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  1. It was posted on another board that his fiance goes to school there so if true not surprised.
  2. So you really don’t know first hand much just hearsay, gotcha. My dealings/knowledge of Zadick is a great guy.
  3. Why do you think he would be a poor choice?
  4. Well the events for fans are no linger around so that is a good thing.
  5. Not every match but at least a few of them would be nice. I travel to watch top wrestling but not going across country to watch the product of the last few years.
  6. If the "All-Star meet does not have a majority of #1 and #2 wrestlers wrestling it is not really a All-Star meet. JMO
  7. When wrestling in college for Amine I always enjoy watching him wrestle. He seems right there with Hall and Valencia but as far as I know has never beaten either of them and in their folkstyle matches I saw nothing to make me think he could beat either in freestyle. Best of luck to him in all his matches except when wrestling against the USA.
  8. We will have to agree to disagree here I guess. Six straight is still the number to beat or at least 6 GOLD medals.
  9. Sorry 6 straight world title tops what Burroughs has done. Who know if Smith would of kept competing if he was getting $250k for each title.
  10. How tall and what did the Turkey and Cuban wrestlers weigh in at? The Turkey champ looked massive but obviously shorter than the Cuban. Thanks in advance.
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