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  1. On 11/4/2019 at 1:10 PM, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    The expectation is that they will have a bunch of guys wrestling in Dallas in December, and potentially at the Schultz in January as well. Hence the huge gap in their schedule between the Penn dual on 12/8 and Illinois on 1/10.  Perhaps they will send a decent contingent to Midlands as well? 

    I count ~18 matches prior to Big 10's if guys don't miss a single event on the schedule.  

    When is the Schultz in January?  Thanks in advance.

  2. I love Bo since I saw his matches on video beating Hall back when they were in 7th or at 8th grade but can we slow down here.  We have people on here saying a 200 lb Bo can beat out Snyder.  I will tell you right now if it was me I would be going at what ever weight I thought best for me not my team mate.  If Bo goes at anything other than his best weight he is not t bright.

  3. 2 hours ago, Martini said:

    I believe Zadick was also suspended from Iowa wrestling for fighting while shaking hands with Minn wrestlers. Who does that? 2 fights are 2 too many. Also how he handled the Kanen Storr issue showed poor judgement. 

    So you really don’t know first hand much just hearsay, gotcha. My dealings/knowledge of Zadick is a great guy.

  4. 16 hours ago, Molsen said:

    Its a shame. Yes not having the 1s vs 2s every match made it not as exciting, but there were still great matchups amonst numerous highly ranked guys.  Not having the event sucks for people who enjoy high level college wrestling.

    Not every match but at least a few of them would be nice.  I travel to watch top wrestling but not going across country to watch the product of the last few years.

  5. 35 minutes ago, AnklePicker said:

    Burroughs is the GOAT. It’s not that close at this point.  He lost...by a hair this year to the champ. He’s still right there. He had to beat 3 Dagestanis before wrestling the Russian!  With all due respect Smith’s competition in some of his world title years were not nearly as difficult.  Count the number of Russians Burroughs has had to beat during the span of his career.  It’s absurd. 

    Dake is unbelievable. I’m a huge fan but the style he’s been using in terms of movement and footwork works well vs flat footed Russians and Dieringer but will play right into Burroughs hands. 

    Sorry 6 straight world title tops what Burroughs has done.  Who know if Smith would of kept competing if he was getting $250k for each title.

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