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  1. Jones lost the opportunity to be a GOAT with all his PED busts. JMO
  2. Khabib is from a different culture I could see him staying retired. But also I think he said retiring from the UFC so only time will tell.
  3. I did not see the first round going to Justin at all but that is why you do not leave it in the judges hands.
  4. Congratulations to our greatest ambassador of the sport of wrestling bar none!
  5. Congratulations and well deserved honor.
  6. If you watched Taylor back at 74 KG you could tell he was pulling a lot of weight and was not going to be be to hold that weight for long. JMO
  7. I would take Brands in a wild hard fought match. If they did wrestle in practice it would of been fun to be there to have watched.
  8. I do not see this ending any way other than a tech for Nolf.
  9. I think the first two matches will be good competitive matches. JMO
  10. A little off the topic but how good was #8 - Ricky Bonomo - Bloomsburg - 48 - 1,1,1? I watched him at the NCAA's all three years he won and I thought he was a big 118 lber and tougher than H. I think he would of done very well in any era, what are others thoughts?
  11. I could easily see Pantaleo win this one at 157 lbs.
  12. Who do you have? Woodley has not been impressive in his last few fights at all so I am not sure what to expect.
  13. I know these are just exhibition matches and I did not see the match but is it considered a bad loss?
  14. If NS does go 125 it makes things much more interesting and shows that he is very much a team player. JMO
  15. "Behind closed doors most would admit what I said is true even if they won't say it out loud." Pure speculation and opinion on your part.
  16. Being a great athlete does not translate into being a great wrestler. I have talked to many very good athletes that tried wrestling and they admitted that it was the hardest sport they ever did and did like it all. I know that many of the above mentioned were no doubt tough but being wrestling tough is a special thing. JMO
  17. Not a good look at all for OSU or staff. IMO
  18. Were these athletes tested before the covid to compare their results of post covid? If not everything is pure speculation. You are so blinded by your ignorant hate of Trump most of what you say is irrelevant.
  19. I call BS as I highly doubt these athlete's had tests done on them before the covid to compare after covid. JMO
  20. 6 cases proves my point, not a spike.
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