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  1. That continues to be what is said. https://www.google.com/amp/s/pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2021/07/14/vote-passes-to-consolidate-6-state-universities/%3famp “While each campus will go by its original name, they will act as one. The spokesperson with PASSHE says both universities will be accredited with a single president, single leadership team and a single faculty cohort and athletics will remain on each individual campus.” Clarion’s President will now lead the new school that has campuses at Clarion, Edinboro, and California. It’s a plan to reduce administrative bloat and eliminate redundancies that can be shared across campuses.
  2. This statement isn’t correct: ”The Big Ten is currently the only major Division I conference that requires member schools to sponsor wrestling.”
  3. Is track going to exist anymore? Flo bought them out three of for months ago.
  4. Why do you say that? You think they would be likely to leave neighboring and peer programs Wyoming and Air Force? Even with the Big 12 not being cohesive in their program makeup or geography, it still seems like a better fit than the Pac-12 given the travel involved and the difference in resources in that conference as well.
  5. This is the trophy they play for... FBS schools opt out of the Division-I championship to play in their own bowl games.
  6. Yes. Ice hockey is the sport with the most D3 schools represented in D1. But it should be noted that D2 schools playing ice hockey in D1 are not currently grandfathered under the rule. There is not a NCAA Division-II championship because there aren't enough D2 ice hockey schools to meet the requirements to hold one. As a result, all D2 schools are eligible for the D1 championship. Only the NEC-10 school decline to participate in the D1 championships. They consider themselves a D2 conference and hold their own conference championship and play out of conference games against D3 teams.
  7. No. A school could not be D1 in basketball and D3 in other sports. This is colloquially known as the “Dayton rule” after the University of Dayton which won the D3 football championship while playing D1 basketball. This resulted in schools like Georgetown, Davidson, and others having to move their whole athletic departments to D1 and lead to the creation of the Pioneer Football League which is a D1 football league that plays by D3 (non-scholarship) rules. Sports other than football and basketball could be grandfathered. One sport per gender. (Lock haven is wrestling and field hockey). If a school only has one sport “showcased” in D1 then they have an option of doing it for another sport at a later date for gender equity but otherwise no new programs can become D1 without the whole athletic department moving up.
  8. So crazy with how much duals matter in college wrestling that the pac-12 didn’t have a conference schedule and simply elected to only hold a qualifying tournament for the NCAA individual championship...
  9. Sounds to me like they are going to try to poach Big 12 associate members. Also, it sounds like the conference didn’t schedule conference duals and that was left up to schools themselves with no requirement for a balance of home and away matches which seems odd for a conference...
  10. https://pac-12.com/article/2021/06/02/pac-12-conference-announces-series-steps-bolster-wrestling-membership
  11. How did that make it through the editor? They didn't even tell us which three of the six colleges at Southeastern University he was considering... https://www.seu.edu/academics/programs/ It is interesting that other than ASU, the four schools (Cornell and three Southeastern schools) all have the same wrestling facility. https://fire.seu.edu/facilities/the-fire-pit/8 https://cornellbigred.com/facilities/friedman-wrestling-center/8
  12. This is common. Coaches also often start before they have signed a contract since it takes time for it to go through legal.
  13. I should clarify: I am not saying the figures suggested would be over paying for Koll. It was in response to the comment that made the comparison to Cael and Penn State. If we establish Cael is being paid market rate (which he probably isn’t... he could be underpaid for the value he brings) then any coach that produces less would be expected to be paid less. My point was more that it isn’t always good to compare what one program is paying to what another program is paying because there are different factors at play. A job that is more difficult will need to pay more to attract the same quality coaches to lead them and even then there isn’t the same quality out there to be hired.
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