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  1. Pinnum

    Kyle Conel

    Apparently an injury that he rushed back from and now needs surgery.
  2. A lack of quality facilities has never been a problem. Wintrust Arena does nothing to change the equation.
  3. I wouldn't use it for anything. DePaul should start a program and compete in the McGrath-Phillips Arena at the Sullivan Athletic Center where the women's basketball and volleyball teams play.
  4. I don't like the glorification of cauliflower ear...
  5. Pinnum

    Worst Dual ever?

    It helps to mention what dual you’re talking about,...
  6. Pinnum

    Start a movement...

    Granted high school teams are trying to fill those same weights with 13-18 year olds and college teams are trying to fill those weights with 18-23 year olds...
  7. Pinnum

    Start a movement...

    I don't like the idea of an 11th weight. But I would support reshuffling the weights. Which brings us back to the age old question... - Do you divide the weights so that each bracket contains roughly 10% of all college wrestlers. - Do you divide the weights so that the jump from one weights so that the jump from one class to the next is reasonable and not be concerned with athlete distribution? And this debate ultimately always seems to come down to how low the first weight class should be...
  8. Pinnum

    Weight Cutting Education

    It is absurd for high school kids to cut. Especially those still growing. Work on getting better and stronger.
  9. Pinnum

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Where do you think it will draw a lot of fans for a week straight while being able to have high ticket prices or a very generous government subsidy to host?
  10. Pinnum

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    This is important to remember. The United States is huge so every other team has to fly a long ways to get to the event if it is in the United States and that is costly. A flight from NYC to Vegas is 5.5 hours. For Budapest, the majority of the teams traveling to the event had shorter trips than that. It also doesn't help that Vegas is a great location for bidding but a poor location for local fans. The desert makes it an island but there are few cities in the United States that offers the incentives to attract events like Vegas comes up with for events. Budapest is easy for many fan bases to hop on a train or a short cheap regional flight and get to the event. From a world standpoint, for UWW member nations, I don't think the United States is the best venue.
  11. Surprising result caught my eye https://kentstatesports.com/news/2018/11/2/wrestling-flashes-finish-3-1-at-kent-state-duals.aspx
  12. Pinnum

    d3wrestle.com 1st Rankings

    Can anyone share the top-5 wrestlers in D3? There is always a handful that are good enough to be D1 AA contenders.
  13. Pinnum

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    There is a major disconnect between the title "Colleges a kid should wrestle at..." and the discussion in the body.
  14. Also, this has to assume that the coaches don't work with all the athletes. Is that the case? Are the coaches actually broken out based on their former competition weight and only work with those athletes?
  15. I agree. I think that is why the Penn State fans were so surprised. But we see recruits like him make the podium every year many times a year. He was good recruit and he did the right things to succeed. He would have succeeded even at other programs.