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  1. 2 hours ago, Downtown Brown said:

    A few I can think of:

    Rex Holman

    Dave Schultz Transfer 1&2

    Mocco as mentioned

    Eirmann a recent big one

    Dan / Greg Ohio State to PSU

    tj jaworsky Oklahoma State to UNC was sorta big

    Mondell Marion UNI to Iowa?

    Dale Anderson Iowa St to Michigan St

    Ray Brinzer form Okie St to Iowa

    Joe Melchorie Oklahoma to iowa

  2. I can not believe people are arguing that they should change the rules after the fact.  Anyone that has wrestled knows that there is a set time for weigh ins.  No way in H are you going to get me to believe someone as smart and experienced of a wrestler that Cox is did not know when the weigh ins were.  This is a very bad look for Cox.  JMO 

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