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  1. Alwayswrestling

    NW vs Mich - Rivera wrestling Micic

    The bump up impressed me till he was totally dominated in the match. Micic looked very good as he has all season.
  2. Alwayswrestling

    113 pounders in College

    It is true and it is amazing.
  3. Alwayswrestling

    Did Bo pass Nolf in the Hodge race tonight?

    I never thought he was behind Nolf. Both are incredible and fun to watch. JMO
  4. Alwayswrestling

    113 pounders in College

    Dan Gable won a state title at 112 his senior year of HS then wrestled 130 as a true freshman for Iowa State where he won Midlands over Olympic silver medalist Don Behm I believe..
  5. Alwayswrestling

    Daniel Lewis Pins Valencia

    What was score before the fall.
  6. Alwayswrestling

    A bad week for wrestling?

    Wrestling s it’s own worst enemy with the one and done format in international wrestling, with all the ducking in college wrestling and all the work one has to do to find results or watch actual wrestling on TV/internet. Embarrassing!
  7. Alwayswrestling


    If he had elite boxing he would not be getting KTFO in fights.
  8. Alwayswrestling

    Dave Schultz/Royce Alger Story

    Yea it is messed up.
  9. Alwayswrestling

    Best Start to a Freshman Season

    Dan Severn had a incredible freshman year, before getting injured something like 28-0 with 20 plus falls including a fall over the defending NCAA champ.
  10. Alwayswrestling

    Tomasello to compete at Midlands

    Great seeing Nato wrestling at Midlands but I do not see him at 125.
  11. Alwayswrestling


    Brands is not going anywhere to even think that is being ignorant.
  12. Alwayswrestling

    Kinda wacky, but cool Dake training video

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Alwayswrestling

    Lehigh vs PSU

    PSU looked very very good in this dual especially this early in the season!
  14. Alwayswrestling

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime