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  1. He returned to Minnesota to wrestle at Shakopee. I am guessing the motivation for transferring was so he could compete alongside his younger brother, Pierson, who is #2 ranked 106-pounder as a 7th grader.
  2. Hope this helps....Using various sources, I think I was able to find some results for at least the past few years. 2017 2016 2015 2014 (not complete) 2013
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    Final X Lehigh

    #62 in the Queue.
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    Team Kong Does it again

    It's a fair question and I am glad we are able to discuss it like adults (sorry for the a-hole comment). I can tell you that when Kong first started, it was an entirely local team and did fairly well (runners-up at Disney in 2013, 3rd in 2014). Even the team that lost to YG Black in 2015 at NHSCA was majority LI, with a few scattered NYers. It's really only been the last three years that the roster has begun to shift towards more of a nationally recruited all-star team. To answer you question to the best of my ability, I think it is either lack of interest or lack of availability.....The NY school year notoriously runs very late, which is why we always struggle to field teams for USAW. Cadet and Junior duals The talent is there to have a decent (maybe not title winning) team that would hold their own. If all of the top kids were available, my guess is that the line-up would resemble this: 106: 2x State runner-up/Cadet FS All-American Jordan Titus....Was a back-up on this year's team 113: 3x State Champion/former Super 32 runner-up, Greg Diakomihalis 120: Same as before----Redding 126: Same as before----Busiello 132: Same as before----Sciotto 138: Same as before--- Vines 145: 2018 State runner-up, Anthony Sobotker 152: 5x NYS Champion/Cadet World Bronze medalist, Jacori Teemer 160: 3x NYS finalist/2018 Champion, Jake Silverstein 170: Same----Cuomo 182: 2018 State Champion/Cadet FS runner-up, Jacob Logan 195: 2018 State Champion/NHSCA Senior National Champion, Jonathan Loew 220: 2018 State Champion/Beast of the East 5th (or 6th), Elijah Rodriguez 285: Same----Wilson. With the exception of Diakomihalis, that is an entirely downstate team with 11 coming from Long Island.
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    Team Kong Does it again

    Nick is his agent/public relations representative. I believe he fills the same role for Helen Maroulis.
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    Team Kong Does it again

    Again, I was not talking about the results....I am not sure that can be made any more clear. NO ONE should be bragging about the win. All I was saying is that I didn't want it believed that the kids were all out for themselves. The behaved like a team and picked each other up. And that guy "who can't coach" had two of his own HS kids on the team and they combined to go something like 19-1....And one of them is a 4x State Champion/3x Super 32 Champion and ranked top-5 in the country. So he must be doing something right. We're talking different languages. You're focusing on winning with a team of ringers. I am conceding that the title has little value, but choosing to also give credit for at least promoting a a team culture. I was dispelling any notion that they fly in, win and then never talk to anyone again...Friendships are made and for the most part, the event organizers continue to promote/stay in touch with the kids who represent the organization. Was it a stacked deck? Totally; no one debates that; but it also wasn't 17 independent contractors. They worked together on a common goal and supported each other. To me, it makes them a team. Either way, I have better things to do then go back and forth on this. I am assuming you do too; so agree to disagree and move on.
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    Team Kong Does it again

    I am not sure what the hell you guys are looking for. I acknowledged that the win was not the same as when you do it with local kids and that no one should be taking credit for it. Instead of being assholes with keyboard, why don't you ask one of the kids themselves if they felt like hired help, or if the organizers promoted a team environment? My comment was not even about wins or losses; it was about attitude and the level of support they gave to each other. And how it appears that a lot of the guys who come from other states seem to enjoy the experience and stay in contact with each other after the fact.
  8. Hofman19

    Team Kong Does it again

    As someone who is from Long Island and knows the organizers, I just want to come to their defense a little bit. While no one is using this as a sign of bragging rights or NY superiority, I want to dispel any belief that these are just 14 kids who are working independent of each other. They may come from different states, but by the end of the weekend, they are very much a "team" in terms of support for one another and lasting relationships. I was just on the Kong facebook page and saw that Kanen Storr had taken the time to congratulate this year's team. Last weekend, Gannon Gremmel was wishing the boys the best of luck. Sammy Evans is also a frequent contributor to the page. So, I do concur that the title itself is not as special as when you do it with a hometown group of student-athletes. But the experience of being a team is very much alive within the Kong system. Hope that makes some sense and does not sound too sappy.
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    Florida to allow backups in postseason

    New York did away with that one per section system a few years ago. We now have wildcards and because of that, there has been an occasion or two where teammates both advanced to the state tournament. Probably the most famous example was the Soria twins from King Parks. They ended up being in the same NYSPHSAA bracket back-to-back years. And while they never faced each other in the finals, they did meet both years. In 2009, they drew each other in the quarterfinals, with one forfeiting and the other going on to win the state crown. The following year, they met in the consolation semis, and the one who had forfeited in 2009, accepted a forfeit in 2010 and then took 3rd.
  10. The first picture is Villanova's Jay Wright....He just won his second national title a few weeks ago...Got his Head Coaching start at Hofstra, which is why I am a fan. Second. photo is Tom Izzo, the basketball coach from Michigan State....He won the national title in 2000 and has been the Final Four seven total times.
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    Schools getting back on the podium

    Mike Hughes (Hofstra/285)....First Pride wrestler to get on the podium since 2012.
  12. Hofman19

    All aboard the Austin Desanto bandwagon

    From what I have been led to believe....Offers were not the issue. There was plenty of interest. The young man just felt more comfortable staying home for his own personal reasons.
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    Not Rutgers-- Not PSU

    I am a Hofstra alum, so I am a little biased. However, If we are the ones who get him, I kind of look at it as more of a career move than a wrestling decision. It's been reported several times that his interests post-college are to pursue mixed martial arts. HU has a history of producing UFC fighters (Weidman, Villante, Baroni, Hieron, etc).....Plus, even if the school itself is not necessarily at its strongest, you cannot discount the importance of having two prominent MMA gyms (Weidman-Longo; Bellmore KA) at which he could train. For these reasons, I could see how he might have interest despite the program being in a bit of a slump.
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    Is Snyder the best Freestyler in the world?

    I think it depends on if you think Sadulaev could no longer make 86 and hence went up...Or did he just do it because he was looking for a challenge? When I said "at least #2", I was talking about his ability, not his resume....If Snyder went up for fun and lost to the Georgian 125 at a tournament, it does not take away from his ability? No, he just lost to a bigger guy while testing himself.
  15. Hofman19

    Is Snyder the best Freestyler in the world?

    Even though he lost yesterday, you cannot remove Sadulaev from consideration. Prior to the loss to Snyder, the kid had never lost at a World Championship at any level (2x Cadet, 2x Senior). Is there any real doubt that he is no worse than #2 in terms of ability?