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  1. He is a good guy and loves the sport of wrestling.
  2. I do not get the great hype anymore of Steveson? I got it before his college career with his HS and Jr world success but now at what 21-22 years of age no NCAA title or no Sr world team member let a lone not a Sr medal's. Yet people talk about him possible being a GOAT at HWT? I agree he has talent but I would also say there are 2-3 USA HWT's that could beat him and I would not be shocked. JMO
  3. That was awesome! Danny always has a honest answer to questions LOL
  4. A great honor for Dan Gable and the sport of wrestling! Congratulations and well deserved!
  5. I think Gilman is so solid defensively that it will not be a high scoring match for Gross. JMO
  6. This should be a fun match for us fans. I have Gilman 6-2
  7. If he did not make weight he should of lost his spot and no a asterisk would not of been by his name. I don’t believe that USA Wrestling would of allowed that to happen.
  8. It is all about the money and I am ok with that. I would love to have one of these a month especially since I think it is 50/50 on the Olympic trials happening.
  9. The US should not go if we do not send our top guys JMO
  10. Jones lost the opportunity to be a GOAT with all his PED busts. JMO
  11. Khabib is from a different culture I could see him staying retired. But also I think he said retiring from the UFC so only time will tell.
  12. I did not see the first round going to Justin at all but that is why you do not leave it in the judges hands.
  13. Congratulations to our greatest ambassador of the sport of wrestling bar none!
  14. Congratulations and well deserved honor.
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