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  1. University of Chicago would be my vote.
  2. The Las Vegas Invitational is a tournament with many of the top Ranked wrestlers in the country and is attended by very few fans with few people tuning in to follow it. Vegas correlates very poorly to the immense success of the NCAA Individual Championship. Imaging a wrestling fan saying an NCAA championship couldn’t work because they watched Vegas one year and it wasn’t much of an event, The same is true of any of the events that have claimed to be a dual championship. There hasn’t been an actual dual championship. There have only been dual events that named a team as a winner. The NCAA has never put on a dual championship and they put on great championships in every sport.
  3. The story is that’s why they have a camel as a mascot. It isn’t the official story the school tells because they don’t want to bring attention to it. But the saying went you’d have to be a camel to be able to go four years without a drink so they were known as the camels.
  4. Campbell looks to be strong next year. It doesn't seem their transfers out weren't any guys that were expected to contribute next year (before the NCAA granted the additional year of eligibility).
  5. This is it. https://mobile.twitter.com/DPSBreakdowns/status/1373117386279243779 correct call. illegal move.
  6. Is South Eastern the one where they built a wrestling facility just like Cornell’s. I think they have a dual win over a D1 team this year.
  7. It gives different results. It makes all of these events exhibitions. Are you saying USA Wrestling doesn't use matches in these events that give weight allowances for their rankings and for seeding? Or are you saying only the Ranking Events for UWW and Olympic Qualification because those are two different things.
  8. I have always been amazed how rarely the weight class weight is actually used. It seems like 99% of matches wrestled have a weight allowance. I never understood why they couldn't actually use the weight class weight. Especially when events and matches are factored into rankings (as far as I know).
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/Gretti_53/status/1350988343279017986
  10. I agree. But I also am not a fan of one pigtail match. A concept I thought might be good is to go to 11 weight classes and keep 330 qualifiers so every weight gets 30 guys (top two seeds get byes). Then we have an odd number of weight classes which would allow for an easy tie breaker in duals. Note: This isn't one of the concepts I have given much thought to so I might actually find fault with it but it was a thought I had...
  11. We already know Ivy League wrestlers take time off. We see if every year. I can think of instances from Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Harvard, and Penn. That’s why we have the term grey shirt. That’s why there is so much talk about TC3, a community college, that dropped wrestling 15 years ago, on these boards. And there is even more justification now to take the time off with so much remote instruction.
  12. I expect a lot of kids to take the spring semester off.
  13. Stanford's internal policies for endowments calls for a target withdrawal rate of 5.5% but the actual payout varies based on fund performance. https://fingate.stanford.edu/managing-funds/endowments
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