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  1. 100% on Coach Flynn for allowing this DEBACLE to happen... Will 100% hurt him in recruiting... Coach should have gone absolutely bananas about it... As a coach I'm embarrassed for him...
  2. How can Ohio not have any members of Team Milkovich on it? Especially Pat... Pat Milkovich 1-1-2-2 at Michigan State Youngest NCAA Champ in history... First four time finalist in BigTens and NCAAs... He 100% has to be on any list that has to do with Ohio...
  3. From day one a wrestler is taught fundamental values such as character, integrity and respect regarding our sport... These same values are the foundation to being successful both on and off the mat... We are taught to respect your opponent and the sport... We were taught that the sport is bigger then any one particular wrestler, coach or team... These values are understood GLOBALLY... Its understood that there is a sense of honor and fair play that goes into our sport... It's our "CODE"... The code that is the backbone of what being successful in wrestling but more importantly in life is all about... We take a sense of pride embracing this code... Sadly... and to many of us embarrassingly that code was broken that day by the leader of a program... He has a responsibility to lead thru his actions and not his words what our code is all about... And he failed to do so on the biggest stage and in the biggest way... Regardless if he or anyone else acknowledges what he did was an embarrassment to the fundamental core of what we are all about... By no means is there any responsibility on any other individual... He could have and should have inj. Dlftd that match if his wrestler was unable to continue... His wrestler who is a stuf in his own right loses that match 10 times out of 10... and yes he could have defaulted at anytime... 100% no question about it... So they can say whatever it is they want to but when it's just them looking themselves in the mirror they know the truth... They know how things went down and they know that everyone thinks differently about it... Most wont tell them how they really feel about it... However, he should know that there is a substantial quite majority out there who feel this way... They chose to not express how they feel because of many reasons and those close to the program no why that is... However, the wrestling looks differently at the program and their leadership now and that is apparent by the response this incident has gotten... Hopefully he realizes we arent naive... we arent oblivious to what took place... For those out there thinking I'm just out here being a key board warrior... I've spoken personally to coach about how I feel... Face to face and I looked him in the eye... We agreed to disagree... But I also spoke to 50 plus coaches all of whom thanked me and agreed with me for saying what many wanted to but for whatever reason didnt... Congrats to all the individual state champions out there but more so to those wrestlers who continue to honor the code that our sport holds true...
  4. Six seconds by Duane Ludwig... I like Askren and all but he was talking allllll sorts of junk to Masvidal... About everything under the sun... For the newer fans of the sport Masvidal is an OG ... Like fighting bare knuckled in backyards on Kimbo Slice's youtube videos OG... He is legit no b.s. kind of cat... I get smack talk can help sell the fight but there are ppl in the fight game and in life that are cut from a different cloth... The type of ppl that dont just have things roll off their back when ppl disrespect them... Its an OG from the hardened street mindset... I get it ... I understand it... Also... ppl talkimg how mma is gonna get ppl killed etc... Is it possible... Sure... Anything is possible... However, boxing has had ppl legit die in the ring and after the fight... And the NFL is 1000000 times worse... when u factor in CTE - mental illness - injuries after the fact and life altering injuries... but ppl line up to watch it every weekend... The fighters know the consequences of the fight game... The chose to do it... Im a wrestler and a veteran... I knew what "could" happen when I got involved with both... As Max Halloway says... "It is what it is" #PatMilkovichYoungestNCAAChampEver
  5. "He's got that GYRO" "His laces need to face the ceiling"
  6. 18 years ... 3 months... Throw it on if and when youre ever stuck in traffic or driving to meet up with Kentucky Mud Flap...
  7. An awesome podcast done by Pat Milkovich of Michigan State about what it was like wrestling for his father at Maple Heights and Coach Grady Pettinger at Michigan State... He still is the YOUNGEST NCAA Champ in the history of the NCAA... https://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/964533?fbclid=IwAR39mycg9h6PbJyJBSK3Foj7zufM22PqRIlCjIjW6_X5dFe678j_K84URr8
  8. If that is Spey... Confused at your attempt to be witty... Maybe i shoukd reach oyt to Martin Florieni and ask about your lineage and back story... lol
  9. Lol... Got it... Spey... Aka Jaroslav... Aka... Slovic Warrior... Aka... Martin... Was wondering why no mention of Milkovich... I think its a cool article... Great breakdown and all... Just providing you some reader feedback in a respectful way... Milkovich has sane amount of finals appearences... 4x Same amount of titles... 2x Won his titles... freshman, sophmore yr... Youngest NCAA Champ ever... Pretty sure 3x Big Ten Champ Anyway... let me know...
  10. Fair enough Willie ... Lol... If you could do me a solid and forward my question to Spey please... Ill hook u up with a 3 piece and a side next time your in Detroit bud
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