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  1. 57 is currently going with qualification round bouts.. Bracket: https://fflutte.smoothcomp.com/en/event/4342/bracket/221559
  2. To be fair, that 7th grader went on to win the state title a year later and is currently nationally ranked before ever stepping foot in high school....Zack Ryder is himself a very special talent. As far as GR, that could be lack of experience; I am not sure how much Greco he has done in his life. He has always been more of a folk/free kid. Assuming the match you are talking about is from the 2018 Pan-American Cadet Championships, it is worth noting that during that same weekend he won the gold in freestyle by outscoring his opponents 40-0.
  3. That is Lachlan McNeil (committed to UNC) posing with Ramos. Flynn (McDonogh) was the runner-up at 120 to Jordan Titus.
  4. Lachlan McNeil (Wyoming Seminary; 145)
  5. You realize he then scored again when he wasn't on the clock, right?
  6. How did Dake get put on the clock in the 1st? He was the only one who scored an actual point!
  7. He is an "A" student....So, he can probably get into any school he wants... But I tend to agree that until given a reason to think otherwise, I see him Raleigh bound in a few years.
  8. New York MIGHT be able to get a 5-5 split in terms bout wins; probably lose on a points system though. 57kg: Arujau---It's freestyle, so he could have the edge just based on experience 65: Diakomihalis 79: Dake 97: Honis---Just based on being the U.S. Open runner-up 125: Gwiazdowski
  9. Very nice showing by the three New Yorkers on Kong... Combined, Titus/Redding/Busiello went something like 27-1. Redding had the 6-5 win over Barnett; Busiello had a decision by an identical score against Lovett...Titus looked good in that narrow 5-3 loss to Bouzakis.
  10. I posted the Kong results on LIWA... All tournament results are available on FloArena.
  11. Armspin, VHW, and ROAR are almost entirely NY kids... Kong United is organized by New York coaches and has three Empire State studs. Other teams have select NYers in their line-ups.
  12. Of the 13 NYSPHSAA wrestlers to win four or more titles, the following did so without one of their titles coming at 96/99: Vito Arujau: Won 1st title at 113...Placed 2nd at 99 as an 8th grader Alex Ekstrom: Won 1st title at 112... Frankie Gissendanner: Won 1st title at 138 Jesse Jantzen: Won 1st title at 119...Placed 3rd at 91 as a 7th grader Quinton Murphy: Won 1st title at 103...Placed 6th as a 7th grader at 96 Nick Piccininni: Won 1st title at 106...Placed 3rd at 99 as an 8th grader Note: As mentioned above, no 5x has yet to do it without winning once at 96/99.
  13. Yes...John Jr. graduated in 2016 after being a 2x NYS place-winner. I thought he stayed local to compete, but now I cannot find him on any LI college roster.
  14. Not to put pressure on the kid, but one current candidate might be Zack Ryder.. Finished as the state runner-up to Stevo Poulin at 106 as a 7th grader...Therefore, if he and Poulin are not in the same bracket next season, the potential could be there for him to win his 1st at a weight higher than 99.
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