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  1. I like Frank a lot, and Rasul is an animal, but this weird MMA effect on wrestling promotion is not something I embrace.
  2. No clue, amigo. It could be that that FILA/UWW recognizes that they do employ some seriously scummy refs, and this is a checks and balances system. I don't know.
  3. What does "truer form" of the sport mean to you? Show me where out in the public in this country Free and Greco are promoted more than folk? The average American has no idea that the style is different than what they've seen/experienced in grade school, junior high or high school.
  4. For as great as he was in this country, Ben also quit wrestling Freestyle because it didn't suit his style. Instead of using his deep bag of skills to adapt to the rules, he took his ball and went home. Ben is a very nice guy and generally good for the sport, but he is unbelievably self-righteous at the same time.
  5. Gilman Yianni Kid Dynamite Magic Man J'Den Steveson/Gwiz
  6. It takes a long time to call a fall in Freestyle. This isn't the same as collegiate wrestling where one referee makes all the decisions. You always see the referee look the the mat judge and the chairman before signaling the fall. That being said, the touch fall comment earlier in this thread was an odd one.
  7. I'd say I completely understand what he was making effort to do, and that he knew as much as anyone else that his move was a gamble. I support Snyderman all the way. He knows what is best for him, and in every single interview I see with that young man, he takes responsibility for himself, good or bad. No matter what happens, KS is will be just fine because he is a dude who can teach a master class on being a stand up human being with unshakable integrity. That said, I think J'Den Cox is the man at 97 kilos this year for the USA.
  8. So, this past summer I was at a UFC after party in Chicago for a former Olympic gold medalist in men's Freestyle, and currently the holder of belts in two UFC weight classes. While there, I "ran into" the coaching staff of said champ. We talked a bit and found that we have a number of friends in common. Great dudes! Anyway, one of the double champ's coaches produced a cell phone with videos from a certain international training facility in a high altitude area in western middle America that were quite fresh. The videos showed the defending 92 kilo world champion from the United States making life very, very, very difficult for a rather accomplished 97 kilo wrestler, and 2016 Olympic champ, from the United States during multiple live goes. Needless to say, it was eye opening. Also, after I watched this video I was told that at that same workout, said UFC double champ was "having fun with" (not my words) a certain lightweight from a historic college program whose colors are orange and black, where this young man rassles for his uncle. The double champ was having so much fun that a certain assistant coach from the orange and black team (by way of the eastern seaboard), demanded that the double champ's coaches delete said evidence. It's gonna be fun!
  9. Sabanov had already secured and shelved Vito's left leg and was controlling Vito's right knee with the Russian's right hand a moment before Vito dipped his shoulder and reached through the crotch for hand control. Vito's ankles didn't close because he dipped his shoulder, the development of the lace was well under way, which is why Vito tried some poorly defined defense to defend the left hand coming across. Even without Vito dipping his shoulder, I think Sabanov comes really close to securing the lace, if he doesn't get it from there with the result that did take place.
  10. For as tough and consistent as Thomas Gilman is, is there any indication that Lee is besting him at every turn? Gilman almost seems to be the antithesis of Lee personality-wise, so that might have something to do with the disdain he receives here on the board. I do not know the answer, so maybe someone close to the Hawks might have some info. Also, what does anyone think Gilman meant when he said this last week (starting at 3:15, but specifically at 3:36)? https://youtu.be/KBZpxTd8N1A
  11. I'll respectfully disagree with you here, LJB, as I know my intent when I posted. In no way was I suggesting this was John Smith's low single straight to a lace, rather, just how you saw it: the kid worked for it and earned those exposure points. I think earning points in that position is more masterful in this modern era of five seconds of par terre before you are back on your feet than takedown to turn transitions you practice 1,000 times a year. That is all that meant when I posted it. After rewatching the video, I don't necessarily agree that Vito's ankles were too close, as much as the kid made it happen after ripping out VO's left leg from his par terre defense. I do agree that Vito was overly focused on wrist control from there and did little to nothing to stop the Russian from earning that cross arm lace. Anyway, back to more important discussion.
  12. Thanks for the info, folks. I'm sorry to have struck such a nerve in some.
  13. He hasn't competed in years (as far as I know or can see in results), and there's no way he's making 74 kilos again without severing a limb, so are we to expect that his career is past him at this point? He didn't get popped after Rio, did he? Questions about him and his "vitamins" have been rampant since 2016.
  14. 100% with you on that lace. It was a masterful transition and he stood little chance once it was locked up. I have to wonder if his dad is there and did some scouting ahead of time, especially since that is a position he likes and gets to often.
  15. Thanks for all of this, AK! That Vito result was tough to watch. I really like the way that kid competes. He hits that beautiful high c and if bellies out to prevent the roll or hops outside of Sabanov's right leg, obviously it's a different match. Great standing roll for four at the end, though. Damn!
  16. I agree with GNQ and Lurker. UWW (by way of the IOC would be my best guess) wants a 6:30 match to stay as close to that number as possible. This sport does not receive much air time during the games, so a consistent flow to matches is crucial, especially to the untrained eye where action doesn't always equate to point scoring, especially in Freestyle.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/user/WrestlingTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCylDbwmPQIRXrYyL03ZGJzA https://www.youtube.com/user/KOLATCOM - technique
  18. Not that this has anything to do with the topic, but I'd like to point out that five of the top eight 197s in the current Intermat rankings are Illinois guys, one of whom rassles for I-wuh.
  19. The historical results at the D1 level speak for themselves, and those PA kids for the Hawkeyes certainly were not walk-ons. Every college coach in the country wants PA wrestlers. However, I suspect the New Jersey crowd will point to the 2019 NCAA finals for the foreseeable future. They had a banner year, without question.
  20. Thank you, f_f. I saw that result, but I wasn't sure how important/tough/deep that tournament was. Great to hear he is (relatively) healthy and back in the mix.
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