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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/Gretti_53/status/1350988343279017986
  2. I agree. But I also am not a fan of one pigtail match. A concept I thought might be good is to go to 11 weight classes and keep 330 qualifiers so every weight gets 30 guys (top two seeds get byes). Then we have an odd number of weight classes which would allow for an easy tie breaker in duals. Note: This isn't one of the concepts I have given much thought to so I might actually find fault with it but it was a thought I had...
  3. We already know Ivy League wrestlers take time off. We see if every year. I can think of instances from Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Penn. That’s why we have the term grey shirt. That’s why there is so much talk about TC3, a community college, that dropped wrestling 15 years ago, on these boards. And there is even more justification now to take the time off with so much remote instruction.
  4. I expect a lot of kids to take the spring semester off.
  5. Stanford's internal policies for endowments calls for a target withdrawal rate of 5.5% but the actual payout varies based on fund performance. https://fingate.stanford.edu/managing-funds/endowments
  6. I thought I had heard Idaho plays summer baseball too.
  7. No tournaments. Dual only schedule is the goal.
  8. This is the same rule that was applies to spring sports. seniors (who were expected to exhaust their eligibility but who are now given another year with everyone else) will not count against the scholarship limit if they return to the program. If they go to a new school they count against the limit. this was done so that coaches wouldn’t have to decide between pulling seniors scholarships or pulling incoming recruits scholarships to stay under the scholarship limit. however, this doesn’t mean schools will do it. Because the schools have to come up with the money and most athletic departments are cutting spending and this would require increasing spending. Even some of the bigger name baseball schools have said they won’t be expanding their scholarship budgets to fund seniors returning on scholarship. Seniors are able to return as walk-one if they like.
  9. The President who recently added Wrestling at Fresno State (Joseph Castro) was recently appointed Chancellor of the California State University System but I believe is still the President at Fresno State. So it would appear that he would have to be discontinuing the program he just started.
  10. That's not how they sunset programs. They do a teach out. Which simply means they stop accepting students into a program and then the program ends when the students in the program have completed their progress. So basically it is typically over four years they phase out the program. And yes, they sometimes allow for online classes for those that fall behind on the progress with a partnering school. So honestly it isn't a big deal. It would only be a big deal for wrestling if the major that was sunset was one that a lot of wrestlers enrolled in and there was nothing else at the school that they moved to. But that isn't likely.
  11. The issue is really the expansion of Penn State and Pitt with their more expansive satellite campuses. Penn State and Pitt have really expanded their regional/satellite campuses and have turned them into full campuses to compete with the State Schools. Most of these campuses were created to only offer two year instruction filling a community college type niche while providing transfer opportunities to the flagship. But they have since become four year schools with full residential campuses. It has created a lot of state funded schools for a limited number of students. And a lot of the expansion of Pitt and Penn State campuses was funded by state funding for economic development to bring jobs to communities were facing economic decline. It has been a slow and subtle chipping away at the schools year after year that has lead to the decline trend. But it probably would make sense for schools to consolidate into a parent subsystem. For instance, the PASSHE having Edinboro, California, Clarion, Indiana, and Slippery Rock sharing leadership as a Western Pennsylvania grouping of schools would allow them to each to remain independent campuses while sharing administrative functions to create efficiencies and with a shared administration the competition between them could be minimized. I do know of other schools that have explored these types of partnerships and consolidations. Things like schools sharing one HR office, one Financial Aid office, one Legal/Regulatory office, as well as many other consolidations makes for less administrative bloat for the schools. It makes perfect sense for state schools that are largely regional schools aimed at serving their local regions of the state.
  12. Allen was really the driver behind it in my opinion. He contributed the most discussion and information with others feeding off him to create a community discussion.
  13. Depending on the majors, it could be a good thing. if a school has a major with very low enrollment then it would make sense for it to be consolidated. At the end of the day they are one system and should operate efficiency. I can’t see a wholesale move where there aren’t any overlap of majors at the three schools. That would just be absurd and create a strange campus without the ability to offer a diverse educational experience. The news headlines I have read seem to be sensationalize to get people worked up and not be in keeping with the actual plans, as I understand it.
  14. My understanding is that the schools will not be merged and will continue to operate their own campuses but they will have shared leadership and share other resources where it is justified. This will cut down on administrative bloat while allowing the schools to operate as their own campuses. At least that is what the letters I have been sent in the mail have said. They affirmed that there would be no merging or closing of campuses.
  15. Basically this year is a redshirt for everyone. So you there is no reason for anyone to be redshirting this year. No matter how many matches you wrestle for your team it won't burn a year of eligibility. The idea being that this will allow kids the chance to compete without fear of the season being cancelled. And if the season is cancelled, they aren't penalized for trying to compete which will hopefully make schools and athletes decide to stop competition if there should be any health risks that pop up because they will get the season back either way.
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