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  1. 10 hours ago, KTG119 said:

    Did those Iowa guys qualify as freshmen?

    Couple other Iowa greats who DNP as freshmen, in their cases cause they did not start:

    Terry Brands non starter 1-2-1

    Chad  Zaputil non starter 2-2-2

    Think Steve Martin kept both those guys out of post season line-ups

    Lou Banach I believe did not as he could not make 190 mid season.

  2. 1 minute ago, tbert said:

    Yes!  Wondering when these were coming.  Reminds me of the all the lame dake excuses before he even wrestled Burros.

    Lighten up it is my opinion, I feel at 90 percent or better Dake wins.  Could he lose at 100percent absolutely Alex is my second favorite wrestler so I am in a win win situation here. 

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