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  1. He is a good guy and loves the sport of wrestling.
  2. I do not get the great hype anymore of Steveson? I got it before his college career with his HS and Jr world success but now at what 21-22 years of age no NCAA title or no Sr world team member let a lone not a Sr medal's. Yet people talk about him possible being a GOAT at HWT? I agree he has talent but I would also say there are 2-3 USA HWT's that could beat him and I would not be shocked. JMO
  3. That was awesome! Danny always has a honest answer to questions LOL
  4. A great honor for Dan Gable and the sport of wrestling! Congratulations and well deserved!
  5. I think Gilman is so solid defensively that it will not be a high scoring match for Gross. JMO
  6. This should be a fun match for us fans. I have Gilman 6-2
  7. If he did not make weight he should of lost his spot and no a asterisk would not of been by his name. I don’t believe that USA Wrestling would of allowed that to happen.
  8. It is all about the money and I am ok with that. I would love to have one of these a month especially since I think it is 50/50 on the Olympic trials happening.
  9. The US should not go if we do not send our top guys JMO
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