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  1. I have been to about 6-7 Midlands from 1980-2005 so it has been a few years I am trying to get a group of us to meet there always has been some good wrestling. Some of the matches that stick out in my mind that I was lucky enough to see were Schultz/Schalles, Schultz/Banach, Fried/Brands. I wish more post grads would step on the mat one last time against those college kids. Denny I enjoy hearing your stories on the past greats by the way.
  2. Dake has nothing to prove so what ever weight he goes at there should not be anything that makes his career less distinguished than what it already is 3 timer with out a RS at three different weights. He is a all timer period.
  3. Probably just messing with Taylor and PSU fans heads.
  4. These are some good questions on what made a wrestler just improve by leaps in bounds in what seems like a short time I have wondered about the same thing from wrestlers like John Smith and Cael Sanderson. What made these guys explode off the charts? I am sure that the main reason is HARD work but something else has to be there too.
  5. Prayers to you for a full and speedy recovery! I have many of your books they are awesome and a great resource for any wrestling fan!
  6. Also was at UNI not sure what his official position was though.
  7. Taylor is not dropping to 157 so let this talk die right now would be great if he would but not happening.
  8. NCAA titles are won on the mat so I would go with the guy who has the most titles not a award that is voted on by a committee.
  9. I said it is a no brainer on who has the better college career so far(Dake) not on who is the better wrestler is that would be up for debate.
  10. I think it is a no brainer that so far Dake has had the better college career of the two, Dake is 3 for 3 versus Taylor's 1 out of 2.
  11. Love hearing these stories of workouts and honest thoughts of competitors.
  12. The stories never get old thanks for sharing again!
  13. Are you also holding your opinion on how J Rob is as a coach? . Talking about Sanderson's coaching ability with ALL the PA tallent at his doorstep. What Robinson has done for MN is amazing very few coaches if any other coaches could of done it.
  14. As good of a season that PSU is having they have not won the NCAA's yet and untilll they win at least three in a row I will hold my opinon on how Cael is as a coach. How he does in getting the best with little money will show since 9.9 is the scholarship limit. Also agree I like it that the wealth is spread fun to watch the season progress when multiple teams are in the race.
  15. Very very bush league to bring your boys into this scrap.
  16. First they need to win a 2nd title and IMHO Mcdonough has the best chance to do that he won his first title with two NCAA champs at his weight while Dake won a weight that was not near as deep. With Dake moving up a weight he will have the tougher time repeating. Both are offensive wrestlers and fun to watch it will be a fun year to watch them progress.
  17. What was his "style" that you speak of? Kolat was an innovator. His flexibility was pretty sick to boot. Ok why do you think he was a innovator? I never really thought that of him that way when I watched him wrestle. I thought he was extremely physically ready to wrestle right out of HS but never was impressed with his conditioning. I saw him lose as a true freshman against the Ohio St kid can not remember his name right now but in that match was just beat by a better upper classman. To me Kolat was a very good college wrestler but not a innovator like a Sanders, Gable, Schalles, Smith or Askren.
  18. Come on "robbed" that is unfair to everyone involved.
  19. This has always been too simplistic of an analysis in my opinion. What else is there to look at? International medals? Undefeated seasons? This is not a knock on kolat just that Abas is a great plus one of his loses was going up a weight a against the defending NCAA champ at 126.
  20. I knew Cornell had the most points but not by that big of a margin this makes them a heavy favorite.
  21. I don't think you can easily say Abas had a better career then Kolat. They both had 2 career losses at the NCAA tournament however Kolat never placed worse then 3rd. NCAA tournaments I would say is nearly a wash for the two of them. Sure Abas had 3 less career losses but Kolat had wrestled a big 10 schedule his true freshman and true sophomore years. Whereas, Abas took a redshirt year and then wrestled Fresno States schedule. Also, Abas was at 118 and 125 compared to 134 and 142 for Kolat. I think if you switched Kolat and Abas, then Kolat would easily have better overall numbers. Both 4X AA but one is a 3X champ the other a 2X champ easy choice for me.
  22. How many wrestlers did Kolat beat that ended up being NCAA champ/world medalist? Sanderson just made his competition look bad he was that good.
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