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  1. Snyder is our rep for Japan he showed up made weight and looked very good in dominating Moore. Go USA!
  2. I can not believe people are arguing that they should change the rules after the fact. Anyone that has wrestled knows that there is a set time for weigh ins. No way in H are you going to get me to believe someone as smart and experienced of a wrestler that Cox is did not know when the weigh ins were. This is a very bad look for Cox. JMO
  3. I was at trials watching live and was hoping to come home and watch it again but they did not show it on NBCS.that is crazy. Anyone know where you can find it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Cox should be not even be in the conversation for anything at 97kg. Solid Burroughs get a wrestle off at 86kg if Taylor is injured?
  5. Ya have to make weight that is on the wrestler. Cox blew it, no one to blame here but himself.
  6. My goodness the Cox did not make weight he is done. He had two matches to win to get to Snyder there is no guarantee he would win those matches. Quit whining he is done for this Olympics.
  7. If he did not make weight on time this is 100 percent on Cox and his coaches.
  8. If he did not make weight on time this is 100 percent on Cox and his coaches.
  9. Posted on Iowa Wrestling. The smart decision.
  10. Which champs will go and at what weights?
  11. Got mine and am excited to watch some great wrestling LIVE!
  12. Dake is at a different level right now than with everyone but Burroughs. JMO
  13. So are they wrestling all I have is the line up page? I watched Snyder dominate Jackson as expected to big and strong.
  14. Let’s keep us fans in the dark as usual.
  15. Prayers to friends and family RIP
  16. Dake by whatever he wants match score to be.
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