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    knox reacted to TNTwrestle in I'm going to my first NCAA's   
    Congrats Russel, and all the other virgins. Last year was the first one I've missed in 30 years (due to NCAA greed). The picture is my arena from last year. I've been to 33 of the last 35 and it's my best R&R time every year. Bought some good binoculars for this year, but at least I'll be in the building.

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    knox reacted to grappler6 in I'm going to my first NCAA's   
    Glad to hear some first timers are making the trip this year! Hopefully my great state of MN shows you a good time.

    This year will be my 8th and it is always a great time!

    Some tips I would suggest for first timers

    -most schools host a social at some point throughout the weekend. Find out when your favorite team’s is and attend.

    -don’t expect to show up at the time a session starts and walk through the doors. For whatever reason the last two years have been slow at the entries.

    -the semi finals/Blount round session are amazing be sure to be in your seat for that!

    -it’s a marathon, not a sprint for the drinkers out there. Don’t let a fun Wednesday night ruin the rest of your weekend.

    -check out fan fest. Usually some autograph sessions with famous wrestlers if that’s ur thing. Can purchase clothing and other wrestling murchandise. USA wrestling usually has a workout where u can watch all ur favorite stars.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Maybe others have other tips. Enjoy!

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    knox reacted to 1032004 in Flo's Side of Lawsuit Against W. Saylor and Rofkin   
    Maybe Rokfin should countersue for copying their logo

