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  1. ...can we stop with the arms outstretched "are you not entertained?" celebration? So passe
  2. All this talk of a non AA?
  3. ...at least that's what my wife heard. As if wrestling wasn't confusing enough to the casual fan.
  4. Omg shut up!!!!!! Enough with the nut hugging commentary during the match
  5. Logan Massa flexing after a second round win.
  6. That is of course Ohio University...The Harvard on the Hocking
  7. The crowd thinking Kuhn would beat Tomasello
  8. Jim Gibbons just called that match "entertaining" Coon named wrestler of the night Thank God for Kyle Snyder
  9. We need to ressurect the original! It also had Nickerson/Alice from Brady Bunch, Logan Sieber/Wayne from Wonder Years
  10. Angela Lansbury and Nickerson on the cover for sure
  11. Just eliminate stalling if you're not going to call it in that situation. That was a track meet.
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