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  1. I agree with you. That’s not what @Bronco said.
  2. I was thinking about your question and I think I remember the Pac12 Commissioner saying part of the reason they were now open to associate membership in "Olympic sports" was due to the expanded media potential. Possibly that was the reason for your question? Anyways, I think it would be really interesting if the Pac12 worked to preserve ownership of the conference if they only sponsor two teams. With only two member schools sponsoring the sport and filling the conference with associate members, the associate members should have the upper hand. But since the WWC schools bailed, they are not easily able to establish a new conference which would leave all the power with the two Pac12 schools.
  3. Yeah, that's fair. I did not take this as a covid-centric proposal. But you're right. In the current climate, there would be added costs. But if teams are concerned about the cost of cleaning the gym once a year (in normal conditions) then we have bigger issues and should probably look at some changes all together.
  4. Okay, so if I am understanding you; I think this is worse than originally thought. Let's run through this and correct me if I am wrong... Team A = Oregon State Team B = Arizona State Team C = Little Rock So... Little Rock flies to Oregon State for one Dual on Day X. Arizona State flies to Oregon State for one Dual on Day X. Oregon State has two duals (Little Rock and Arizona State) on Day X. Did I get that right? So there is no benefit for Little Rock. They spend the same amount of money as they would have anyways for a single dual. This doesn't help them any. It doesn't get them to compete against more teams for the same amount of money they are already set to spend to compete the conference schedule. The same is true of Arizona State. Spending the same for a single dual. No change. No benefit for them. And for the host, Oregon State now has one home date, rather than two home dates for their fans. They sell admission to one date rather than two. Their athletes get one opportunity to compete at home rather than two. This cuts down on home dates. But home dates are not an issue, in fact, more home dates would be better for programs. I am really failing to see any benefit in this. It really seems like a proposal someone who doesn't like wrestling would make so they don't have to be bothered multiple times a season.
  5. No. But there are rules where they are allowed under certain instances to be provided with actual expenses. So Flo probably considers it payment since it is an actual expenses for them. But it isn’t actually compensation for the athlete. Kind of like how the All-Star Classic pays for athletes expenses to get to the dual.
  6. I disagree. I think the trading of home and away visits in conference contests is a basic precept of conference membership. However, I don't think there is anything wrong with bundling a non-conference dual with a conference dual on occasion. For instance, Oregon State is at Cal Baptist for their conference dual and Penn also comes to Cal Baptist for the date. Oregon State vs Cal Baptist (Conference) Cal Baptist vs Penn Oregon State vs Penn Oregon State already budgeted for the conference trip. They get an extra dual against a team from the East. Penn gets a west coast swing with two duals against D1 teams from different areas of the west coast. Cal Baptist can make a return trip out East and get some matches against other schools as well. Everyone is better off.
  7. Dual Duels replaced by Trial Duels and Quadrial Duels?
  8. The PSAC schools will not be competing before Jan 1 and they have cancelled fall sports. Four of the PSAC schools are associate members of the MAC in wrestling. I get there is some confusion in the title. I had a similar title for the post I made regarding the Patriot (EIWA) and am trying to keep consistency when posting.
  9. https://triblive.com/sports/reports-psac-to-cancel-fall-sports/ No sports through the end of the year Possible start January 1st Bloomburg, Clarion, Edinboro, and Lock Haven compete in the MAC.
  10. Though, I believe they technically qualified through the Western Regional. I think the WCC was never officially a conference with the ability to qualify athletes. Which was fine since the NCAA pays for regionals and it was the same teams that competed in the WWC. Also, I am not sure how MPS handle media. But I suspect the home team keeps the media rights.
  11. My understanding is that it did not start with female athletes featured. But when there was a push for more female athletes in SI, they invited women to pose in the issue to introduce them to male sports fans. SI still didn't give women much coverage the rest of the year but it became a big way for sports fans to learn about women athletes when there wasn't much sports news and they were already featuring women to men.
  12. I believe this is the exact way the SI swimsuit issue was developed. Different times for sure.
  13. Did they drop him? OR did he drop Flo? That hasn’t been clear to me. I don’t know how much Flo was paying for him to compete in the event but wonder if the contract may have been with his club or if the club was subsidizing the trip to compete and being fired from his club is the reason for not competing. Or was USA wrestling involved?
  14. Sure, that might be the symptom but it is pretty telling of the aliment. Why are only high school wrestling coaches the ones that attend wrestling events? Why is the sport catering to this group? High School wrestling coaches are active on twitter. They know the college wrestlers from watching them at national events competing against their athletes. But that is a very small market and not one that is going to sustain wrestling. When I see duals, I see a lot of older fans (retirees) who are not high school wrestling coaches. There should be a bigger market for people who aren't coaching high school wrestling to be wrestling fans. The number of ex-wrestlers out there is significant. Why do we think only high school wrestling coaches can be fans? (This is rhetorical; I am not attacking you.) I actually think we would do better with a dual emphasis for this very reason. Not only would it be easier for others to engage with college wrestling but it would also make it easier for high school coaches. Following tournaments is very time intensive. It is a taxing process.
  15. The Mountain Pacific Sports Federation exists to give a home to orphaned programs in the region. https://mpsports.org Wouldn’t be surprised if they start sponsoring wrestling. But also wouldn’t be surprised if the Big 12 takes everyone.
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