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  1. Low or middle income kids with good grades may not get an athletic scholarship to wrestle at Duke but they get good financial aid packages. all students at Duke get good aid packages.
  2. Oklahoma State is the host and has a large block of tickets and will be able to direct you as needed. I would start with this form to reach out to someone https://tickets.okstate.com/ticket-information-request/ but I believe the boxes are first available to those that own the facility box license (corporate sponsors of the venue) if they want them. Then the venue makes them available if they decline to purchase the seats. So you could contact the venue as well.
  3. Reports were a late applicant to Morgan State. So I am guessing the Spire program--and recruiting the high schoolers--wasn't getting the traction they needed to make the program viable and thus prompted the change for him.
  4. Another way to look at it would be to look at how many unique individuals in a class won a title. While we may attribute four championships to a class if one individual from that class was a four timer, it would also be interesting to see how many total unique individuals won titles. For instance, if four recruits from the same class all won a title at the same weight then it would be a sign of the depth of that recruiting class at the weight and how that recruiting class won the title against all of the other recruiting classes. The 2005 recruiting class accounted for four titles at 149 over a five year period with three different athletes claiming those titles. So they were competing against the recruiting classes from 2001 through 2009 and in that time their recruiting class claimed four titles at one weight with three different athletes claiming those titles. It would appear that out of the 9 recruiting classes they competed against for titles the one of the main obstacles for those individuals was their own recruiting class. Example (Recruiting class on top of table; championship year on left hand side of table): 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2005 R-SR SR JR Soph FR (Dustin Schlatter) 2006 R-SR SR JR Soph (Gregor Gillespie) FR 2007 R-SR SR JR (Brett Metcalf) Soph FR 2008 R-SR SR (N/A) JR Soph FR 2009 R-SR (Brett Metcalf) SR JR Soph FR 2010 R-SR SR JR Soph 2011 R-SR SR JR 2012 R-SR SR 2013 R-SR Champions in Bold
  5. I am suspicious that the candidate has been selected and knows they have been selected but is not being announced and hired so that they can continue to work with prospective athletes.
  6. I thought that was their first full season of competition but that they were planning to have a non-competition season first. Maybe I am mistaken and the non-competition season would be coaches only, but I thought it was going to be a limited competition season where their limited roster redshirted and wrestled a few opens.
  7. I thought they were suppose to start limited competition this season but the sport still isn’t listed on their website. Had there been a delay? Possibly all the funding committed hasn’t been fully allocated? It’s a little late to have athletes on campus in the fall.
  8. InterMat Wrestling - Jim Gibson: From One-Man Show to DI Head Coach (intermatwrestle.com) VMI's Head Coach was the only wrestler at his high school for two years. Placed 8th and 2nd in Pennsylvania those years.
  9. Where does it say they have to wrestle freestyle?
  10. Iowa State was third in Cael’s last year. Iowa State was third the first year with Cael—and that was with Cyler transferring to PSU where he took 6th. They were consistently a top team and contender. He qualified all of his athletes at ISU. It was a matter of time before he broke through. Though PSU expedited the process and is an easier place to win.
  11. I think for many of the programs it is too early to judge. It takes about 10 years to get your youth kids to college. Then another five years before their career is over.
  12. Everything you mentioned is correct. However, it misses the point I was making. If the listed tuition price were such a large factor then we could predict a school's athletic performance based on that figure. Of course that isn't the case. There are many reasons for this such as various amounts of financial aid awarded to different students as well as a desire to attend a specific school as well as athletic scholarships and the offerings of the wrestling program. My point is that there will be a lot of competition for any quality recruit. There are many different BTS programs around the country and about 31% of participants in the program are black. Any D1 quality athletes will have a lot of options. Those include a lot of different programs around the country. It is true that MSU has a low OOS tuition rate which may be helpful for landing more walk-ons especially from places like New Jersey where many athletes go to out of state schools. But there will still be a lot of competition. I wouldn't be surprised to see the wrestling program's racial makeup look like their softball program's. 2023 Softball Roster - Morgan State University Athletics (morganstatebears.com) Also, it is interesting that wrestling is still not mentioned as a sport offering on their website. You would think they would want that section added in preparation of the team starting.
  13. A lot of southern HBCUs have a significant Hispanic representation now. Some schools are majority Hispanic now. It’s true that urban high schools have lacked wrestling programs but initiatives like Beat The Streets is working to address that. The issue for a school like Morgan State is going to be the options available to recruits. Athlete from NYC Beat the Streets (like students from anywhere) have other options. Everything from local programs like Sacred Heart, Hofstra, Long Island to regional programs like Rider, Bloomsburg, Binghamton to National programs like Stanford, Oklahoma State, Penn State. A regional state school is going to face the issues of other regional state schools. You need to be able to build your roster with in-state talent and then you can supplement it with some out-of-State recruits. How many recruits does Maryland produce? And how many will they be able to land given the other options available to them?
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