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  1. It was a good dual I thought. I Iowa is just a very tough dual meet team this year, I am hoping they are a very tough tournament team but that remains to be seen. I was very impressed with as usual Lee and Kemmerer but really glad that Lugo opened it up against the very tough Boo. Sheets surprised me and Whittlake is very good and will be a tough out at NCAA's/
  2. Obviously glad he did not die but they way he went about cutting weight was absolutely ignorant.
  3. Can’t wait to see him and Dake go at it!
  4. Yes I follow all of the above but not as closely as I do DI since I now live in AZ.
  5. The Brands are great guys that care for their wrestlers on and off the mat.
  6. Agree that his only chance to beat Khabib is a early knock out(1st/2nd rd)
  7. If you ever had a chance to wrestle with Gable in practice it was quite the experience. Great story.
  8. This will make the trip to OTT worth it alone!
  9. Well it is past 12ET and I have not seen anything?
  10. Will Yainni even be at 141 next year?
  11. If anyone is writing PSU off they are crazy , it is going to be tight! Go Hawks!
  12. It was a good interview but what was fascinating about it? I am a big DeSanto fan.
  13. I was impressed with Army at Midlands so looking forward to seeing how this meet goes.
  14. Any reason given? Thanks in advance.
  15. I think you are going to have to be able to take DeSanto down more than he takes you down to beat him not just ride him out
  16. Guess the real Dake shows up for finals. Impressive!
  17. I love Gilman, wrestling tough rigid tournament.
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