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  1. Cooch1

    What would this rule change do ......

    Why not make it optional? You can go on for a pin if there's enough time on the clock. Or you can slink away and say Nah, in effect admitting you're incapable in front of the crowd, team and coaches. That type of rule could put a lot of wrestlers on the spot. Rather than look weak, it may spur more real pinning attempts. Wrestlers may want to avoid the techfall option by going for a pin sooner instead of overplaying the takedown game. Also, what if the losing opponent has a slight injury and is only trying to hang on w/o forfeiting or getting pinned, or is on the verge of getting DQed? The option takes away the loser's and coach's strategy to "allow a tech" --not to mention spuring the pin when the winning man is really trying for it but ran up against the 15 pt. limit.
  2. Cooch1

    Hair Cut

    Yep this a very sensitive sport especially on account of being niche and struggling to be relevant, and still some confusion with the pro game though not as bad as many years ago.
  3. Cooch1

    Hair Cut

    Finally, the answer...
  4. Cooch1

    Hair Cut

    In the beginning, somewhere in the hippie days of the early 70s, long hair started becoming vogue. It was the "white guys." Rules committees took notice and the debate began regarding wrestlers whose hair (or beard) was "too long." This was a shock to war-time conservatives who for the past 40 years saw nothing but military crew cuts, and were trying anything they could to tiptoe around and sound reasonable to curtail hair length. They didn't want the clean-cut soldier/wrestler image to disappear. But evolution prevailed and here we are, long hair and all. As I've already stated, the only way I can think of to defuse this situation is to take it out of the refs hands on the mat; handle it off the mat prior to the meet or not at all. Waiting to deal with it at the last minute is too little way too late and an unnecessary spectacle. A stitch in time...
  5. Cooch1

    Hair Cut

    "The best written rules have very little wiggle room for interpretation. " How about: the referee shall not take issue with hair length once a wrestler steps onto the mat. This will force officials to be more careful and render judgment prior to the bout.
  6. Cooch1

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    Gotta agree. But maybe the media did the right thing for the wrong reason, their ratings. In the long term, this situation may be resolved before the kid walks out on the mat.
  7. Cooch1

    Hair Cut

    It'll be interesting to see how this all turns out in court as well as any rules re-interpretation or redefining.
  8. Cooch1

    Hair Cut

    I'm not familiar with NJ rules. In any case this is something that should be nipped in the bud. The way it was handled at the last minute was humiliating, especially at the high school level. As I recall, part if not all of the reasoning behind the technical fall was to prevent humiliation.
  9. Cooch1

    Hair Cut

  10. Man you're thick. You can't bring yourself to admit the primary importance of mental preparation. You said it youself, "If someone is an elite athlete, why would they lack confidence all together?....., why would they not believe in themselves?" Confidence and believing aren't purely physical. They're intertwined with physical but in my view they come first and must be emphasized first. This is what you don't get about what I'm saying, whether or not you think I'm right. You don't think I'm right, OK. I don't think much of your denial of the power of mind over matter being PRIMARY... well before the gold medal is realized.
  11. The specific name dropping to prove a point helps a little, but doesn't negate the general application of mind over body, or of the importance of being /staying positive, or of mentally hanging in there, especially with weight cutting or after a defeat at all levels, not just the elites as you keep referencing. Where I think you are misinterpreting me is in the area of mind over body/DNA. I don't deny the importance of all the physical stuff; you have to have both. It's not one or the other. It's the combination. Take away confidence and keep strength and quickness and you got a useless head case. Take away strength and quickness and keep confidence and you've got someone better off as a thespian. Anyway, where we differ is in what is more important. Im not taking "leaps" or guessing about what you think; it's in black and white. You're guessing about me; hopefully, this post will end the guessing about how I feel about the interplay of the physical and psychological (mental) aspects involved in championship preparation. To me, a coach has to be a "turn 'em on" psychologist first. He has to get into the "muscle" in a kid's head before he can get the DNA, strength, speed and natural ability in all the other muscles to follow along. "Turning on" the ignition key, then turning the starter motor, then pistons, then crankshaft, Boom!! takedown Boom, pin Boom. A coach who's a Turn Off will find the A.D. lowering the boom.
  12. ..also I feel people like to see change rather than domination in competition; human nature, perhaps to want the wealth to be spread rather than concentrated, socialism vs capitalism in the sports world.
  13. At the time you wrote that you were thinking about writing What am I thinking about right now But as to the original question Do Penn State wrestlers look small for their weights? Nah
  14. Cooch1

    Rank the Rankers

    6 inches above john wayne................who btw is not you.
  15. not at all.....mental precedes physical. You have to want it on the inside before it physically happens outside. Try stepping outside youself Step Outside Yourself - slate.com slate.com/technology/2015/02/mental-projection... Step Outside Yourself ... Mentally traveling in time, imagining other places, and stepping into other people’s minds can give people a sense of meaning in life.