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  1. I feel as though this post's last paragraph should have stated, "Please see the attached resume. References available upon reuqest."
  2. That might happen at the top programs, but not the average program. There was a local kid here who was three-time state champ, a Dapper Dan winner, then a part-time starter for Oklahoma as a true Freshman, making his way into the top 15. He left after that years, then was an All-American in D3 a few years later while weighing six pounds less than the weight class he was at. When asked the difference between two, he said, "depth."
  3. Two years ago at Nationals, DeSanto was trying to wrench over Micic with a kimura. Maybe he knows some jiu jitsu... maybe not.
  4. I don't think Snyder himself is any different. He wasn't terribly fluid early on and then lost that over time. To me, he's just been scouted better by a lot of countries and meeting better prepared competition, in the same way that the Turk put Sadulaev to his back twice at Euros a few weeks ago. Again, Snyder wasnt pinned by reps from Iceland and Tonga. He was pinned once each, more than a year apart by bonafide studs at 97 kgs. I'm not worried about him. As to Cox, I suspect he's the Olympic rep. That said, if it's Snyder, the U.S. is in medal contention either way.
  5. If we've learned nothing at all from MMA, it's that the average American is not all that interested in seeing who the best is in a single discipline. This is why boxing is dying a very long and painful death. Americans, by and large, prefer these types cross-discipline contests to just a wrestling match or just a boxing match or just a BJJ match, etc., all between competitors from the same martial arts discipline.
  6. It happens so quickly that people aren't focusing on the foot during the action. By the time they look to the foot, the offensive wrestler usually has that leg off the mat in some fashion. If the guy who was on the receiving end of the foot "stomp" called it, we'd see less of it. All that said, I'm a huge fan of this technique and teach it regularly.
  7. After reading this thread, no, my understanding was correct. Good luck to PD3. He's a tough out for sure. Moving on from this toxicity...
  8. I'm not a huge PD3 fan, but to deny his talent is crazy. Dude earned the World Team spot last year fair and square. Does that make him the best rep in the US. at 86 kilos for Tokyo 2020? I don't believe so, but he is pretty darn good, that is certain.
  9. Wait... it is my understanding that you are PD2, just using a new screen name because of issues you've had posting here in the past.
  10. When you've convinced yourself that you're right about a person you don't know or a discussion you're having before a reply, it's easiest to just stick to your argument. You're doing great.
  11. Cue the Russian dude on this board in three, two, one...
  12. It's funny that you, random person on the internet, have convinced yourself that you evoke emotion from me, someone you don't know at all. You don't. It's very common for people to discuss things without emotional attachment. "Facts are facts..." or so I hear. As to your assertion that I am somehow "butthurt" by not agreeing with you: fact-try harder than that, nameless, faceless internet persona. To the argument, Sadulaev being lighter than Snyder has no bearing on whether Snyder would do well at heavyweight or not. You cited above that Sadulaev was smaller than Snyder when Sads pinned him. Why could the same not be true for Snyder? Is there some secret Sads holds that Snyder is not privy to? Snyder wasn't being "dominated" when he was pinned in that match. As we all know, Sadulaev used a really odd technique to score a takedown and turn, where he moved right into the fall, all in the same sequence. The match lasted 1:10, and the sequence to the pin lasted 35 seconds, where the match was 2-0 when the fall was called. I read this saying on the internet. I think it goes something like this: "facts are facts." As to the Iranian, you're making it sound as if this was some old man tournament, and after four years "off", the dude rolled off a sofa in his mom's basement, bowled through his pyramid of empty Natty Light cans, while knocking over his hydroponic grow lab, just to whip up on a guy who has three golds, a silver, and bronze to his name in his last five World and Olympic events. Mohammadian had already proved he was among the best in the world. To suggest he waltzed in off the streets after four years is pretty ignorant to what he's been up to with his wrestling. You're clearly hung up on Snyder being pinned twice in six-plus years. I'm sure he is very sorry that he is not living up to your expectations of him as a fan, and that, at 24, you feel he's a has been. Try his Instagram. You might be able to reach him directly through there with your concerns and suggestions.
  13. This is the mentality that kills this sport: the proverbial "if you're not first, you're last." Saying he "is getting pinned" and "he has been pinned" are not the same things. To reiterate the point, Snyder has been pinned a grand total of two times in his entire six-plus year senior career to date. Once in September 2018, against the guy who is widely accepted as the greatest wrestler in Snyder's generation (who was at a different weight for 2015 and 2016), and once again 16 months later against a guy who was a world bronze medalist in Snyder's time, but, again, at another weight. If Snyder was being pinned every other tournament by guys from New Zealand, Yemen, Uruguay or Sebia, I'd understand your point. However, you're talking about a 24-year-old guy (Snyder) who has medaled in all but two of the senior level tournaments he has entered to date. Stating that he has been pinned two times in more than six years of conpetition doesn't support your argument. Does Sadulaev being put on his back by the Turk at Euros a week ago mean he looks "to be on the decline"? No, it just means that the competition is beyond anything any of us can comprehend and scouting exploits weak spots in EVERYONE'S game.
  14. I don't agree with your assessment. You use the term "getting pinned" as if it is taking place with frequency when it is not. Has he been pinned? Clearly he has, but twice in his entire senior career, years apart from one another, to two absolute monsters who are very much on and slightly above his level. In my mind, Snyderman is still in the discussion for bronze medals at heavy. He's just that good.
  15. I'm a big fan of Nico. Fingers crossed for his speedy recovery, and that this is not the end of his competitive career.
  16. Forgive me for my ignorance, but how many times in Snyderman's senior international career has he been pinned and when did those take place? I believe I know the answer, but I admit I may be missing something.
  17. The older I become, and the longer I am around the sport, the less important it is for me to expect things from these young men and women. Like I tell my own kids, "give me maximum effort, and I'm happy." That said, for me the answer is a very firm, "no."
  18. It's not nitpicking if you don't know enough to distinguish between the two when you're trying to make your argument.
  19. U.S. college wrestling was kicked out of the Olympics? Whaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt?
  20. Maybe all participants can shower in and gargle with non-aloe hand sanitizer. That should do the trick.
  21. It's really difficult to not love this sport when it is done right, especially against some of the best competition on earth. Also, who doesn't love when Freestylers throw? Thos sport is art. The music might be a bit much for some. You may want to turn it down/off.
  22. I remember that, too... right after he complained endlessly to anyone with a working set of ears or eyes that he didn't like Free, the rules, FILA, and had little ambition to continue on after 2008. We all know there wasn't much money in the sport then, so that should have come as no surprise to him when he arrived. It's easy to modify the storyline years and years on. We all do it. To suggest that his decision was solely driven by money is a complete rewriting of the narrative from that time.
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