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  1. You're both correct. Olympic Gold is $250k. World Gold (non-Olympic years) is $50k.
  2. I wish that win had earned Princeton the Ivy League's auto-bid to the NCAA Team Tournament. That would have meant so much more. Especially, if it left Cornell on the bubble and possibly not getting a bid to the tournament.
  3. https://saintsathletics.com/hof.aspx?hof=593
  4. Both programs get wrestlers who are already developed. They polish the developed wrestlers.
  5. I wouldn't follow the rules. I wouldn't spend it in the states I live. I would put it into geographic areas that are lacking and I would put it into schools where they wouldn't be expected to compete for national titles. This would allow the programs to be sustainable within the athletic department, making them one of the better sports at the school, while helping to develop the wrestling ecosystem for the region. I would make the WAC a wrestling conference (current members: Utah Valley, Cal Baptist, CSU-Bakersfield). Would seek to get Seattle, Chicago State, UM-Kansas City, and UT-Rio Grand Valley to launch programs. I would make a SWAC/MEAC hybrid conference (probably under the SWAC banner). Would have the goal of eight programs for the conference. Having them be in one conference and not any other conference would allow them to be competitive with each other and would guarantee access to the NCAA tournament with at least one bid per weight among the peer group. Prairie View A&M and Texas Southern would anchor Texas and provide for a local Texas based Rivalry (and if UT-Rio Grand Valley launched as a part of the WAC, they would have another in-state team). Grambling and Southern would add a new sport for their rivalry and anchor wrestling in Louisiana. Arkansas-Pine Bluff would provide Little Rock with in-state competition. Mississippi Schools (Mississippi Valley State, Jackson State, and Alcorn State) would be interesting as there is no high school wrestling in the state so if they were added, they would recruit out-of-state and would have to be ambassadors on campus to introduce people to the sport. As schools that produce teachers, they might end up giving the state the human capital to introduce more wrestling. Alabama State and Alabama A&M would have a new sport for their rivalry. Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman would anchor Florida and continue their rivalry as the MEAC schools in the group. Under both scenarios teams would travel for their conference duals but otherwise would compete mainly in their region. When they would travel for duals they could pick up another event allowing them to get competition outside the region. For instance, if Bethune-Cookman was going to Alabama A&M they could also have a dual in the same trip with Presbyterian or Chattanooga This would fill in some gaps in different parts of the country where there aren't D1 programs in different conferences. This would help programs like Cal Poly, Northern Illinois, Little Rock, Presbyterian and many others by bringing competition into their region helping them to get more D1 competition locally. It would bring programs in from other conferences and would be programs that didn't launch with the expectation of competing with the Big Ten. It would also help the non-D1 programs that are more isolated by having other programs to compete with. Wayland Baptist (Tx), Oklahoma City (Ok), Brewerton-Parker (Ga), Southeastern (Fl), Simpson (Ca) and many other schools would have more teams to compete against in their region and help make them more viable. These non-D1 teams would also provide competition for the D1 teams so that they would have success. If I were making a plan for spending money in wrestling, it wouldn't be about me. I have it pretty good. I would fill the voids that make it so that other places, some of which I have never been, are able to benefit from the sport and strengthen it for everyone. Of course, with a little due diligence I might change things up so it might be different schools or conferences but the premise would remain the same.
  6. It's not too many medals in total. The issue is that the IOC has allocated a set amount of time for the wrestling event. If you add more weights you have to reduce the field size for each weight class in order to be able to fit it into the wrestling slot. The goal of the double bronze is to get more unique nations with wrestling medals. Dropping the double bronze and adding more weights would only result in less countries getting medals. You would end up with a few countries dominating even more. Many nations invest in the sports that win medals. The double bronze gets more money into wrestling.
  7. The top ranked D2 guys are consistently equivalent to D1 R12 (or better) in my experience.
  8. Football players are suspended every year for failing the test. You just don’t know about it because they are suspended for “violation of team rules” and are suspended for failing a school administered test. If an athlete fails an NCAA administered test it is a harsher penalty ( I think it costs a year of eligibility but would have to look it up to confirm). However, if an athlete fails a school administered test then the penalty is up to the school as long as they have a written policy on file for how they will handle the violations so that it is consistent for athletes at the school. Some schools test a few weeks before the end of the season to prevent a failure from turning up in an NCAA test. If an athlete is going to fail they want to know before the harsher penalty will be imposed.
  9. I assumed since the previous discussion was about the lack of athletic scholarships in the Ivy that it was understood. So I added that financial aid in the Ivy is all based on need. You don’t get scholarships from Ivy League schools for “being smart” you get them for being poor (or less well off than the study body as a whole). Stanford offers scholarships but is not fully funded. They offer great financial aid, like the Ivy schools do. And that allows them to attract more quality than their athletic funding would otherwise allow.
  10. This is true but is often misunderstood. It doesn't apply to high income families. The Ivy doesn't provide any merit aid. This means there are no academic scholarships in the ivy league. All aid is based on financial need of the family. So for lower income and middle income families (especially NY state residents for Cornell) they can pay less than they would to wrestle for a fully-funded program, but it has nothing to do with wrestling. They get that same deal, even if they don't wrestle. This also applies to Stanford, which allows their lack of funding to go further than it otherwise would.
  11. FWIW: When you view it on mobile, it is one page and easy to read...
  12. https://sports.yahoo.com/ranking-all-65-power-five-schools-in-overall-athletic-success-155454743.html Thought this was interesting.
  13. Fleming's actually applied pressure to the jaw.
  14. There is no reason to join a conference. They don't need a qualifying tournament until 2024. This will allow them to schedule as they see fit. They should schedule duals with the weakest of the "brand name" D1 teams so that the wrestling teams looks to be competitive in D1.
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