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    knox reacted to swing in Flo's Side of Lawsuit Against W. Saylor and Rofkin   
    Spot on.  As someone else said, non-competes dont hold water here in Texas.  However, they typically do get enforcement on defamation/original content/etc.  I assume lots of cease and desist letters flew around, usually thats the end of it.  There will be a settlement, probably not $, just willie saying "ok, ill quit bashing flo, etc...".
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    knox reacted to wrestlingnerd in Flo's Side of Lawsuit Against W. Saylor and Rofkin   
    Best comment of this thread. 
    This is really about Flo sending a message that you can’t just bail and start competing with impunity. Will Flo get some large payout? No. Will Flo even win the lawsuit? Who knows, but probably not. Will Willie then “win”? No, lawsuits are unpleasant to deal with and require significant legal expense. Will those expenses be covered by Flo if Flo loses? Almost surely not, since the contract was clearer violated and it’s Texas, not California, so there is a very reasonable basis for the lawsuit. Will others think twice about immediately violating a contract, enforceable or not, that they signed with Flo going forward? No question, and that’s what this is about. 
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    knox got a reaction from JHRoseWrestling in Richard Perry accident   
    I'm not a religious guy, but when I read what Gina is writing, I cannot help but be moved and even say a prayer. I hope that her enormous faith and her family's faith be answered, and I wish Rich a speedy road to recovery.
    Without having been there, it's really hard to judge. I know some people said earlier they wouldn't assign blame though it's hard not to speculate. I don't know except to say with the benefit of hindsight, I'm sure there are at least a few people who are feeling incredible guilt right now. Even if they should've known, they are fallible humans and could use our good thoughts as well.
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    knox reacted to Buckeyebison in Richard Perry accident   
    Here’s the latest update from Gina
    More news from Gina!!
    “God is SO good. I mean He truly is SO SO good those with heavy hearts, I urge you to lay them down and rejoice! Rejoice because God is a God of miracles and I know that may seem crazy for me to say right now, but I promise He is!
    When we arrived at the hospital this morning the news was grim and not at all what we wanted to hear. They said Ri Ch Perry was too lethargic, not staying awake, and it concerned them that he was unable to talk at all. So, instead of allowing their prognosis to cause fear or chaos, I asked you all to pray and I am so grateful for all who did, because the day quickly turned around
    Today Rich not only said, “I love you” THREE times, but he pulled me in for a hug and a kiss, he was holding Zekes hand and tickling his feet, he also rubbed Zeke’s back as I held him. He held my phone in his hand and watched a video of Mya and Beau and smiled when they said “I love you daddy.” Oh, there is so much more he did today! He took a marker and was doing all sorts of tricks with it in his hand, his same hand that earlier that morning he couldn’t even clench shut! When his teammates came to visit and pray over him, he said “Can I get an Amen?!” And before we left for the night he told me “Sweet Dreams!”
    These may not sound like much to you, but I promise from when I first arrived and saw him, what he is doing now is absolutely incredible. ❤️ please continue to pray for his eyes to open and his strength to be renewed each day by the Lord.”
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    knox reacted to Buckeyebison in Richard Perry accident   
    Here’s the latest update-
    “Update from Gina!!!
    “Thank you all so much for the prayers! God is certainly hearing them and acting on them. This morning we walked in on Rich standing with assistance. Praise God that is just leaps and bounds better than yesterday! Not only that, but he even cracked a smile for us as he was standing in true Rich fashion. He is able to hear us and acknowledges our questions and what we are saying to him. Honestly, at this point I could not be more excited about his progress and it’s all because of God’s mercy, grace, and love—your prayers are moving mountains! Please keep them coming. While this will be a long road to recovery, it will be one to a FULL RECOVERY! I am claiming that in the name of Jesus!
    We are waiting on an exact date for next week’s surgery to remove the bone fragment from the front part of his brain. We need prayers that that surgery goes smoothly and as planned. Please pray that God guides the hands of the surgical team and that all goes according to plan... or even better.
    The swelling is going down and it seems that this is all a waiting game for now, until Rich has surgery. The pool of blood on the back right side of his brain is causing paralysis on the left side of his body. Though it will take time, we’ve been told the bruising will heal and the paralysis will dissipate. We are believing that he WILL regain functionality.
    He is now stable enough to get an MRI this afternoon to learn more about what’s going on as far as brain function.
    We just have to continue to wait and pray, and in time all things will work together for God’s glory. We are so incredibly thankful for ALL of the prayers, love and support you all are showing to our family. I am blown away and overwhelmed with the love and support from the entire wrestling community at all levels, as well as all of our friends and family. Having you in our life is such an incredible blessing. Your texts, calls, messages and everything in between, are so uplifting! God is so SO good! Please do not stop praying for Rich.””
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    knox reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in FLO PRO   
    perhaps a better strategy than illegally pirating Flo's streams would be to share the Facebook Live streams and Twitter Periscope streams that Flo already puts out for free of the events they cover. It's usually one or two matches per event. 
    there is also a ton of free content on the site every day. 
    another thing you could do, if you pay for Flo Pro, would be to invite other friends and family members over to watch wrestling events. or you can pull up Flo's wrestling events on a computer, tablet or smart phone when you are at someone else's place, or even at a bar. 
    there's also lots of great wrestling videos on youtube that you can access that have nothing to do with the Flo. 
    all those would seem like better ideas than stealing via the illegal distribution of media, as is not just Flo that those kinds of actions hurt, but also the events Flo invests in and ultimately the athletes that participate in them. the same goes for Track and any other media company. 
    but those are just suggestions. I leave up to everyone's individual consciouses to guide them. 
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    knox reacted to gopher_fan_90 in FLO PRO   
    Wrestling is also a hard sport to cover in that at tournaments there are multiple mats. A few years back before ESPN provided full coverage for the NCAAs people were always complaining about the TV coverage, and them jumping mats, and what matches ESPN was choosing to show. The big time providers who can show it on cable, aren't gonna mess with going to tournaments and offer multiple camera angles for the Harris Nichols Open. ESPN does occasionally cover Wrestling on ESPN 3, web service mostly. But that is how they cover the other 75 percent of college sports that are considered minor sports.
    It's obvious you have a sour taste towards Flo for charging for their services. You are more than entitled to that opinion. People always talk about other sports for "free". I was paying 150 dollars a month to have cable included with my internet, I watched about 6 of the 200 channels. I gladly will pay Flo 150 dollars for a year to get all the access they provide, that I want to watch.
