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  1. I heard there is a new strain/mutation taking place. May have to start all over if it can't be contained. Anybody else hear this?
  2. For starters , adjusted guaranteed income as a right not a privilege. That right there would probably pay for itself in decreased crime, and then some.
  3. The USA presidency has gotten increasingly gutless and meaningless as have politicians in general. Leadership is gone. Courage is gone. The next election, I'll bet, won't improve our lot. The War we fight is universal and economic: the struggle against increasing debt; the increasing gap between have/have not; the shrinking/shrieking middle class, all made worse by automation, job expatriation, covid19 and solutionless crowds mass-marching down the street to literally nowhere. The real problem is: We need a new economic model that is in tune with today's hi-tech capacity, not yesteryear's 18th Century, preindustrial model we directly inherited from scarcity economist, Thomas Malthus and, indirectly, Charles Darwin, who's "Origin of Species" theory concluded "survival of only the fittest." The combined influential result of these two guys, who lived around the same time, was the universally accepted and, to this day, academically taught --and enforced, idea of "not enough to go around, therefore it must be survival of the fittest, every man for himself(ish)." USA racism began in the preindustrial South with the advent of slaves purchased to do the hardest work for their lazy masters. The cotton gin's invention was the first signal that animate slavery was on its way out. Agricultural engineering's inanimate slavery would gradually dominate the fields. Politicians know next to nothing of science or technology. They make a lot of emotional speeches written by someone else, and are good at toasting/clinking with their champagne glasses. But the real work in progress is performed in quiet, cool labs by well-adjusted people who understand Nature. Unfortunately, the language of math and science is not as well understood as the language of political "science." Therein lies the rub: The former, difficult but very effective; the latter, easy but popularly misleading/misdirecting, time and energy wasting.
  4. At this time of year, I first thought "remember" meant that they died. But that can't possibly be.
  5. Not only hard science but hard fact scientific discoveries. See W. Farnsworth Loomis, "Skin Pigment Regulation of Vitamin D Biosynthesis in Man." Science (Aug. 4, 1967), vol. 157, pp. 501-506. Still true today.
  6. Sorry. My post was meant to be interpreted in the past tense, an evolutionary scenario well before the advent of milk's mass production , vitamin pills, or Africans living nearer to the north pole. Nature made various accommodations eons ago prior to the evolution of nation-states or science and technology.
  7. BTW "thrive" means to grow vigorously or FLOURISH, according to Merriam-Webster. So I'll clarify my post. As we all know vitamin D is essential to bone strength. Vitamin D converts calcium into bone. Vitamin D doesn't come from the sun directly. The action of sunlight (UV rays) on the skin is what produces vitamin D. This is somewhat similar to the complex process of plant photosynthesis and plant growth, but with the help of chlorophyll. Vitamin D is one of several vitamins which we can overdose. In hot climates, vitamin D is plentiful or excessive. Over millenia, people in these areas evolved protective filters made of darker and darker skin pigments for protection against burning and vitamin D overdose. In the other direction, to the far North where there is less sun and less need of protection, skin pigmentation gradually disappeared allowing for maximum absorption of vitamin D for bone growth. Long periods of darkness and heavy clothing put Eskimos at a disadvantage, except for the fact that they ate lots of whale blubber that, conveniently, is concentrated in vitamin D. People everywhere need vitamin D. Nature had to step in to make humans a success. Without vitamin D we could not survive or flourish or thrive; our skeletal structure would disintegrate. All the above is hard-science, not psuedo-science. Science is evolving. Scientists can make mistakes but, unlike politicians, they move forward by learning from those mistakes.
  8. Maybe this isn't taught at Cornell, but light skinned people thrive at higher latitudes as there is less direct sunlight and consequently less need for protective melanin in skin chemistry. This allows for better absorption of vitamin D which aids in the conversion of calcium into bone structure. Eskimos are heavily covered from the cold, and from the sun, which prevents vitamin D absoption. Though not naturally present in most foods, vitamin D occurs heavily in whale blubber to make up the difference. Equatorial people have developed darker skin from the increase in melanin which naturally acts to filter and protect from burning by increasing the absoption of harmful rays as well as prevention of overdosing from vitamin D. Melanin is to brown and black skin as carotin is to oriental or yellow skin. Note also that dark skinned people have pink palms and bottoms of feet due to no sun exposure and so these areas cannot be protected by melanin or carotin. There is also a counterpart to this in the darkening of woods from the northern white pines to equatorial ebony black. In short, there are no races or classes of people. We're all of the same family; we just look different and looks can deceive.
  9. prison strength = a hold you can't break out of
  10. Finally someone who is thinking about the whole picture. Half baked ideas, rushing to conclusion, impatience = disaster and more trips to the cemetary than necessary. It's coming down to the old saying, your money or your life.
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