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  1. My picks are more of who I want to see make the team but will be cheering for team USA in 2020! 57 Gilman or Lee equal 65 Yainni 74 Dake 86 Cox 97 Snyder 125 Gwiz
  2. The US Open Champion in December should get a high seed. JMO
  3. It is so hard for me to pick against Fix/Gilman in the finals because much is unknown about Lee and the same day weigh ins for Colon, Graff, Gross Garrett is going to be brutal.
  4. Nolf was injured? I am pretty sure his senior year he was not.
  5. I was very surprised by this results in that as good as Maia is I just thought Askren would be able counter with his wresting(obviously wrong here). Not sure where Askren goes from here or if he even wants too.
  6. Antitroll2828 almost everything you are saying is speculation just like what Dernlen's comments were pure speculation.
  7. No sure if true but someone posted on the Hawkeye board that Corry Clark is registered at 57kg.
  8. Thanks after I posted and had no results figured out.
  9. Any results posted would be greatly appreciated!
  10. When is the Schultz in January? Thanks in advance.
  11. He definately is a crowd pleaser with his style. Carver would go nuts watching him wrestle as a wrestler I am not sure if there is a better place to wrestle that is close to home.
  12. NJDAN they may have been able to wrestle/coach but I do not think it was just done that way back then? Just like in most sports there were pioneers paving the way for the wrestlers of today with OTC and regional training centers with stipends. Wrestling has came along ways overall.
  13. Exactly Gable was training in a garage made into a wrestling room against who ever would show up for practice,
  14. I love Bo since I saw his matches on video beating Hall back when they were in 7th or at 8th grade but can we slow down here. We have people on here saying a 200 lb Bo can beat out Snyder. I will tell you right now if it was me I would be going at what ever weight I thought best for me not my team mate. If Bo goes at anything other than his best weight he is not t bright.
  15. I think Askren wins this fairly easy but for most UFC fans that just want to see brutal knockouts they will be booing.
  16. It was posted on another board that his fiance goes to school there so if true not surprised.
  17. So you really don’t know first hand much just hearsay, gotcha. My dealings/knowledge of Zadick is a great guy.
  18. Why do you think he would be a poor choice?
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