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  1. Love JB - great interview and the guy is just awesome. I agree, I don't think JB meant he felt disrespected by Dake - but by the Tweets from fans.
  2. Jordan is the best hands down. With that said, how could either Paulson, Howe, Taylor, or Dake be asked to win this insane bracket of talent and THEN be asked to beat the best wrestler in the world? I'm not offering any excuses for Dake - he lost. Look at Dake's path for instance - he beats Paulson - then Taylor - and then goes into an insane OT battle with Howe. Let's face it - Dake is spent! Anyone would be spent. The first match with Burroughs was a clinic...so for Dake to come back and take it to Jordan like that in match #2 really tells me how strong Dake is mentally. I think with a few more years of hard, hard training Dake is going to be neck and neck with Jordan. Dake is going to get better - but so will Jordan! Dake or anyone else can't beat Burroughs after a grueling 3 match tournament. Fully rested and years of hard work will get one of them there.
  3. 2-1 DAKE! So much for those who said that Taylor would spank Dake in Folk all day everyday including Sunday. Tough match very defensive but Dake wins in 3 OT with an escape.....So who is eating crow? HEY NJWC Eat it!!!!!!! So the series is Dake 2 Taylor 0 (in collegiate). Tough match and both guys are tough as nails. However, I think Dake will finally get the respect he deserves from the naysayers about folk vs. free......the guy is a 3 time NCAA Champ. I hope this finally settles the issue....best of luck to both men in the upcoming season.
  4. If you look up anything that I have posted on this site from the past regarding NY vs. NJ in wrestling I have always said that as a whole - NJ is a tougher state to wrestle in. I have also stated many times that the reason for this is that there is bigger wrestling culture in NJ...always has been, so you are a deeper state. However what I have always said is that our top kids are as good as your top kids and looking at the results of the past 2 years in this NY/NJ prove just that. What you and your fellow NJ residents keep doing is discrediting the accomplishments of our wrestlers by making statements like your kids didn't even try. In fact you keep making these statements like "The NJ State Tourney is far more demanding than the NY tourney" REALLY? So what you are saying is that the NY State Tourney was a joke and that our champs didn't need a rest? LOL LOL LOL....considering that our state champs defeated your state champs I would say BS to that. Looks like you have nothing to go by except for the past perceived reputation that has been given to NJ wrestling. The reality is that when it was on the line, with NY vs. NJ with, by your own words, better wrestlers from Jersey (So you say) NY came out on top...not once, but twice. One time is a fluke....twice isn't. You ask why NJ was favored? Because of reputation...apparently a false one. It's very similar to lacrosse. NY particularly Long Island, is the best lacrosse area in the country. We spank teams from all over, especially NJ. Now NJ has some great teams like Mountain Lakes and Coach Flynn does a great job with those kids. Mt. Lakes can hang with a lot of NY teams but the lacrosse culture is much greater in NY than NJ and THAT is why NY kicks NJ teams rear ends 90% of the time they meet. There is nothing in the water here it's just good old fashioned practice. We are much deeper than NJ in lacrosse but some of the best NJ players can def play here. Same with wrestling.