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    knox reacted to maj in Is Wrestling Doomed?   
    No magic to growing or maintaining high school numbers- build middle school and youth programs. In some areas of the country the demographics are going to make it difficult. I'm not sure what the breakdown of your figures is or where you got them but I suspect there was a drop in total enrollment for high school students is some traditional wrestling areas and all sports not just wrestling are affected.
    Obviously if you want to get kids wrestling , you have to sell the parents and not the ones on this board , they are already sold. Poorly run kids tournaments can KILL a potential wrestling family in it's tracks. I have seen many examples of parents and grandparents waiting hours for a tournament to start and between matches to watch their beginner kid get pinned in 20 seconds. A tournament that could be run in a couple hours takes all day and parents say I'm not doing this any more.  I've been out of youth wrestling for a while so this point may be moot, if there are any single elimination tournaments still going on that needs to stop forever. I made it a point never to put my kids in one even when they were favored to win it. I'd like to see weight classes relaxed , Madison weight type thing and kids wrestle 3-5 matches at every tournament, even if they lose them all. Some type of round robin or triple elimination should be looked at. Hard ass tournament directors who ax a 10 year old for missing weight can take their share of the blame for declining numbers. ( I am not talking about some national or even state championship event where standards need to be maintained ) if you have strict weight classes , bump the kid to the next one without penalty. It's not that hard to redraw a bracket with today's programs. Most start out with byes making it a no brainer. Bottom line- if you hook the kids in 4-8th grade the high school numbers will take care of itself, but you have to first consider the parents on the fence and make it as painless as possible to get them started.
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    knox reacted to Wrestler777 in Alternative Uniform Options   
    Singlets are obviously not an issue for those who have been involved with the sport for many years. There is no sense at this point to change college level wrestling uniforms. As of right now, singlets are the most comfortable and effective uniform.
    I would say compression shorts/fight shorts and shirtless would be a reasonable possibility, however have any of you actually wrestled without a shirt on? When wrestling without a shirt, sweat builds up extremely quickly and mat wrestling becomes very difficult. Compared to MMA, there is much more chest to back contact when wrestling on the mat, therefore it can get really slippery...really quickly. As for freestyle, imagine trying to gut wrench a guy with no singlet.
    The real problem lies in the younger aged kids. Just as many guys have stated, younger kids who are thinking about joining wrestling are immediately turned off by the mockery that their fellow classmates will unleash when they step on the mat in a singlet. I witnessed this first hand even at the high school level. Although I was successful enough to get by the fun-making I still heard comments like 'I would never wear one of those things.' Why turn off kids before they even start.
    This is a direct contrast to the current rise of MMA. MMA has become 'cool' to the average kid. Even when I was in high school a few years ago, random kids would come up to me and ask me to help them learn wrestling so they would be better at MMA. There were kids in my school who chose to go to MMA gyms and take jiu-jitsu and wrestling classes there, but they refused to join the wrestling team. The reason? They didn't want to be caught dead in a singlet.
    Wrestling needs to change its ways if it wishes to piggy back on the explosive growth of MMA. Wrestling needs to become 'cool' just as MMA has joined football and other mainstream sports. Changing wrestling in ways that make it more similar to MMA is vital. After all, wrestling is in itself a martial art, why not market it as such and gain some fans who already follow MMA.
    Younger athletes need to convert to fight shorts and short sleeve under armor tops. This will allow the stigma associated singlets to go out the window in the youth wrestling world.
    Wrestling is a bottom up sport. As much as people would like to argue that David Taylor and Kyle Dake make kids want to wrestle, they are wrong. The only people who know these names are people already involved in the wrestling world. The way that kids get introduced to the wrestling world is by local coaches and affiliates of the sport who bring them along to practice one night. Or, it is the high school star's younger brother who invites his friends to come practice where they fall in love with the sport. 
    We need wrestling at this level to be more appealing to the average kid. By changing singlets to fight shorts and a compression top, kids can feel like they are training to be in the UFC. Which for some wrestling has become the perfect pre-UFC path. i.e. Cormier, Hendricks, Askren (OneFc). Thus, there are a multitude of other changes that could/should be made in youth/high school wrestling to attract more participants, but that is for a different discussion.
    In all, wrestling needs to attract more participants at the ground level so that we can build a large fan base for those at the higher level. The first step to this is doing away with singlets at youth tournaments and making fight shorts/compression tops a mandatory uniform.
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    knox reacted to ideamark in Alternative Uniform Options   
    Some food for thought on the subject of uniforms:  Here are two stories I wrote for InterMat years ago:
    1. An article about changes in uniforms over the years: http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/2967/Rev-Rewind-Major-Changes-in-Intercollegiate-Wrestling
    2. An article about how old-school (pre-singlet) uniforms affected a wrestler's strategy: http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/3996
    Just to be clear: Singlets are a fairly new phenomenon in wrestling -- they are NOT an ancient, long-standing tradition. Trunks or tights, shirts optional, was THE standard uniform in HS and college wrestling up to the mid 1960s, when the NCAA required shirts. Singlets were actually outlawed by the NCAA until the late 1960s, when they started making their appearance in college.
    InterMat Rewind: Old School Strategy     Wrestlers wear one-piece singlets and headgear, and wrestle on foam mats.

    Even folks who don't know a takedown from a touchdown recognize these basic elements of amateur wrestling. That's all most of us have ever known. These elements have been "standard equipment" for U.S. high school and college wrestling for the past 40 years or more.

    Things weren't always so. Singlets first made their appearance in U.S. high schools and colleges about 1970. Headgear was strictly optional -- and a rare sight -- until the late 1960s. Today's foam mats were introduced in the late 1950s.

    What was it like for wrestlers who competed before these changes? What kind of impact did old-school mats and gear have on the way they wrestled? And what about those who wrestled in the late 1950s into the 60s, who experienced first-hand the revolutionary changes to the mats, and in what wrestlers wore out onto those mats?

    Before we suit up …

    Even as someone who writes about wrestling as it once was -- and has interviewed more than a few wrestlers of the past -- I really hadn't thought that wrestling gear and mats would have much of an impact on the way wrestlers wrestle. (Putting aside all the advertising messages that claim wrestlers will be invincible if they wear the latest headgear, singlets, or shoes.)
    Jack Marchello That all changed during a phone interview with Jack Marchello, two-time Big Ten champ for the University of Michigan in 1956 and 1958...
    To keep reading... http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/3996
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