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  1. I have mine as I plan on going if it is held if not I expect a full refund.
  2. How did McKee look for those that watched?
  3. I guess I am not sure what you mean by poor sport I have watched most of his matches at US Nationals the last few years and I have not seen him do anything that I would call poor sportsmanship. After last US Nationals when he won he stopped and talked for about 20 minutes out side the arena he was nothing but smiles and well spoken. We even aske about his little celebration dance that he did he just laughed said he was caught up in the moment as it was his first SR level National championship. I do read some of the stuff that he says on here but in my only face to face meeting he was a good guy. JMO
  4. I have never seen Downey be a poor sport when losing on the mat.
  5. Did Dave Schultz leave Team Foxcatcher when the blacks were kicked off? If not why not?
  6. You responded but did not answer the question.
  7. I changed my not sure to absolutely I would got to a dual wrestling meet.
  8. I think they should be able to use a RSif available even if they wrestle if the post season tournaments are cancelled.
  9. Awesome matches. I would love to see a Schalles vs Nolf/Dake/Taylor.
  10. I appreciated the article and thought Mark did a good job.
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