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  1. Metzger A plain old head lock with a pretty back step. A Granby for an escape. I always did the switch, sit, stand combinations and didn't have a lot of trouble from there, so I never bothered to learn the Granby, unless it was for five from a sit.
  2. Triton College in River Grove, Illinois has supplied Oklahoma State with a few decent Illinois wrestlers over time. Some guy by the name of Tom Erickson and then another named Reggie Wilson. Others might remember this one kid, Reggie Wright. I think he might have been okay. Congratulations to Eddie K. We would have loved for him to wrestle for the Trojan Tritons, but wish him all the very best in college.
  3. They're a force in the Rugby Super League, too and are almost always in the mix for a national title at the highest level of the sport in this country. In fact, they usually have nearly a handful of guys on the Eagles' national team year in and year out. I've played against them twice some years ago and they are some tough S.O.B.s.
  4. It's been reported on another site that he left the Illini for a paying gig. Does anyone know where he landed? Clarion with his old teammate, Troy Letters?
  5. As for the kid who quit to pursue a music career, you're not thinking of McIntire are you? I can't think of his first name but there was a McIntire that pinned Zach Esposito in a tournament and then quit before his freshman season was even over. I don't know what became of him, but I think he was into orchestra and symphony type music. When you hear, "gave up wrestling for music" some automatically think that he quit school to join up with some buddies to play at the local bars while living in his parents basement. The reality of the situation to my understanding is that he studied music at Indiana, and put all of his energy and focus into that. I was referencing Newby, but I do remember hearing about this kid, too. I'd forgotten about him until you mentioned him here. Thanks, JT1.
  6. Gbenga Akinnagbe - wrestled for Bucknell and then went on to play Chris Partlow for five season on The Wire. Wasn't there a kid from Oklahoma who might have been an All-American his freshman year, then quit to pursue a career in music? His name is escaping, though I can see his face. There was a guy who pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals (I think during their 2006 World Series run) who is/was a wrestling coach in Pennsylvania during the off-season.
  7. Does anyone here know how (un)involved Mark and Nancy Schultz will be on this film? Mark, if you're still around and browsing, what can you tell us? Here's the latest I found online from a week ago today: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/ae/ ... er-635944/
  8. I think the wrestling community is being overly hopeful about the story line here. The story is going to be about DuPont and his schizophrenia. I wish wrestling were the center piece of this film, but form what I am reading online, that's not close to the selling point here. I would suggest that no one get their hopes up too high about the amount of wrestling in this film, but don't be surprised to find out a lot more about how crazy DuPont really was.
  9. no, he wasn't http://www.virginiawrestling.com/high-school/past-state-champions/ You beat me to it, superfluidity. http://www.vhsl.org/doc/upload/wr-past-results.pdf
  10. Ruffalo certainly has the chest hair for the part, if nothing else. I just hope that whatever wrestling they do show isn't as bad as what Ashton Kutcher did in his movie where he was an Iowa wrestler. His skills, especially for a former wrestler, left a whole lot to be desired.
  11. Dake doesn't strike me as the kind of kid who runs from competition. Maybe I'm wrong, but he comes off as a gamer, if you will. He's the kind of kid that relishes the challenge. I would think that the opportunity to put his fourth title on the line and square off against guys like Taylor, Howe and Caldwell might be enticing to him.
  12. Having Paulson and Reader as workout partners sounds like a pretty nice opportunity for him.
  13. Their site seems to be all but dead at this point: http://www.doublesport.net/ If I'm the VP of Marketing at UA, I don't only see this as way to sell a few more shirts or shorts, but to affect change to a global market of competitors by taking Double Sports' existing idea, some of the comments from posters here and improving upon it, then pitching it to the likes of FILA, NCAA, NWCA, NHSCA, UFC and other leagues, and so on. They'd essentially have a stranglehold on the wrestling uniform market similar to that of Nike when relating to basketball.
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