  5. I don't want to drag this out with you but let me tell you something...you are flat out WRONG. #1 - We, in NY, are sick and tired of hearing you Jersey Shore wannabe's making excuses after excuses about why your kids lost the dual meet. "Our kids were out of shape" "Our kids didn't train after states" "Our kids didn't take the meet seriously"......wha wha wha....my goodness, my daughter doesn't cry like you guys across the river. This is reality OK. The New York State Tourney ended more than 1 week before the New Jersey State Tourney. If you can add, which I assume you can, then doesn't that mean that the NY kids had a longer time off between their state tournement and the NY/NJ dual meet? Since the NJ kids were wrestling longer and closer to the NY/NJ meet doesn't it make sense that the NJ kids should have been in better shape. Now according to you, wrestlers get out of wrestling shape so quickly....except in NY I guess? Since the NY kids ended their season earlier, by your own admition the NY kids should have been in poorer conditioning correct? Now if you think that the NY kids trained the hardest that they ever trained leading up to the NY/NJ meet and the NJ kids thought all they had to do is just show up then I believe you are dilusional....seriously, in need of some meds. Are you actually going to tell everyone on this board, that if Palacio got pinned in the meet by the Jersey kid, AND a NY poster, like Marty said something like "Well, Palacio didn't really try...Palacio didn't really train before the event, that you wouldn't be making fun of that statement? You would have actually given that statement merit? Or, most likely, you would have called it how it was....a BS excuse and you'd rip Palacio and "NY wrestling" for that excuse? If not, then can our wrestlers borrow that one from you for next year IF they lose to NJ? Some how I don't think you would accept that same excuse from us NY'ers. But we are suppose to accept that from YOU? Man, who do you think you are? The arrogance is mind boggling. Now let's say the NJ team didn't take the meet seriously. Well, then doesn't that mean that they also disrespected all of the people who took the time to organize the event? Now the Jersey people actually are honoring Adam Frey and his family and if I am not mistaken, the proceeds of the event are going toward the Adam Frey foundation correct? Now let's see, you think that a NJ team, who by your own words, "Didn't take the meet seriously" actually honored the memory of the late great Adam Frey with their lack of interest or effort? You tell me that that statement is a stretch? How? Isn't the whole point of the meet to raise money for cancer in memory of Adam Frey? So are you actually going to tell me that if Adam's parents/family read what you said, that the NJ kids didn't bother to train for the meet that was in the memory of their son, a son who wrestled his a$$ off for years, that they wouldn't be offended? Well I'll tell you this buddy, you can call me a kook all day long, but if Adam Frey was my son and I read that a coach/fan stated that the kids on one side of the mat, I don't care what side, didn't bother to train for the meet that honored my late son, I would be highly offended! In fact, Adam Frey was not my son (I never met the kid) and I am highly offended by your statement. Or do you think that it is actually a noble thing, a good thing, in fact by your use of the LOL's that you have used, a funny thing? Because I don't find it noble, good, or funny. Now I don't know any of the NJ wrestlers, but if I was any of them, I would tell you to go straight to he|| for your accusation. Now you claim to have coached two of the wrestlers from the NJ side...you claim that they hardly practiced for the event. So you were Ok with this? From your pre-event predictions on this board, I'm assuming that you may have even told those wrestlers that they probably didn't have to prepare much for the meet right? If you are even actually a coach, then shame on you pal, I wouldn't want you near one of my kids with that attitude. I want a coach to tell my kids to train their a$$ off and work as hard as possible...especially for one where I would be representing my state against a neighboring state....especially for one where the event and proceeds are going to support a charity in honor of a fellow wrestler who past away. Great role model. I read many of the daily blog writings that Adam wrote before he past away and let me tell you, that kid was a fighter!!! By the way you talk, there isn't a kid on the NJ team that could carry Adam Frey's jock strap with the work ethic that YOU claim that they have. If you are indeed correct that theNJ team didn't even bother to try, then shame on them and I promise you this, Adam Frey is looking down on a team from his state with shame because when Adam Frey was alive and well that kid worked his tail off and no way would he have "not bothered" for any wrestling event. I am actually embarrassed that I even have to write this post right now to someone who claims to love the sport of wrestling. What you basically implied to all of us on this forum is that the NJ team has no integrity correct? I'll end this sad writing with this.....You claim that next year NJ will not take the NY team lightly. Ok. If NY loses next year the last thing I would ever want to hear from anyone on this side of the river is "We didn't really train hard for the meet" If I personally heard any kid admit that to me I would use that as a very teachable moment and show the youngster that you never use BS excuses for a loss. Have a good one.....
