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  1. No way Rivera is going 125 this season.
  2. What was Welker score? Thanks in advance.
  3. LOL pretty sure he has pretty much already cemented his legacy and Cox is not even in the conversation here.
  4. I would say DT has had the better international career with his hardware plus I think DT will get a few medals before he hangs it up.
  5. Of course they are why would you even think otherwise?
  6. You get out of both what you put into them.
  7. I think it is about right as to win Gold you have to make it to the finals which I think Snyder will do.
  8. Get back to the topic and away from the pissing matches over law school. Geez.
  9. Maybe he is finally healthy and 61k is not as hard of a cut for him? He looks the best I have seen home in a long time.
  10. Did you follow your own math? Obviously no one started wrestling to get rich.
  11. Good for him for chasing a dream of competing at a DI program.
  12. That is all Taylor has done so far with Yazdani.
  13. I think he has done a great job along with JB.
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/us-olympian-gable-steveson-chases-140910264.html
  15. Alberts is a true snake and POS person. Manning better watch his back or his program will be cut.
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