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    I'd love to move From Michigan to NC or SC. No more snow storm filled spring breaks!
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    You are so right, his technique is terrible. Finally he will go someplace and learn how to wrestle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOvfKr0J5d4
  3. Women's wrestling at the high school and college level continues to grow. Eventually I think it will grow to the division 1 level, but focusing time and resources to push it to the division 1 level would be unwise. The continue promotion and growth of women's wrestling as a whole will benefit men's wrestling and could potentially protect future men's programs from being cut due to title 9 compliance issues. By sharing resources, men's and women's programs tie their fate to each other. Cutting men's wrestling no longer makes as much sense. I found women's wrestling enjoyable to watch, but agree that at some weights the styles in general are a bit more boring than others. I feel the same about men's wrestling as well though. Heavyweight 197 and even 184 can be a bit boring (174 has had its moments in recent years). As a lightweight competitor my whole career, I also favor the lighter weight classes of both styles. I however am biased. In my high school career, I competed on teams with 8 female wrestlers (4 at one high school, 4 at another my senior year). One of them wrestled in college, became my wife and has blessed me with three boys.
  4. If only Christianity worked the way some of these idiots think. Men have been loving men long before Christ walked the earth and Christ would have accepted them with open arms and loved him. The only choice Pucillo has made its to no longer hid something to the way God made him, is as natural as breathing. As a straight person doesn't second guess their attract to the opposite second because it is simply in their nature. A gay persons attraction to the same sex is also in their nature. (I just wanted to put another Christian view out there because we are often represented by overly loud and hypocritical morons.) God bless Pucillo
  5. Michigan's loss in dead. Happy for him and his family, they're great and he made a huge impact on my career as a coach and competitor. So, I"m bitter for us here in Michigan. Then again, it can't hurt too much to have a friend in New York.
  6. Flashes of brilliance like this is why I picked him a few years ago to win a national title as a long shot.
  7. How would a female freestyle wrestler do in male folkstyle wrestling? Like comparing oranges and asparagus.
  8. Actually, with a closer look, Stanford started different wrestlers at 125, 141, 157, 174, and 197. That's 5 weight classes. It looks like 3 of those weights had won against Michigan and lost against EMU with different starters including #17 ranked Evan Silver who beat #11 Conor Youtsey and didn't wrestle against Germaine of EMU. What's up with that? Weight issues? Injuries? Are they still figuring out the line up after 6 duals?
  9. And MSU just dominated Eastern... yikes, things are turning into a mess.
  10. Grajales loses to two unranked wrestlers and then beats #1 Sakaguchi 10-6. He has been inconsistent since he entered college and reminds me a lot of David Craig's career.
  11. I'm wrong! :) So which did he beat/which weight did he wrestle? I'm guessing Soler, but we saw what happens when I make guesses.
  12. ban, I just thought I should mention you don't know that much about Heidt. Just in case you weren't told enough times.
  13. When Franklin Gomez repped Puerto Rico in the Olympics it was mentioned that he was either the first PR wrestler to qualify for the Olympics or the first in the long time. So either Marsteller beat a really old dude or he didn't beat a Puerto Rican Olympian... or he beat Franklin Gomez.
  14. The women actually fell short of their potential. Could have had 5 medals and 2 finalist. They could have won the title this year. Our greco team was young and inexperienced with a last minute change at 66kg. I told my wife we wouldn't win a medal in greco this year if Spencer didn't pull through. Our freestyle team had a few things not go our way, but we had a solid team put together. Escobedo actually wrestled really well in getting 5th. I support seeding or at the very least wrestle backs to one third place.
  15. Was hoping to see Ragan and Maroulis on the podium. We actual have a very good team put together for Women's Freestyle.
  16. Updates? Fila is being stupid.
  17. Official Story: When Burroughs broke his ankle, Chuck Norris cried. They placed those tears on the broken ankle and it was healed instantly. Burroughs wins Gold in 2013.
  18. Another fact he got wrong is that Michigan doesn't let wrestlers wrestle in opens. "Sophomore Nationals" is a High School National Championship and that is why our underclassmen can't go. The NHSCA hosts (or at least hosted) an even called the NHSCA National Open in the summer time that Michigan wrestlers of all age groups could attend. I agree that with 52 weeks a year, Flo probably could have found a different weekend. I've practically stopped visiting the website due more to a lack of time than anything. I need quick news about specific wrestlers/teams so I go to the source or hit up Intermat or TheMat. When I watching wrestling videos online, I pull up youtube on my bluray. USA Wrestling is good job of posting matches (for free). Even this is done rarely due to my time constraints (between Curious George with the kids, school, and work)
  19. This is a success, even with the movement of two weights from men's fs and gr into women's fs. My reasoning being, if wrestling were out of the Olympics, its ripple effects would be enormous. It would hurt the USA Wrestling organization, collegiate wrestling, and high school/youth wrestling. We would not survive without the title of being an Olympic sport.
  20. In addition, his name can't be used in the title to promote the camp other than to say that he is a clinician. In other words, you can't have a a David Taylor Technique camp, but you can have a Technique Camp featuring David Taylor. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or if this has changed in the last 4-5 years.
  21. Plasmodium, College athletes are allowed to make money off from camps, clinics, and any job as long as they get paid a standard rate or in other words, they don't get paid any more than someone would normally get paid for doing that job. When it comes to camps and clinics, its hard to actually say what is normal, so there is a lot more leeway. (This is how it has been explained to me, I'm not an expert)
  22. In his shoes, all of you would have done the same.
  23. Its a tough situation, but it all comes down to choices. The NCAA has their rules and part of it is because they're stupid and the other part is to ensure student-athletes get an education. They want every student-athlete to follow the same rules, regardless of their chances at a professional career. Schools choose to be a part of the NCAA (either because they choose it directly or because the conference they choose to be a part of requires it). Student-athletes choose to go to those schools and therefore must follow all the rules. I think that those athletes should follow the rules regardless of what they may be. I think those rules should be innovated to keep up with changing times.
  24. Iowa is the best and they're going to always ruffle the feathers of the other birds in the air.
  25. I did wall sits for 6 days and rested on the 7th, Burroughs is a wimp. :roll:
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