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  1. Socialism = government runs the show. Capitalism = private sector runs it. Reality = Both are running it; capitalism can't succeed w/o government help, i.e., tax-breaks, writeoffs, grants, subsidies, and favorable legislation of all sorts (See New Deal). The big and most important difference is capitalism's respect for individuality and initiative.
  2. And children will shout at each other, " You're a big, dummy" or "You're a silly cupcake." Then you grow "up" and it's communist, queer, idiot, socialist; all for a few seconds of getting-even-gratification and gotcha.
  3. Cooch1

    Wrestling and IQ

    Princeton has none? Brad Glass is rolling in his grave!
  4. You dotn hvae to eb a godo spellre to gte an idae accrsso but it sure helps.
  5. Cooch1


    2 key words to our problems
  6. Cooch1


    Sport, violent or not, will remain in this country as a competitive extension of the USA's history of continuous world warring, or its preparation, declared or not. Kill and maim are ok when legal. Morality is a much higher standard that deals w/potential. Loss of life/ brain power is loss of potential. Moral and ethical are the top line; legal is the (immoral) bottom line. So much that's immoral is ok legally. We're a bottom line society, obviously. And the flip side is money, more precisely, no guaranteed income; at least enough to prevent the need for a quick buck by having to sticking your neck out in so many different ways. The organizers don't fight, their suckers do. Francis McDormandt's last line in Fargo, "...and for what, a little money."
  7. Cooch1


  8. Cooch1

    NCAA approves shorts

    Ahhthe good ol days when men covered their ankles and left a little more to the imagination.
  9. Cooch1

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Beauty is in the ear of the beholder
  10. Cooch1

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    If the bottom wrestler isn't getting out how is he good at wrestling? Some aspects of FS are ok, not all. The idea is to send a message that the pin/tilt is the goal and always has been, not riding alone or defensiveness on bottom.
  11. Cooch1

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    1. Riding time is obsolete except for rodeo. It doesn't promote pinning, just fake halfs/stalling. You pin-tilt cuz u knowhow. Riding is necessarily part of the real pinner's style, not a coincidence. The non-pinner is stalling and wasting everyone's time. Control is good up to a point then it gets boring. Allow the ride, not the point, and only if a tilt/pinning attempt is on the horizon. Otherwise, just hanging on is either a stall call or stand 'em up. I.e., Take away the incentive NOT to pin! 2. A 3 point TD makes sense if it promotes more TDs similar to a 4 point NF IF it produces mores NFs; I see no proof though. Again, it's a function of knowhow, not point value. Anyway we won't know if a 3 pt TD will work as planned since it isn't being tried. And If the "easy" major/techfall is a problem, just bump them up to 10 and 20pts margin.
  12. Cooch1

    Who is the best 157 pound NCAA champ of all time?

    According to Cinnabon this is really asking who is the best 157 from 1999 to present. You asked initially "..Why would that make "uh, Zalesky?" a wrong response?" I answered.......... That's why that would make "uh, Zalesky?" a wrong response. ´╗┐So why did you ask the question when he doesn't fit the criteria. I also included Natvig from the 60 's at 147lbs.
  13. Cooch1

    Who is the best 157 pound NCAA champ of all time?

    158; 1981-84