  6. Man, NJWC you are pretty pathetic. The Jersey kids took the NY/NJ meet lightly? Really? So the Jersey kids weren't fired up or excited to tie the series up? That wasn't motivation enough? Oh, and the NY State tourney was done 1 week before the meet so if anything, the NY kids should have been in worse shape than the NJ kids. So the Jersey kids took us lightly? So is that going to be the excuse whenever you guys lose? Wow, how 5th grade of you. How original! Hey, if NY loses next year that's what our kids will say....but let me guess, that excuse won't cut it for our kids right? But the Jersey kids can use it? Pathetic and to be honest, completely disrespectful especially toward those who actually took the time to put the event together. I guess the people of NJ don't consider the cause of the even to be worth while enough to put their full effort into it? I guess the NY kids respected the memory of Adam Frey a lot more than those from Jersey? NJWC, no matter what you say now you have painted yourself into a corner.....have fun trying to get yourself out of it. To the Frey family....we loved Adam and we honor his memory.
  7. LOL - I love how the NJ guys throw out this BS how their guys were "out of shape" during the dual meet....hilarious. What I find most startling about that huge lie is that the Jersey state championship was not very long ago before that dual. How on earth do those Jersey kids fall out of shape so fast after the season? :roll: Also, I remember prior to the event how most every NJ poster predicted that NY would be lucky to win 1 match ....many said it would be a shutout. Yeah, Bethea, undefeated state champ from what NJ guys here claim is the second toughest state is a gasser...wow, who would have known :shock:? These NJ homers are almost as bad as the David Taylor fans who still make excuses after getting thrown around by Dake like he was a high school kid. Oh yeah, David Taylor doesn't workout with weights and is so weak....funny how Dake moves up a weight class and is still dominant yet it is Taylor who is still too weak even though he is a 165 lber.........unreal. Well NJWC, the REALITY is NY 2 - NJ 0. You guys better start getting in shape NOW for next years dual meet.
  8. We can talk about what if's all day long about countless topics can't we? Mario Lemiux (sp?) could have been the greatest hockey player of all time had he not been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed. Also, you never know. Some people peak early, some late. I'm a huge boxing fan and I remember Terry Norris who had a number of losses during the early part of his career. Toward the middle and later points of his career he was considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Some guys, like Donald Curry was seen as the next best thing and got KO'd by Mike McCallum and Curry was never the same again. The point is just because Caldwell had a great season during his Jr. year doesn't mean that he would have kept up that momentum OR that nobody else would have risen up just like he did when he was a Jr. All that is being talked about here is pure SPECULATION. That is it. Sorry, but speculation doesn't count of your record. Upsets happen as well. The Colts lost to the Jets with Namath (Supuer Bowl 3), The United States Hockey Team defeated the Russians in 1980 (Miracle on Ice), Rulon Gardner beats Alexander Karelin (2000 Olympics), Appalacian St. beat Michiagan, Tyson lost to Douglas, I mean I can go on. So please with this notion that Caldwell would have DEFINETLY defeated Dake. We just don't know. Upsets happen all the time. BTW, I wish Caldwell all the best, God Bless you man aand I hope he will get to represent the US internationally.
  9. What happened Caldwell's first two years? Did he win any titles? So who was better during their first two years, Dake or Caldwell? I think scribe has a good point here. Is it possible that Dake hasn't peaked yet, just like Caldwell hadn't during his first two years? Maybe, and this is the scary part, Dake isn't anywhere near his potential? Just look at when Dake was in high school, he couldn't beat Ian Paddock for anything. Now look at the two. Dake has far surpassed Paddock, who is a very good wrestler BTW for Tom Ryan. Also, look at high school again when Dake lost to Grajales at Nationals. Everyone (outside NY) thought Dake was overrated and that Grajales was the second coming. Now Grajales is a fantastic wrestler and I like the kid, but it seems like Dake has just been getting better and better at a much faster rate than his peers. At this rate, who knows?
  10. I agree with otter. Injuries are part of the deal. What made Walter Payton the greatest running back in history? The fact that after 13 years he missed ONE game and that was in his last year. The man took punishment beyond words over a decade. Bo Jackson had the POTENTIAL to being the best ever....only thing was that Bo got injured and his career ended. Sucks but woulda coulda shoulda doesn't make the record books now does it?
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