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  1. 24 minutes ago, wrestlingphish said:

    When the person handing out medals at the B1G tournament this went to give a Joseph his silver, he brushed the guy off and did not accept it. Was seen on the big screen in the arena.

    I missed that, to bad because that was a great match.

  2. It was a good dual I thought.  I Iowa is just a very tough dual meet team this year, I am hoping they are a very tough tournament team but that remains to be seen.  I was very impressed with as usual Lee and Kemmerer but really glad that Lugo opened it up against the very tough Boo.  Sheets surprised me and Whittlake is very good and will be a tough out at NCAA's/

  3. 1 hour ago, Marcus Cisero said:

    I loved the tenacity of the  Brands Bro's on the mat as wrestlers, but off the mat - I never really accepted them as coaches. Cael and John Smith are more of my temperament .Just my opinion.

    The Brands are great guys that care for their wrestlers on and off the mat.

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