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  1. 174 and 184 will be battles. Even though Nebraska is favored in both, the RU goes are both capable of winning those matches.
  2. Based on the way they are each wrestling right now, I would predict Sueflohn by at least a major.
  3. For me, this is a no-brainer - I would fund F&M to the point they would be rolling in cash. I know they have no ATHLETIC scholarships, but plenty of teams find ways around that (i.e., Cornell). To me, it would be an advantage not having athletic scholarships, as I would have about 25 kids on full rides from privately funded academic scholarships. That said, if I had the discretion to spend that kind of money I would probably prefer to start/re-start a new D1 team - maybe University of Delaware.
  4. This is awesome news. But who were the geniuses who thought it would be a great idea to completely hamstring a program - making it near impossible to recruit for several years, while trying to make a HUGE jump up in their level of competition? What kind of sense does that make? Has anyone ever considered requesting that the NCAA remove this requirement for wrestling, due to the drastically decreasing number of D1 programs?
  5. ^ And then some true a-hole has to come along and ruin it for everyone. Completely poor taste and over the line buddy.
  6. AP - I agree, and I think Winston, Zanetti, and Rinaldi are all good enough to do it. One thing is for sure though, it's most certainly not gonna be Mason the way he's wrestling right now.
  7. Sounds like A. Alton out 4 weeks with ankle sprain. I assume that means all of us that chose A.Alton as our #1 pick will be out after PSU's 1st team event?
  8. Wow, I'm shocked. I thought he was a lock to Penn State.
  9. 1) A. Alton 2) Mario Mason
  10. You guys all have very short memories. Andrew Alton was fantastic as a true frosh, despite a disappointing NCAAs - and his weight class was ridiculously stacked. I see him and Chamberlain as the 2 heavy favorites at 149.
  11. They should have been Hawkeyes, would have been a great fit. Too bad for Iowa that circumstances didn't work out, but i'm sure JRob and Minny are happy at the way things panned out.
  12. I think a lot of people are forgetting just how impressive A. Alton was as a true frosh in an absolutely stacked weight class. He had a bit of a disappointing NCAAs, but that can happen to a true frosh after a long season. IMHO, Alton will dominate this weight class in a manner similar to the way Molinaro did this past season.
  13. My team had a problem with the Spladle. Everyone felt they could do it and would try it in matches and it would bite us in the butt and we would lose points as a result from being stupid and careless. It was all because of two brothers that actually could do the move, hit it on anyone and from anywhere, that the team thought they could to. My junior year, the oldest of the brothers hit the move in the state finals and pinned the returning state champ with it. From then on, it cursed our team. lol I had the same problem on a team I helped coach once. It is really a horrible move to introduce at the high school level, because kids fall in love with it, but it creates really bad habits. The kids end up letting their opponents in on their legs all the time, with no counter. Then they are reaching over trying to grab the leg, and they end up getting taken down.
  14. What about Franklin & Marshall? Do they have the right guy there now? Is it possible for even the best coach in the world to make F&M competitive?
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