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  1. The PSU "Train" will be just fine with or without you!!!


    Does he have to speak with every coach???


    P.S. The PSU "Train" will fill the stands not sure Minnesota does!!!



    You do understand that Minnesota is the ONLY team to challenge Iowa with the largest dual attendance ALL time right? I'm pretty sure the PSU "TRAIN" has never even come close.


    End Thread



    here's the beauty of your train it's how many cars long?

    PSU 4?

    Minny 3?

    Iowa 23?

    OSU 34?


    that's an awful short train compared to the two powerhouses of the sport. And if you were to compare fan attendance between Iowa, Minny, and PSU...your train gets even shorter.

  2. Viratas-Since you don't get on much anymore you won't know this Mopar Bozo but do NOT engage him. This wrestle09 guy is even newer and is just as bad. They have no idea who you are. Penn St. got good and all these annoying "know it alls" popped up. I'm sorry you don't get on much anymore, it's nice to hear from people who actually know what they're talking about.



    you're welcome to come on over to awntheopenmat and hang out with V and Brinzer and all the old gang Gonzo

  3. this is what will happen every year.


    the final four will be






    wow super exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seeing as all these teams already dual once during the year anyways.


    I could give a rats ass about watching these guys trounce schools on the way there. I'd rather watch the NCAA tournament for the Champion and cheer for the App St guys (and others like them that put on runs). Casual fans are already watching the NCAA tournament...why would they if it doesn't matter? So we lose viewership there.

    Split the season.



  4. saying that Brands is now wrestling a Brands team and not the leftovers from VT or Zalesky is kind of misleading. Brands recruited the guys that went to and then followed him back from Virginia Tech. They weren't guys that Z brought in.


    You could say that last seasons team was an All Brands team.

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