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  1. Yea, my feed isn't working either.
  2. I think this was a situation where the coaches not challenging the call shouldnt be so dispositive here. It is blatantly clear that the refs blew the call. That should be enough to change the ruling. They saved face by putting it on the coaches.
  3. Looks like the refs and the Kent State coaches committee failed Miller. EDIT: Given the committee chair's rationale, I dont think its right to put it on the coaches. They should've fixed it.
  4. I think Realbuto wins under the rules but sheesh, poor officiating there. You can't take the matches away from the kids. I wouldn't mind a precedent being set and Miller getting his win and berth into the semifinals. EDIT: I agree with the post above. If Realbuto knew he was down he would've definitely pressed for back points.
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