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  1. Let's be honest about this ... Metcalf lost to the man (Frayer), who if you look at the 66kg 2012 Olympic brackets, lost to the man (SHABANAU - BLR), who lost to the man (HASANOV - AZE), who lost to the man (YONEMITSU - JPN) and the man (AZCUY - CUB). I've heard of elimination before, but this was elimination corroborated by one guy losing the next round after the next. Throw in that Oliver, a guy who weighed in a pound over 60kg took Metcalf to the brink of defeat at approximately 12 lbs higher the very next day after sucking weight to make it to the lower weight.


    I'm not saying that Metcalf didn't earn his Hodge. I think that we were all fooled in thinking that 149 was a tougher weight than it actually was.


    A good analogy would be the Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward Trilogy. Those fights were epic and they looked like great fighters battling! But, despite their talent, someone like Mayweather or Pacquiao would make it look like childs play when beating either one of them by KO.


    Varner obviously has a better resume than Metcalf at this point.


    Ness won the Hodge in 2010. Metcalf won in 2008, in a weight class with Burroughs.



    It is fun reading some posts that make no sense based on no logic at all. An for the education I feel confident that you were saying that you feel Varner should of won the Hodge and him winning the gold in the Olympics backs you up.

  2. I think Metcalf was injured or got injured when he lost to Ware one year could be wrong and as for Frayer he just got beat that day by the better wrestler. I would like to see Metcalf really open up and change levels some for more action as the more points that are scored in his matches I think he has a better shot of really dominating.

  3. He's got another run in him for 2016 and he'll for sure make a go at it. Until that's said and done that's his fixation and guarantee he'll have tunnel vision for it. He may even go again in 2020, although not a shoe-in bet. I say after he has either achieved his goals or exhausted his greatest effort to, that we will see him coaching. He fits the mold of Iowa, so I think the program will do what it can to keep him there. If he leaves, it'll be to a school with a mentality that is similar. I'd be shocked if he ends up somewhere that is more finesse and technique.



    What information are you basing these claims off of?[/quote


    Seriously??? What JT! posted is nothing more than what probably the majority of people think about Metcalf continuing to compete.

  4. Willy was tremendous think may of given Pat Smith a few close matches, but had a few weak national tournaments. I remember following that year and thought he could be one of the guys that could stop smith from winning four.


    I thought it was McIlravy that he gave some very good matches too at 150 getting beat in OT at the Big 10's.

  5. Yo Always,


    Thank you for the kind words.


    About this topic.........I sure hope that I have not done a hijack job on this one ? Although title does mention Iowa and Midlands.


    Denny I don't think you have done any hijacking at all. I am not sure why Iowa is not going to Midlands kind of a bummer for Iowa fans but still will be some great wrestling.

  6. I have been to about 6-7 Midlands from 1980-2005 so it has been a few years I am trying to get a group of us to meet there always has been some good wrestling. Some of the matches that stick out in my mind that I was lucky enough to see were Schultz/Schalles, Schultz/Banach, Fried/Brands. I wish more post grads would step on the mat one last time against those college kids. Denny I enjoy hearing your stories on the past greats by the way.

  7. Dake has nothing to prove so what ever weight he goes at there should not be anything that makes his career less distinguished than what it already is 3 timer with out a RS at three different weights. He is a all timer period.

  8. These are some good questions on what made a wrestler just improve by leaps in bounds in what seems like a short time I have wondered about the same thing from wrestlers like John Smith and Cael Sanderson. What made these guys explode off the charts? I am sure that the main reason is HARD work but something else has to be there too.

  9. The more I think about it, the more I think it's premature to discuss who has the better career. Shoot, Taylor is just halfway through. If it ends up like this: 2 titles + 2 Hodges vs. 4 titles in 3 weight classes



    Who has the better career then? Do you go with the guy with more titles? Or do you go with the guy that has titles and Hodges? What if Taylor has three titles (something many think will happen)? What about 2 vs. 3? Or 3 vs. 3?


    NCAA titles are won on the mat so I would go with the guy who has the most titles not a award that is voted on by a committee.

  10. As good of aseason that PSU is having they have not won the NACC's yet and untilll they win at least three in a row I will hold my opinon on how Cael is as a coach.

    Are you also holding your opinion on how J Rob is as a coach?


    Talking about Sanderson's coaching ability with ALL the PA tallent at his doorstep. What Robinson has done for MN is amazing very few coaches if any other coaches could of done it.

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