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  1. The lighter your lower half the more you can do. An asterisk please.
  2. Cooch1

    NWCA All Star Classic

    I see where you're coming from, redundancy is boring. On the other hand, there's the desire to see the Crowned best go at it while it's still fresh in everyone's mind, not to mention the crazy, unpredictable upsets that occur, as they did in the first several years. I look at this like a two-generation-long experiment. After having gone through the full range of possibilities, early, mid- and post season, and considering nothing to lose seedwise, post-NCAA seems to serve the best opportunity for full participation and good attendance. I don't know about making it a "team" thing (East-West), but it definitely should be on a campus in a tradition rich part of the country every year so that it will appear popular and exciting. You might even always schedule it on the campus of the defending team champion to insure these conditions. I also understand the "logic' of moving it around to non-traditional locations to try to increase exposure and grow interest. You can see from experience this doesn't work well. I learned this long ago when the 1971 NCAA meet was held in Auburn, Alabama as a favor to Hall of Fame Auburn coach, Arnold "Swede"Umbach. Nevertheless the turnout was low. The South ain't interested then or now. Like a politician, visit where you're most loved and understood.
  3. Cooch1

    Youngest NCAA CHAMP Pat Milkovich Podcast

    Never, but Tom did defeat Owings a few times, NCAA finals and All Star meet. He also tried to advise Gable on how to beat Owings pre-Olympics.
  4. I agree. The idea sprung from ML baseball's mid-season event . But the event creators forgot to take into consideration the influence on NCAA seeding and "coaches flight," which of course doesn't affect baseball as a team sport. Outside of cancellation, make it a post-NCAA event when seeding is no longer an issue.
  5. Cooch1

    NWCA All Star Classic

    As someone already pointed out " ..coaches will not support the national coaches association by sending the best wrestlers to participate.."
  6. Wouldn't an old fashion whizzer have saved Kyle instead of leaving his arms draped around torso?
  7. Cooch1

    NWCA All Star Classic

    All these difficulties disappear with the All Star held after NCAAs
  8. Cooch1

    NWCA All Star Classic

    My guess is the next level isn't as exciting. College guys make fewer mistakes and aren't as willing to throw caution to the wind. And it's a lot easier and cheaper to drive a couple miles, especially in bad weather.
  9. Cooch1

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Whining is not new. When Iowa was winning nationals every year it was the same thing. People are people regardless of geography. They whine. What I find interesting is the All-Star classic kept getting moved earlier and earlier, from after the season, to middle, to November. Then they dropped the East-West team concept. Perhaps the East got tired of getting beaten every year; in order to save face, the team concept was dropped. But, if they brought it back, the West would be whining. You have to allow for the passage of "eras." Anyway, imo we made a mistake by dropping the excitement of the team aspect, then moving it to the beginning of the season when interest is minimized from coaches pulling their best. Why risk an injury or a seed even if we're told "it doesnt count," when it just may. I don't think it'll hurt to be held after the season and reinstate the E-W team concept. I'd bet there'd be more NCAA champs involved, and better matchups and bigger crowds. Throw in an exhibition(s) between former, recent NCAA champs/olympians. By comparison it now seems watered down and weakened.
  10. Cooch1

    Seeding all 33

    There's 4 team trophies, so the team title isn't the only position at risk; there's the possibility of a TIE, co-champs, co-runnersup, etc? Do you award, say, two 1st place trophies and declare no runnerup trophy, then award the 3rd and 4th positions a team trophy? Or do you bump up the actual 3rd place team to the runnerup trophy? And 4th bumps to 3rd? And 5th gets 4th? Anything can happen in the top 4; no system's perfect, but what can be done to decrease the odds of a scoring calamity? Consider that we favor the best with high seeds, because they earned them, and because of a general principle: energy/ability takes the path of least resistance and greatest gain. We could also favor good team results with one simple rule : No contending team members allowed in pigtails (assume 16 seeds.) The best teams are well known by the middle of March. You could draw the line at the top two or three .... If a member of one of those teams is drawn into a pigtail, simply move that wrestler down or up one bracket. Of course this wouldn't work with a rigid 33 seed setup, but a more flexible 16 seeds could accommodate the move. It would also save time from seeding 33. IMO after 16th, ability is too close to call accurately. Have to agree w/WrestlingNerd "..the ideal system, all teams should have the same opportunity to score points for their qualifying athletes".
  11. Cooch1

    Jake Patacsil

    Gosh I always wanted to Mount Olive.
  12. Cooch1

    Roman Bravo Young Predictions

    A name like that is straight out of Hollywood. Gotta be a national champ and Academy Award winner.
  13. Cooch1

    Illinois Fingthing Illini Preview

    Now we have two things --fling and fing. A fling thing is something you fling with your finger and I leave that to the reader's imagination. Still can't can't nail down fing thing.
  14. Cooch1

    Illinois Fingthing Illini Preview

    Illinois Fingthing: What's a fing thing? Some sort of hand gesture?