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  1. Alwayswrestling

    Zain's left knee?

    I do not believe Retherford will play games at all. Hope he is 100 percent healthy or close to it and is able to compete.
  2. Where in Austin is this being held? I assume it is open to public? Thanks in advance.
  3. Alwayswrestling

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    Brutal knock out hope he is ok.
  4. Alwayswrestling

    Suriano vs lee

    He was actually in the hospital for 30 days?
  5. Alwayswrestling

    Suriano vs lee

    Lee handled Suriano pretty easily not sure what the debate is even about?
  6. Alwayswrestling

    Suriano vs lee

    Lee 24/7
  7. Alwayswrestling

    I think a lot of guys will take an Olympic Redshirt

    Pretty sure it has been stated that Yianni is taking one. Lee should if going to make a run for the Olympic team.
  8. Alwayswrestling

    Jordan Burroughs Final X weigh-in

    I think he had to use all the time allotted to make weight and change singlets but I doubt that even USA Wrestling would pull that stunt.
  9. Alwayswrestling

    Should I-Mar leave Illinois

    I think he is wrestling the best of his career so far just pushing one of our all timers in three matches not sure that he is not in the right place right now.
  10. Alwayswrestling

    Thomas Gilman History

    My goodness let it go! Gilman should not of used that term everyone gets it but IMO he did out out of ignorance not because he was/is a racist in any way. Let it go if that is you reason for not liking Gilman.
  11. Alwayswrestling

    Do the right thing USA Wrestling

    Get rid of the ref’s of Retherford and Fix matches for a starter. USA a true “Old Boy’s” club!
  12. Alwayswrestling

    Thomas Gilman History

    Who cares what Burroughs has to say?
  13. Alwayswrestling

    Japanese qualifying system

    Terrible system IMO
  14. Alwayswrestling

    Thomas Gilman History

    Gilman is a great competitor! Not sure if that was the right call for the winning points for Fix as I am not a freestyle expert but it is what it is.
  15. Alwayswrestling

    Final X - Lincoln

    I think the USA has a pretty tough team!