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  1. 40 minutes ago, Mokoma said:

    I would say not that good.  Taylor smoked him shortly after college.  Maybe 2nd or 3rd best at the weight, but I doubt he would have ever made an Olympic or world team.

    I would not say smoked him if you saw the match.  It was a exciting match till Taylor get a bunch of points real quick at the end.  I am not sure if they wrestled again after that.  As good as Taylor looked there Dake made him look like a amatuer in the finals.

  2. Okie St was a solid favorite in Gable's last year so much so that they had already picked Coach Myron Roderick to hand out the championship torphy on Saturday night.  That left them scrambling Friday after semi finals to change their presenter to Danny Gable's HOF HS wrestling coach the late Mr. Robert "Burly" Siddens to present the championship trophy to Gable and his championship team.  I was a little gather Friday night after the semi's Mr. Siddens had a HUGE smile on his face.  Great memory and time!

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