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  1. 1965, ISU had nine AAs that went 1-1-3-3-3-3-3-4-5 and won 87-86 over Oklahoma State, greatest comeback ever. 190 lbr. scored one adv point, but no place. As for JRob's camps, they had mostly macho appeal. The motto of the camp is " I Survived JRob's Intensive Camp!" I'd like to know how many kids went back again... or was once enough.
  2. Well done on the correct grammar; 99 % use an.
  3. I don't know of direct team point deductions in other sports. Wrestling should avoid it; rather, points should be added on to the bout score. If you're violent, it's a DQ like getting pinned= an addition to the team score, not a deduction from the team score. The team did nothing. It was someone on the mat. BUT If the coach/team does something, throw a shoe or curse, then fine the school x dollars or forfeit the first weight class in the next dual. Leave the team score alone. Once team points are earned by an innocent wrestler, another person should not be able to reduce the winning effort of others. If a man breaks a law, his neighbor watching and sitting at home doesn't get fined.
  4. You're right about the difficulty of a pin these days. My only point is why make it harder with the tech acting as a shiny distraction...as currently defined. A pin is a more surprising climax; a techfall is an anti-climax everybody sees coming down the stretch. no surprise
  5. I think the problem is all the D-1 bowls that take up too much time and space which no other division has to deal with. Generally you only get one NCAA crown per sport per division. Two crowns in D-1 is considered a bit too much, then do you have to go with 2 crowns for d2 d3 NAIA?
  6. I agree to an extent: If there's nothing left but to pin then the tech is going to be history and every wrestler can no longer look forward to a "heroic" premature tech conclusion. BUT there is the fan element. We're told too much scoring is boring and Joe and Nancy Smith may fall asleep..Personally, I don't agree. The bout is only 7 minutes. I could see a problem with 8-9 minute bouts like back in the day, but not 7 minutes. 20 point tech or no tech at all.
  7. The only way Kemmerer can continue to beat Hall is to stay on the attack and never get discouraged. His conditioning (and now confidence ) is good; all he has to do is stay on the attack and force errors and fatigue Hall. If he doesn't stay on this path Hall will eat him up.
  8. Make the tech 20 points or more. If it's harder to reach, a wrestler may opt sooner to go for pin than gamble and waste time and possibly end up with only major ; a gamble that I think most wrestlers/coaches would rather not take. This way a much better man should get the major on the board and set his sights sooner on a pin before time runs out. The new 4 pt NF rule overly encourages techfalls and consequently discourages the goal of pinning, i.e. hurts the sport and guys like Spencer Lee. When the 4pt. nf was established the tech limit should also have been bumped up.
  9. The best I can do from memory and old films is Bill Harlow, 1966 national champ from Oklahoma St., though he wasn't as versatile as Mcilravy.
  10. How is catching someone in a pin any different than catching someone in a takedown or reversal?
  11. Yes, there is skewed scoring in the NCAA meet. No one seems to care. People see a mediocre dual team with 3 champs and zero consy AAs outscore a team of seven or eight AAs and a dual record of 18-1, and the rationale is "Hey, the prestige!! Those champs! That's what it's all about!" But is a scoring system based on one thing, (gold medal prestige) better than one that measures balance and depth , i.e. coaching, recruiting, and intrinsically, academic eligibility, citizenship, a full lineup, etc. As a coach would you rather have three gold medalists and the runnerup trophy, or 8 AAs and the team title?
  12. from the world of girl's basketball: Fonda Dicks is a girl from the heartland who shot the rock back in the day, scoring 3,598 points for Moravia high school in Iowa from 1969-73. Even then, people recognized that her name was, um, interesting. As dandh posted on Hawkeye Report: Very attractive young lady with a most unfortunate name. Our teams played hers, and there were always some people yelling out her name at games. I actually felt sorry for her.
  13. Two former 190lbers., Lou Banach and Howard Harris over Bruce Baumgardner, 1980-81. BY Fall
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