jarrod Garnett - VT
  15. Most professional athletes in sports that require near constant motion (hockey, soccer, rugby, basketball, lacrosse, etc.) are going to be in absolutely amazing shape given their dedication to being successful in their fields, no pun intended. I would think that guys who compete in water polo would be right near the top. Triathletes, marathoners and ultra-marathoners, I would suspect, would be pretty fit too.
  16. I disagree here. I think you are selling Cael short on this. PA has been the best HS wrestling state for a long time and no one has made the impact that he has there. PSU paid him the right amount, He left his alma mater, and brought in his legend/recruiting ability and quality staff and took it to the next level. PSU was a dynasty to be had for a long time, they just couldn't get the right guy to make it explode until Cael. I've long thought that this was just a part of it. PSU became a power because Cael can now recruit the entire country. While he was at ISU, he wasn't pulling in many kids east of Illinois (forget Taylor; my understanding is that he was a lock with Cael since David wrestled in Wyoming as a kid), but he had the western states locked up pretty well. He brings that ability out east to the strongest wrestling state in this country, and now he can recruit the best kids from coast to coast with relative ease. Most coaching staffs don't have that luxury. The other hand in the is his coaching staff. Their parts in the equation of PSU's rise cannot be mistaken. Both Casey and Cody helped Cael's teams finish 1, 1, T-1 at Big 5s, then 2, 5, 4 at NCAAs before coming to PSU with him. Finally, look at how many top-flight guys on the senior level followed Cael out and put an absolute jolt into the NLWC. If you're among the top 50 or 100 kids in the nation, you have the chance to be coached by what is arguably the best coaching staff in the country right now and then have guys like Varner, Sigman, Gomez, Espinal, Fanthorpe, Fritz, Maney and others in the room too, that's a tough option to walk away from, if you have the choice.
  17. Whomever it was put in charge of writing the "bios" for these guys needs to go back and pay better attention to the "fact checking" part of their Journalism 101 class.
  18. I've mentioned this in the past, but what about FX or Spike? They have a built-in market for something like this. Going out on a very far, very flimsy limb here, but what about FOX? Could the UFC assist in being a buffer between the two to host such a thing? My guess is that neither entity cares about NCAA wrestling, but it doesn't hurt to give it a run.
  19. Percentage is one small, but very misleading part of the equation. As previously stated, Brands, unlike Zalesky, came in to a less than ideal situation from an Iowa fan perspective and righted that ship in only his second year, following and eighth place finish at Nationals, primarily with the Hokeye crew that followed him. No offense to Z, but he inherited a "dream team" of sorts and went nearly unchallenged for his first three years. Outside of a slew of unforeseen injuries, they return five All-Americans, three of which have National Champion potential, McDonough already having done so twice. Gambrall can certainly make the medal stand again and Evans has the potential to do it too. If everything goes the Hawks way this year, which we know it doesn't always happen that way, they're already a top two or three team, even with weaknesses at 149 and 197.
  20. Year Coach Record B10 NCAA 97-98 Z 13-3 1 1 98-99 Z 13-4 2 1 99-00 Z 18-0 1 1 00-01 Z 18-4 3 2 01-02 Z 16-4 2 4 02-03 Z 17-3 2 8 03-04 Z 11-4 1 2 04-05 Z 10-5 4 7 05-06 Z 11-7 6 4 06-07 Brands 14-5 3 8 07-08 Brands 21-1 1 1 08-09 Brands 24-0 1 1 09-10 Brands 23-0 1 1 10-11 Brands 15-0-1 2 3 (closest B10 final in tournament history) 11-12 Brands 14-4 3 3
  21. I'm no Iowa fanboy like some on these boards, but I respect the hell out them. Brands and company are going to be just fine and no less tough without Midlands or Scuffle on their schedule.
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