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  1. What weight is he projected at? Is he a blue chip wrestler? Thanks in advance.
  2. As a fan it sucks for sure that Lee is not wrestling but to think Lee is ducking anyone is y ya oU would have to be a Moran.
  3. Thanks I have asked the question on about 3 different sites and the answer I got was 4 central time.
  4. I would love to see the match between the two but I would go with Dake.
  5. I don't see a problem with the number of AA or rankings at all.
  6. I think I will take the 2X NCAA champ in this one if they would meet up.
  7. Penn St favorite with Nebraska, Ohio St and Iowa capable of winning it.
  8. NJDAN do not engage with trolls such as LJB,
  9. American's Glenn was very talented and fun to watch.
  10. Totally disagree on the peaking of Iowa to early.
  11. Iowa has a very good team team and Iowa had two big upsets wins.
  12. It should be no surprise that there is zero marketing for this event.
  13. Can you tap out? Because if Bo gets him in a spladdle he will be wishing he could.
  14. Doping does not make you the best just a cheat.
  15. I don’t think Smith has beaten Kemerer in college at least,
  16. Ban all individual cheater for life first offense.
  17. I am going with Young the veteran against the young stud Carr.
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